Wiki Ayakashi: Ghost Guild

Capitulo cinco: El cazador (Diálogos)

Capitulo seis: Los portales aparecen (Diálogos)

Capitulo siete: Despertar Divine (Diálogos)

Ginza: Underground Passage[]

A Gate Appears

Character Dialogue
Mira: You did well to complete your assignment the other day, Master. You managed to identify Dora as the mystery ghost hunter. The Guild appreciated your efforts.

I'm sure you'll do just as well with today's assignment. ...Oh my! It looks like today's assignment is an emergency request.

"Urgent: Ghostly gates have appeared in Ginza. There is a serious risk of a flood of ghosts coming form the Other Side."

"Calling all ghost agents in the greater Tokyo area. Head to Ginza without delay and seal the gates that stand at the epicenter of this wave of evil energy."―

Oh my! This is a real emergency! Gates leading to the Other Side have appeared in the heart of Tokyo!

...But wait. Ghost agents are trained to cleanse evil energy and exorcise ghosts. Sealing gates lies outside their field of expertise... Oh wait. There's more...

"Given the seriousness of the situation, we have requested support from our partners at the Institute of Spirit Sealers."

"Join forces with a spirit sealer and close those gates."―

So they want us to join forces with a spirit sealer... Master, the only spirit sealer I can think of is you-know-who... The question is, where is he now?

Well, in any case, we need to head to Ginza.

Ginza Underground Passage: Investigation

Character Dialogue
????/Eisuke: What took you so long?
Mira: Wah! There he is! Maybe he doesn't know any other ghost agents. It looks like he's been waiting for you here all this time. Oooph!
????/Eisuke: The evil energy is too strong. You won't get any further... Hurry up and cleanse this area now.
Mira: Hmph. We don't even know your name, and you expect us to work with you?
Eisuke Yuki: ............ Very well. My name is Eisuke. Eisuke Yuki.
Mira: This is <Player's name>, and I am Mira. Nice to meet you.
Eisuke Yuki: Well, <Player's name>. Don't just stand there. Get cleansing. Now!
Mira: He... He's just ignoring me!

Ginza Underground Passage 1: Cleansing

Character Dialogue
Mira: Hey! You! You can't let my master do all the work! You do know how to seal gates, right?
Eisuke Yuki: It's this way. Hurry!
Mira: Gah! He ignored me again!

Ginza Underground Passage 2: Cleansing

Character Dialogue
Mira: (Cough, cough...) With this much evil energy around, it must be tough on ghosts too.

Hm? I can hear something. It's a ghost's voice. It needs help!

Eisuke Yuki: Hey! We can't make a detour to help some spook! This is an emergency, you know!
Mira: Master, you need to make a decision.
Eisuke Yuki: Gah!

Ginza Underground Passage 3: Cleansing

Ghost Sighted!

Character Dialogue
Mira: Master? Over there! Look! It's a ghost! It's come from the Other Side. It seems to be all worked up. The evil energy must be affecting it.
Cu Sith: Grrr... Grrragh! So human, you mean to place a seal on me? To take my freedom?
Eisuke Yuki: ............
Mira: Wh-What!? Eisuke! Put that gun down!

Calm down! It's ok. Did you come from the Other Side?

Cu Sith: Yes, I'm Cu Sith. My best friend Cat Sith leapt though the gate as soon as she saw it... The idiot!

I've come here looking for Cat Sith so I can bring her back.

Listen to me, spirit sealer... Do not shoot. I beg of you.

Eisuke Yuki: ............!
Mira: Master... We need to cleanse Cu Sith. This may hurt a bit, but don't be scared. Are you ready?
Cu Sith: Yes. Go ahead. I'm not afraid.

Battle Sequence (vs Cu Sith)

Character Dialogue
Cu Sith: Ah, that's better. I am grateful to you. So this is the legendary power of a ghost agent. It is a curious power indeed.
Mira: Master, we should ask Cu Sith if she'll join forces with us and become a daemon.

Ginza: Hibiya Line[]

Ginza Hibiya Line 1: Cleansing

Character Dialogue
Mira Cu Sith, listen to me. We want to close the gate you came through. Could you tell us where it is?
Cu Sith Sure I can. It's over there. Cat Sith and I are going to find a way home somehow.
Mira There it is! Master, this is the gate!
Eisuke Yuki Get back! Leave this to me! Code 1099. It is time to begin the sealing process...

Eisuke intones an incantation...


The gate is now sealed with a powerful chain.

Mira You did it! The gate's closed! That was pretty impressive, Eisuke.
Eisuke Yuki It's not over yet. Let's get going.

Ginza Hibiya Line 2: Cleansing

Character Dialogue
Eisuke Yuki This doesn't look good... It seems a lot of ghosts have already made their way here from the Other Side.
Mira The ghost agents are overwhelmed. It's too much for them to handle.
Eisuke Yuki At this rate, even the highest-level divine daemons may start to become restless.

The ghosts' home terrain is being invaded by spirits from another realm.

Mira Right. The biggest worry is that the ghosts will end up doing battle among themselves. Even ghosts that are currently sleeping may be awakened.

Ginza Hibiya Line 3: Cleansing

Character Dialogue
Eisuke Yuki First of all, there's all the recent supernatural activity in Tokyo, now these gates appear... It can't be a coincidence. Who could be behind all this?
Mira Are you serious? You think that someone could be responsible for all this?
Eisuke Yuki The Institute certainly seems to think so. Although, it's unlikely to be the work of just one person.
Mira Master, it seems like something terrible is afoot. We need to report this as soon as we get back.

Ginza Hibiya Line 4: Cleansing

Character Dialogue
Eisuke Yuki The evil energy levels mean we can't get any closer right now. I fear the ghosts from the Other Side are biding their time, plotting their next move.
Mira The ghosts must be drawing power from the evil energy and taking on more solid forms. Soon they may start to attack people. If that should happen...
Eisuke Yuki Look, all I know is that there is someone who wants to create havoc in Tokyo. That's all we can be sure about.

Ginza Hibiya Line: Seal

Ghost Sighted!

Character Dialogue
Mira Oh! Master? Over there! Look! It's a ghost from the Other Side.
Medea Ahem! So there is no delegation here to welcome me, I see? I say! You! Servant girl! Where am I? What's going on here? Answer me!
Mira Um, this is Japan. And don't call me "servant girl". My name is Mira! Come on, I've told you my name. Now who are you?
Medea How dare you? Do you not know how to address one such as I? Hmph. I shall overlook the insult this time, but this time only. My name is Queen Medea. You should consider it a great honor to be granted an audience with me.
Eisuke Yuki Queen... Medea, you say!? Nonsense! No ghost of that caliber could possibly appear without being summoned!
Medea Silence! Sheer insolence! You should fall to your knees before the majesty of Queen Medea!

Now, let me take a look at your world... Hm. It does seem rather charming. But somehow I find myself lacking in power... Hmm... These insolent humans shall have serve as suitable sacrifices to my greater glory.

Battle Sequence (Vs Medea) (Scripted Loss)

Character Dialogue
Medea Hmph. You know how to put up a fight, don't you? This is mildly irritating... So then... You are wizards of some sort, I take it.
Eisuke Yuki Hm... Thomas... Come!
Thomas What's going on? This is a bit out of the ordinary, isn't it? ... Hey! What's going on? How'd I end up in the middle of a battlefield!?
Medea Hm. So he's a spirit sealer, is he? Well, I'd love to stay, but I'm afraid I can't have that sort of sealing sorcery used on me.
Queen Medea says something under her breath and vanishes...
Thomas Hey! She bailed before I even got a chance to do my thing! Um.. Shouldn't we go after her, Master?
Eisuke Yuki You should count your blessings that she didn't pulverize you. We wouldn't have stood a chance against a spook of that caliber.
Mira Y-Y-You're right... What are we going to do if ghosts like that keep on appearing? We need to close that gate without delay.
<Player's Name> and companions set off to find Queen Medea...
Mira Master! Look, over there! We've found the gate! Eisuke... Over to you!
Eisuke Yuki ... Okay, okay. Keep your hair on!

... Code 1099. It is time to being the sealing process...

Eisuke intones an incantation...


The gate is now sealed with a powerful chain.

Thomas Woah! Good work, Master! Maybe you've got some hidden talents after all...
Eisuke Yuki Hey, save your breath, why don't you? Your job is to protect these folks. Now, on to the next gate. Get a move on!
Thomas Sigh... Okay, okay. I wish I had a master like yours, Mira... Oh well.

Ginza: Marunouchi Line[]

Ginza Marunouchi Line 1: Cleansing

Character Dialogue
Eisuke Yuki I can't believe monsters like Medea are just wandering the streets. I'm sure Dora must be pretty interested in all this.
Mira Dora... We need to focus on sealing these gates. She's the last person we want to see right now.
Eisuke Yuki Right. But for her, gates are like magical treasure chests that just keep on giving. She's unlikely to let us seal them without a fight...
Mira I just hope the other ghost agents are okay.

Ginza Marunouchi Line 2: Cleansing

Character Dialogue
Mira Urrrgh... The evil energy is too strong... Will it ever end?

Still, Tokyo's under threat. And our top priority is to protect people. Come, Master, let's do all we can!

Thomas Heh heh... Well, isn't that just the cutest thing? Wanting to protect people, she says...
Mira Huh? Surely a member of the Institute of Spirit Sealers should want to protect people too!
Thomas Well, that's what they SAY they want to do... But he's got another aim in mind...
Eisuke Yuki ... Shut your big mouth!
Thomas is desummoned and returns to Eisuke's hand.
Mira ...Ah! Thomas! He disappeared...

Ginza Marunouchi Line 3: Cleansing

Character Dialogue
Mira Oh! Master? We found a ghost! It looks like she came from the Other Side. Hmm? There's something about that ghost... She looks strangely familiar.
Hashihime Tee hee hee. It's little old me... Let's see what I can see...
Mira Oh! She disappeared. Let's follow her!

Ginza Marunouchi Line 4: Cleansing

Character Dialogue
Mira Oh! Master? I'm getting a powerful sense of a nearby ghostly presence.
Eisuke Yuki Ha. That supernatural sense really comes in handy sometimes...
Mira Well, um, you know... If you just freed that daemon of yours, you could get him to tell you where to go too...
Eisuke Yuki ............ I never waste my breath speaking to a daemon without a darned good reason.
Mira How do you expect to get anywhere without communicating? This isn't the time to be pig-headed!
Eisuke Yuki ............ Daemons are useful tools. That's it. Do you think I'm going to let myself be preached to by one? Although, I'll accept that at a time like this, we need to make use of all means at our disposal.

Ghost Sighted!

Character Dialogue
Mira There she is! Could it really be...?
Hashihime Tee hee hee! What a funny place this is! Hey! You! Over there! I've got a question for you! Where can I go play with my lovely straw dolly?
Mira It's Hashihime! What on earth are you doing here?
Hashihime Oh! Mira! Is it really you? It's been SOOOOOO long! It must be three centuries since I last saw you!
Mira But Hashihime! Shouldn't you be in Kyoto? What are you doing here in Tokyo?
Hashihime Well, a girl gets bored of all those old places and shrines, so when I heard that a gate had appeared, I leapt straight through it!
Mira Are you serious!? You mean there's even a gate in Kyoto, the home of the Ghost Guild!? Surely that can't be true!
Hashihime Oh, it's true, alright! Look! I'm here, aren't I? You never did believe what's right in front of your nose, Mira. Now then, is that your master?

Tee hee hee. I have a question for this master of yours! Who do you like more, Mira... or me? Tee hee! Well, just keep looking at cute old me, and I promise I won't have your head chopped off!

Battle Sequence (Vs Hashihime)

Character Dialogue
Mira Hey! I don't care who you are! You can't say things like that!
Hashihime Tee hee! I forgot how strict you can be, Mira! I was just joking around! I'm so sorry, 'Master'!
Mira Grrr... Well, we can't just leave you here. Master, we should have her join us as a daemon.


Character Dialogue
Mira Listen, Hashihime... Could you show us where the gate you came through is?
Hashihime Hm... Let me think... Who's that strong, silent type over there? Hey! You! Who do you like more? Mira... or me?
Eisuke Yuki ............
Mira (Eisuke... For goodness sake, tell her what she wants to hear!)
Eisuke Yuki ............
Mira Listen, Hashihime... That man is very shy and terribly tongue-tied, but he whispered something to me... He told me you were the cutest girl he'd ever seen and that he was head-over-heels in love with you.
Eisuke Yuki Wh...!?
Hashihime Tee hee hee! Well then, since you all seem so nice, I'll tell you! I came from... over there.
Mira Oh, thank you, Hashihime! Now, you be sure to go straight back to Kyoto, and don't cause any trouble!
<Player's Name> and companions go in the direction Hashihime indicated.
Mira Master, it's just as Hashihime said. We've found a gate. Eisuke... Over to you!
Eisuke Yuki Hmmm... There's something that doesn't add up here, but whatever...

... Code 10999. It's time to begin the sealing process

Eisuke intones an incantation...


The gate is now sealed with a powerful chain.

Eisuke Yuki But there are still other gates out there. Let's find the next one.

Ginza: Yurakucho Area[]

Yurakucho Line 1: Cleansing

Character Dialogue
Mira ............ Master, it seems that there is only one gate left.

But there's something about this one that feels strange... Even stranger than usual. I suspect an extremely powerful ghost may have appeared.

Eisuke Yuki We just need to say focused on sealing that gate. If it comes down to it, I'm more than willing to use my daemons as a decoy.

Yurakucho Line 2: Purification

Character Dialogue
Mira Sniff… Sniff… Something smells really good!
Eisuke Yuki Just what could that smell be? Some kind of flower?
Mira Hmmm… Let me think… Huh!? I can’t smell it any more. Let’s keep going and see what we find.

Yurakucho Line 3: Purification

Character Dialogue
Mira Hmm? Look, Master. Look at all those falling petals! Those are plum blossoms!

So that’s what that smell was! …………! … Could it really be!?

Eisuke Yuki What is it? Do you know what’s going on?
Mira Yes… I think I might. Whatever it is has caused blossoms to flutter through the air. It must be a spirit with formidable powers. A spirit related to plum blossoms…

But those spirits should be sleeping soundly in Kyoto.

Yurakucho Line 4: Cleansing

Character Dialogue
Mira Master, I’m sensing something very eerie up ahead. We need to be on our guard.
Fleur Kitano What a dismal, dank place this is…
Mira I knew it! It’s Fleur Kitano! But you were sealed in Kyoto… How did you get out?
Fleur Kitano Ah, Mira… It has been a while, hasn’t it? I have made my way to Tokyo at the invitation of an old acquaintance…
Mira Who could break the seals imprisoning a mighty ghost like Fleur Kitano and invite her to Tokyo? Could it be the very same person who opened all these gates?
Fleur Kitano Now, Mira… I am looking for a place called Kasumigaseki. Do point me in the right direction, won’t you? I wonder what my dear sister is up to.
Eisuke Yuki Kasumigaseki!? Hey! Why on earth do you want to go to Kasumigaseki?
Fleur Kitano I’ve no time to tarry. I must get myself looking delightful for my most gracious host. Not long until it starts now… I bid you farewell.
Mira Fleur! Wait!

She’s gone… Master, Fleur Kitano is the spirit of the plum blossoms in Kyoto that have long captured people’s imaginations.

Once upon a time, she and her sister Fiorella wrought havoc on Kyoto. They got the better of a number of powerful ghost agents.

In the end, they were sealed with powerful barriers which are fortified in an annual ceremony.

Eisuke Yuki But if Fleur’s here, that means the barriers must have been breached. And in Kyoto of all places, right on the doorstep of the Ghost Guild.
Mira Yes. It looks like you’re right. In the long history of the Guild, nothing like this has ever occurred…

Yurakucho Line: Seal

Character Dialogue
Mira Master we’ve found the gate! Eisuke… Over to you!
Eisuke Yuki So this is the last gate, is it? … Code 1099. It is time to begin the sealing process…

Eisuke intones an incantation…

The gate is now sealed with a powerful chain.

Eisuke Yuki Mission accomplished…
Mira Yes, we’ve done it. All of the gates have now been sealed. We did it, Master!
Eisuke Yuki You’re getting a little carried away, don’t you think? The tough part is yet to come. A whole lot of ghosts have already come in through those gates.
Mira Well, we can find them, cleanse them, talk to them…
Eisuke Yuki The ghosts aren’t the problem. Humans are. There are bounty hunters like Dora for a start.

Anyone with a smidgen of supernatural power is going to be headed for Tokyo. Wizards… Necromancers…

Even ghost agents are rivals amongst themselves, competing with other agents for status and for the best daemons.

Surely it hadn’t escaped your notice that none of your agent colleagues helped us seal those gates?

Your best hope lies in getting as strong as possible. But I’ve said enough. Look, this is as far as I’m going to go with you.

Mira Wait! Thank you for all you help with this assignment! Note: Should be "your help"
Eisuke Yuki Listen, <Player’s Name>… Try to keep yourself alive, you hear?
Eisuke departs…