Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki
"En Garde! Ghost Agents Do Battle!"
Keep winning battles to get hold of limited edition daemons!
Battle Event
Top Daemon:


Start date:

November 14, 2012

End date:

November 25, 2012

Previous event: "Welcome to Halloween Tower"
Next Event: "Evil Gods Attack!"

Event Period

November 14, 2012 (Wednesday) to November 21, 2012 (Wednesday).

Time until exchange deadline: November 25, 2012 (Sunday).

How to play

  • Win battles to earn Victory Points. Go on a winning streak and you could rack up a huge number of points!
  • Victory Points can be exchanged for daemons at Dora's Swap Shop.


  • Daemons that can be acquired using Victory Points at Swap Shop are limited in number, and only available while stock last.
  • Each daemon has its own set number of Victory Points for which it can be exchanged.
  • All Victory Points will be deleted automatically when the "En Garde! Ghost Agents Do Battle! (November 2012)" event ends.
  • The maximum number of Victory Points awarded for a first win is 100. For two consecutive wins it is 110 points, for three wins it is 120 points, for four it is 130 points, and for five or more consecutive wins it is 150 points.
  • Your Attack may increase temporarily after a battle.This increase will revert back to normal after a certain amount of time.

BGM used in Event

-10% Power Boost: -Battle Theme:

List of Daemons that is exchanged for Victory Points

Pic Daemon Name Required Victory Points Stock Available Swap/ Player  Sold Out Date

Sphinx (★★★★★)

25,000 Victory Points


1 Did not sell out

Futsu-No-Mitama (★★★★★)

10,000 Victory Points 12,000 1 Did not sell out

Brigit (★★★★★)

4,500 Victory Points 80,000 1 Did not sell out

Kinnara (★★★★)

700 Victory Points 120,000 1 Did not sell out

Sphinx Magatama (★★★★)

2,500 Victory Points 100,000 3 Did not sell out
Anima Magatama

Futsu-no-Mitama Magatama (★★★★)

1,300 Victory Points 100,000 3 Did not sell out
Divina Magatama

Brigit Magatama (★★★★)

600 Victory Points 100,000 3 Did not sell out
Divina Magatama

Kinnara Magatama (★★★★)

400 Victory Points 350,000 3 Did not sell out

Special Note

See "En Garde! Ghost Agents do Battle!" Prologue