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"Halloween SOS"
Halloween SOS Title Card Jackie
Pumpkin King [Wild] have been spotted in Tokyo! Defeat and capture them!
Conquest Event
Top Daemon:

Walpurgis Night

Start date:

October 30, 2013

End date:

November 12, 2013

Previous event: "Galaxy Wars: Equilibrium"
Next Event: "Galaxy Wars: Venom"

Event Period[]

Runs until: Mon, 11/11 3:59pm
First Half Ranking: Until Mon, 11/4 3:59pm
Second Half Ranking: Until Mon, 11/11 3:59pm


Festival-loving ghosts are holding a Halloween party on the streets of Japan! But just as they're getting their groove on, the evil Pumpkin King strikes! Could this Halloween turn into something truly terrifying? Defeat the Pumpkin King wherever he appears and get the party back on the road!

Event Summary[]

  1. Investigate to find the Pumpkin King [Wild].
  2. Defeat the  Pumpkin King [Wild] within the allotted time.
  3. Depending on the  Pumpkin King [Wild]'s level, you might be able to claim a First Conquest Reward. You can also claim Conquest Points.
  4. Get First Half and Second Half Ranking Rewards depending on your total Conquest Points!
  5. If your Conquest Points total is high enough, you may also receive a Ranking Reward on the final day!


Affiliated Event[]

Halloween SOS

"Happy Pumpkin Party Event"

Daemons That Will Help You in the Event[]

HW2013 Helper Daemons
Candle Master (★★★★) Increases overall Attack by 35% when fighting Pumpkin King's[Wild].
Blood-Soaked Candy (★★★★) Increases overall HP by 35% when fighting Pumpkin King's[Wild].
Sister Miriam (★★★★) Greatly increases the likelihood of receiving Reward Conquest Points.

Halloween SOS Helper Banner

Pic Magatama Effect
HWSmallHP Small HP Magatama Gives a small boost to the HP of daemons fighting the Pumpkin King
HWMedHP Medium HP Magatama Gives a boost to the HP of daemons fighting the Pumpkin King
HWSmallCP Small Conquest Point Magatama Gives a small boost to the conquest points gained from fighting the Pumpkin King
HWMedCP Medium Conquest Point Magatama Gives a boost to the conquest points gained from fighting the Pumpkin King
HWSmallATK Small Attack Magatama Gives a small boost to the attack of daemons fighting the Pumpkin King
HWMedATK Medium Attack Magatama Gives a boost to the attack of daemons fighting the Pumpkin King

Items Acquired during the Event[]

Pic Item How to acquire
Candy Lv.9,19,29,39,49,59,69,79,89
Crystal magatama Crystal Magatama Lv.3,18,33,48,63,78,93
116 Obsidian Magatama Lv.8,23,38,53,68,83,98
Tourmaline magatama Tourmaline Magatama


Jade magatama Jade Magatama Lv.103, 118, 133, 148, 163, 178
Beryl magatama Beryl Magatama Lv.108, 123, 138, 153, 168, 183
Amber magatama Amber Magatama Lv.113, 128, 143, 158, 173
Spirit Water Spirit Water Lv.51,81,101,106,116,126,136,146,151,156,161,166,171,176,181
Silver 1,000x Silver Lv.1,2,4,6,7,11,12,14,16,17,21,22,24
Silver 2,000x Silver Lv. 26,27,31,32,34,36,37,41,42,44,46,47
Silver 5,000x Silver Lv.52,54,56,57,61,62,64,66,67,71,72,74,76,77
Silver 10,000x Silver Lv.82,84,86,87,89,91,92,94,96,97
Silver 20,000x Silver Lv.105,107,110,111,114,117,120,121
Silver 30,000x Silver Lv.130,131,127,137,140,141,147
Silver 50,000x Silver Lv.154,157,159,164,167,172,174,177,179,182,184,185

Daemons Acquired during the Event (Conquest Rewards)[]

Event Rewards
HW SOS Rewards
Reward Conquest Detail Reward Conquest Detail
Skeleton Knight Lv. 5 Skeleton Knight (★★★) PhantomMagatama Lv. 10, 15, 20 Skeleton Knight Magatama (★★★★)
Dark Night Dress Lv. 25 Dark Night Dress (★★★★) Anima Magatama Lv. 30, 35, 40, 45 Dark Night Dress Magatama (★★★★)
Loup-Garou Lv. 50 Loup-Garou (★★★★) PhantomMagatama Lv. 55, 60, 65, 70 Loup-Garou Magatama (★★★★)
Sasuke Sarutobi Halloween Lv. 80 Sasuke Sarutobi [Halloween] (★★★★★) Divina Magatama Lv. 75, 85, 90, 95, 99 Sasuke Sarutobi [Halloween] Magatama (★★★★)
Dragon Princess Halloween Lv. 100 Dragon Princess [Halloween] (★★★★★) PhantomMagatama Lv. 104, 109, 114, 119, 124 Dragon Princess [Halloween] Magatama (★★★★)
Pumpkin King Wild Lv. 125 Pumpkin King (Wild) (★★★★★) Anima Magatama Lv. 129, 134, 139, 144, 149 Pumpkin King (Wild) Magatama (★★★★)
Walpurgis Night Lv. 150 Walpurgis Night (★★★★★) Divina Magatama Lv. 160, 170, 180, 190, 200 Walpurgis Night Magatama (★★★★)
PhantomMagatama Lv. 102, 112, 122, 132, 142, 152, 162 Koi Carp [Halloween] Magatama (★★★★) Anima Magatama Lv. 135, 145, 155, 165, 175 Trick or Treat Magatama (★★★★)

First-Half Ranking Rewards[]

First Half Ranking
Reward Ranking Detail
Jack O Lantern Return AnimaAnima Magatama 1-800 Jack-O-Lantern [Revival] (★★★★★) & 5 Jack-O-Lantern [Revival] Magatama (★★★★)
801-1500 Jack-O-Lantern [Revival] (★★★★★) & 4 Jack-O-Lantern [Revival] Magatama (★★★★)
1501-2000 Jack-O-Lantern [Revival] (★★★★★) & 3 Jack-O-Lantern [Revival] Magatama (★★★★)
2001-2500 Jack-O-Lantern [Revival] (★★★★★) & 2 Jack-O-Lantern [Revival] Magatama (★★★★)
2501-3000 Jack-O-Lantern [Revival] (★★★★★) & 1 Jack-O-Lantern [Revival] Magatama (★★★★)
3001-5000 Jack-O-Lantern [Revival] (★★★★★)
Spirit Water
5000~ Spirit Water

Second-Half Ranking Rewards[]

Second Half Ranking
Reward Ranking Detail
Saizo Kirigakure HWPhantomMagatama 1-1000 Saizo Kirigakure [Halloween] (★★★★) & 7 Saizo Kirigakure [Halloween] Magatama (★★★★)
1001-1500 Saizo Kirigakure [Halloween] (★★★★) & 5 Saizo Kirigakure [Halloween] Magatama (★★★★)
1501-2000 Saizo Kirigakure [Halloween] (★★★★) & 4 Saizo Kirigakure [Halloween] Magatama (★★★★)
2001-2500 Saizo Kirigakure [Halloween] (★★★★) & 3 Saizo Kirigakure [Halloween] Magatama (★★★★)
2501-3000 Saizo Kirigakure [Halloween] (★★★★) & 2 Saizo Kirigakure [Halloween] Magatama (★★★★)
3001-8000 Saizo Kirigakure [Halloween] (★★★★) & 1 Saizo Kirigakure [Halloween] Magatama (★★★★)
Spirit Water
8001~ Spirit Water

Total Ranking Rewards[]

Total Ranking
Reward Ranking Detail
Trick or TreatKoi Carp HW 1-800 Trick or Treat (★★★★★) & Koi Carp [Halloween] (★★★★)
801-2000 Trick or Treat (★★★★★)
2001-10000 Koi Carp [Halloween] (★★★★)
Spirit Water
10001~ Spirit Water

Rare and Bell Summons[]

Time Limited Rare and Bell Summons
EmperorOfTheNight sq
Halloween Bell
Halloween Limited1
Halloween Limited2
Emperor of the Night
Emperor of the Night (★★★★★)
White Ghost
White Ghost (★★★)
The Princess Halloween
The Princess [Halloween] (★★★★★)
Pumpkin Knight
Pumpkin Knight (★★★★★)
Shuten Doji (Calm) Halloween
Shuten-Doji [Halloween] (★★★★★)
Soul Cake
Soul Cake (★★★★★)
Bisque Doll HW
Bisque Doll [Halloween](★★★★★)
Pedestrian Paradise
Pedestrian Paradise (★★★★)
Ibaraki Doji HW
Ibaraki Doji [Halloween] (★★★★)
Black Cat
Black Cat (★★★★)
Magellan (Galaxy) [Halloween] (★★★★)
Apple Bob
Apple Bob (★★★)

Pumpkin King [Wild] Notable Levels[]

Listed here are levels with notable changes on the Pumpkin King's growth.

Pumpkin King [Wild] Health Points Time to Escape
1 2,000 3:00
15 17,500 3:00
25 32,000 2:00
30 40,000 2:00
50 60,000 1:30
65 79,500 1:30
75 150,000 1:30
80 250,000 1:00
99 250,000 1:00
100 600,000 0:50
125 800,000 0:40
150 850,000 0:30
175 915,000 0:30
200 1,000,000 0:30
  • The stats above are the from the last conquest but the HP are still the same.
  • Event Daemon Checkpoints at levels: 80, 100, 125, and 150 have a massive boost in HP than the previous and next conquest bosses while all other levels have a proper ratio of increase.
  • For the other HP of the Pumpkin King [Wild] please head to: Halloween SOS Datasheet.


Halloween SOS
Click the Image!

Event Notes[]

  • Pumpkin King [Wild] are ghost that only appear during this event.They will go away when the event period ends.
  • The daemons with the highest combined Attack and Defense will be automatically select to fight for you in conquest battles.
  • A certian amount of time after appearing, Pumpkin King [Wild] will escape. Damage inflicted before this time is cumulative, so be sure to defeat them before they run away.
  • A Pumpkin King [Wild] that has appeared can be fought at any time within the event period from your home page or the event top page.
  • The level of the Pumpkin King [Wild] that appear increases every time you defeat one.
  • If the Pumpkin King [Wild] escapes, then the next encounter with it would be of a random level that you have previously faced.
  • You can get special Conquest Level Rewards for defeating Pumpkin King [Wild] of a certain level.
  • Your number of Pumpkin King [Wild] Conquest Points is used to determine your rank.
  • Rankings are based on Pumpkin King [Wild] Conquest Points. If two players have the same number of Conquest Points, the player who accumulated them first will be given the higher rank.
  • Calculating the rankings can take time, so it is possible that the current positions are not correct.
  • Special abilities are triggered simply by having a daemon with special abilities in your possession. (Special abilities belonging to daemons in your Inbox will not be activated.)
  • Possessing multiple daemons with the same special ability has no effect on the strength of the special ability.
  • Special abilities can only be used during the "Halloween SOS" event period.


Event Gallery[]

Halloween SoS banner