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Happy Pumpkin Party This is an event held on the Ayakashi Facebook page.  Change your profile photo to Pumpkin King when 3 people will be able to obtain a pumpkin package each day.

Happy Pumpkin Party![]

Hey Onmyoji! Wanna make some fun on Halloween! How about starting with a new face? Be Pumpkin King and rock this Halloween!

Event Period[]

10/30-11/11, 2013

How to Join:[]

Pumpkin King Face Book Profile picture
  1. Change your facebook profile photo into "Pumpkin King".
  2. Share our post every day during the event.
  3. Rewards are given to 3 lucky participators every day.


Pumpkin Package

Pic Pumpkin Package Rewards:
Summon Point Summon Points
Charm Charm
Spirit Water Spirit Water
Remedy Remedy