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"The Seven Deadly Sins Run Wild"
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Progress through the story and collect gems!
Soul Gem Collection Event
Top Daemon:

Lustful Angel

Start date:

November 20, 2013

End date:

November 25, 2013

Previous event: "Galaxy Wars: Venom"
Next Event: "Ancient Japan's Got Talent!"
Gems/Jewels Collected
Deadly Sin Gem
Deadly Sin Gem

Event Period[]

Begins on November 20 , 2013 7:00
First half ends on November 22, 2013 15:59
Event ends on November 25, 2013 15:59 (UTC)

Event Summary[]

One day, you receive an assignment from
the Ghost Guild that's a little out of the

One autumnal evening, attracted by all the
japes and tricks being played around
Halloween, seven spirits appeared.
They are the Seven Deadly Sins, who have led so
many souls down the path to perdition. Their
names reflect the sins they embody. When it
comes to mischief, malice and mayhem, no one
can come close. If they are not dealt with, they
will surely tempt countless souls into the ways
of sin before the year out.
Collect Deadly Sin Gems, rack up completions,
and then stand up to the treacherous
temptation of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Do that, and you be sure to gain powerful

How to Play[]

  1. Progress through the story and collect Gems!
  2. Deadly Sin Gem and aim to emerge victorious in battle! If you win, you can obtain Jewels even if you're the one who was attacked!
  3. You'll get the chance to recruit legendary daemons based on the total number of Gem completions you manage to rack up!
  4. On the last day, you can even earn a Total Ranking Reward!
  5. You will have a higher chance getting Gems in new Chapters.

List of Daemons Acquired in the Event[]

Event Rewards
7Sins SpecialReward
Reward Set Detail Reward Set Detail
Greedy Merchant Lv. 10 Greedy Merchant (★★★) PhantomMagatama Lv. 15, 20, 25 Greedy Merchant Magatama (★★★★)
Slothful Dwarf Lv. 30 Slothful Dwarf (★★★) PhantomMagatama Lv. 35, 40, 45 Slothful Dwarf Magatama (★★★★)
Gluttonous Crockery Lv. 50 Gluttonous Crockery (★★★★) Anima Magatama Lv. 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 Gluttonous Crockery Magatama (★★★★)
Boastful Spirit Lv. 80 Boastful Spirit (★★★★) Divina Magatama Lv. 85, 90. 95, 100, 105 Boastful Spirit Magatama (★★★★)
Necklace of Envy Lv. 110 Necklace of Envy (★★★★) Anima Magatama Lv. 115, 120, 125, 130, 135 Necklace of Envy Magatama (★★★★)
File:Lustful Angel.jpg Lv. 140 Lustful Angel (★★★★★) Divina Magatama Lv. 150, 160, 170, 180, 190 Lustful Angel Magatama (★★★★)
Wrathful Witch Total Rank Wrathful Witch (★★★★★) PhantomMagatama Lv. 145, 155, 167, 175, 185 Wrathful Witch Magatama (★★★★)
  • Note: Other rewards are given at random for every completion.

List of Enigma Gem Rewards[]

Pic Reward
Charm Charm
Silver 5000x Silver
Silver 20000x Silver
Special Summon Ticket Special Summon Ticket
Spirit Water Spirit Water
Remedy Remedy
Phantom Magatama Obsidian Magatama
Crystal magatama Crystal Magatama
Tourmaline magatama Tourmaline Magatama
Beryl magatama Beryl Magatama
Jade magatama Jade Magatama
Amber magatama Amber Magatama
RubyMagatama Ruby Magatama
DiamondMagatama Diamond Magatama
JadeiteMagatama Emerald Magatama

First Half Rankings[]

First Half Ranking
7Sins FirstHalf
Reward Ranking Detail
Special Summon Ticket 1-2000 Sp. Summon Ticket x5
1001-2500 Sp. Summon Ticket x2
2501-5000 Sp. Summon Ticket x1
5001~ [[Items and etc|Candy]

Total Rankings[]

Total Ranking
7Sins TotalRankings
Reward Ranking Detail
Wrathful Witch 1-1500 Wrathful Witch (★★★★★)
Divine Nectar
1501~ Divine Nectar

Event Notes[]

  • Deadly Sin Gems are event-specific items.
  • Calculating the rankings can take time, so it is possible that current positions may change.
  • Even if you execute a successful counter when you have 5 Jewels, this will not count as a completion. You must either search for that sixth Jewel, or do battle for it!


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