"Witching Hour Wake Up Call"
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"Collect Witching Sealstones and use them as a wake up call."
Sealstone Collection Event
Top Daemon:

The Witching Hour

Start date:

Feb 12, 2015

End date:

Feb 18, 2015

Previous event: "Arcanum Bellum: The Lovers"
Next Event: N/A
Sealstone Collected
Witching Sealstone
Witching Sealstone

Event Period

Begins on: Thurs, 2/12/2015, 12:00 am (GMT-8)
First Half Ranking: Thurs 2/12/2015 - Sun 2/15/2015
Second Half Ranking: Sunday 2/15/2015 - Wed 2/18/2015
Total Ranking and Event ends on: Wed, 2/18/2015, 8:59 am (GMT-8)


The spirits are coming. She has remained in slumber for a very long time. Is all it a passing dream or an illusion? The spirits who flicker between our world and the next have been eagerly waiting for their chance. Collect Witching Sealstones and use them as a wake up call. Once she awakens, you are sure to gain great power.

How to Play

  1. Collect Witching Sealstone via the Story or Battles.
  2. Unlike with other sealstones, you can release all kinds of daemons from these Sealstone!
  3. Unlock the Witching Sealstone to acquire powerful daemons and aim for high rank!
  4. Your chances of finding a Witching Sealstone via the story are proportionate to the amount of Health consumed. Each color has a different appearance rate.
  5. Please note that charms cannot be placed on Witching Sealstone.
  6. During the event, you will be rewarded with Magatama Summon Points. Use your Magatama Summon Points to get free Magatama Summons!

List of Daemons That Will Help You in the Event

Thunder Rider Square
Thunder Rider
High Rate of Witching Sealstone discovery.

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List of Witching Sealstone Completion Rewards

2★-3★ Free Summon Rewards
Onibi origMarsh KappaHigh ElfDark ElfBlue AngelRed AngelBlack AngelSusumu YamazakiXuan NüSherryNavvyBrekkieLunchieDinnieKasumiAzukiSleeping Beauty SummerSylvia SpoonNatalia NyfePinnieThumping MalletBoEnchanted Apple TreeRapunzel's Hair SummerPearceSnowball
5★ Special Summon Rewards
AmaterasuTyphonCarbuncle GarnetGiaraArko
Magatama Rewards
Obsidian MagatamaCrystal MagatamaTourmaline MagatamaBeryl MagatamaJade MagatamaAmber Magatama
Ruby MagatamaDiamond MagatamaEmerald Magatama

List of Limited Witching Sealstone Completion Rewards

Witching Hour Wake Up Call Limited Witching Stone Completion
Limited Rare Summon & Magatama Summon Event Rewards
OtsuyuZashiki WarashiAncient ElfFear MagatamaFuguruma Faerie (Original)
GregoryMessianic WarriorIfritSuccubus
KakutanPeculiar RaineBikuniEmperor NeroBarbatosAsakura Kageakira
  • Note: The above rewards are only limited throughout the event. The chances are random the same as the special summon rewards.

List of Witching Sealstone Rewards

Event Rewards
Witching Hour Wake Up Call Rewards
Reward Completion Detail Reward Completion Detail
901611 Lv. 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 Rock Paper Scissors (★★★) 901612 Lv. 15. 20, 25, 30, 35 Ittan Momen (★★★★)
901613 Lv. 40, 50 Long Sword Unomaru (★★★★) 901614 Lv. 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 The Witching Hour (★★★★★)

First Half Rankings

First Half Ranking
Witching Hour Wake Up Call FH
Reward Ranking Detail
901613 1-800 Long Sword Unomaru (★★★★) x3
801-3000 Long Sword Unomaru (★★★★) x2
3001-8000 Long Sword Unomaru (★★★★)
Spirit Water
8001~ Spirit Water

Second Half Rankings

Second Half Ranking
Witching Hour Wake Up Call SH
Reward Ranking Detail
Rare Summon Point 1-800 Rare Summon Point x60
801-3000 Rare Summon Point x40
3001-8000 Rare Summon Point x20
Beef Bowl Normal
8001~ Beef Bowl (Normal)

Total Rankings

Total Ranking
Witching Hour Wake Up Call TR
Reward Ranking Detail
901615 1-800 Thunder Rider (★★★★★) x3
801-1500 Thunder Rider (★★★★★) x2
1501-3000 Thunder Rider (★★★★★)
Spirit Water
3001~ Spirit Water

Event Notes

Event First Half (8000) Total (2500)
"Orochi's Winter Vacation" 22 sets 70 sets
"Labyrinth Rhapsody" 16 sets 64 sets
"Garden in Full Bloom" 15 sets 61 sets
"Advent of the War Spirit" 12 sets 45 sets
"The Elemental Blade" 12 sets 66 sets
"The Vengeful Aegis" 12 sets 62 sets
"Behold the Harvest Moon" 15 sets 53 sets
"Pride of the Five Great Swords" 19 sets 76 sets
Divine Dancer in the Snow
  • Note: The number of set that is listed here is the safest and is inside the actual cut-off but is still close to the cut-off.


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