Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki

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All of the Anima have gathered together here.

It all unfolded at the end of the summer, when the heat still hung in the air.

Are you ready for the "Wondrous World of Weaponry"?

This glorious festival of all things Anima is held once every four years.

Mira has found herself invited as a special guest, told by the organizers that she's sure to find real value in taking part.

It seems all of this came about at the behest of the Ghost Guild itself. In any case, Mira couldn't be more fired up about the whole thing.

Admin Notes[]

  • Unfolded at the end of the summer - Japan's summer months is from (June to August)
  • Once every four years - Olympics
  • Behest - A person's orders or command