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Prologue for "Alice in Ayakashi Land" event.

Character Dialogue

Alice was on her way home from school...

She saw a rabbit that looked like it was in an awful hurry...

A Queen made a wish...

Years have passed since Alice's adventures.
Now that she has grown up, Alice is about to visit Wonderland once more...

A certain place in a certain world...

March Hare

Hah... Hah... Hah...
Hurry, hurry! No time to lose!

Huh?! Can that really be the time?
This is awful. Simply awful!

Alice Hmm?
Someone looks like they're in a hurry!
I'm getting tired out just watching!
March Hare

If I don't hurry, She Who Must Be Obeyed will not be best pleased. This is awful, simply awful!

Anyway, I need to find her!
Oh, this is simply awful!



I could swear I've met that person once before...

March Hare There is not a moment to lose! I should try searching over there!


Well, I've no idea what's going on. But I've got a feeling I should follow after him if I know what's good for me.