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  • "Behemoth Attacks!" Event: Gives a HP boost when fighting Behemoth.
  • He had weakened himself in order to come to the Human World, as he was searching for Behemoth.
  • Appears in "Evil Gods Attack!" Event and summons Nyarlathotep along with Astaroth and Barbatos.
  • Original best used in any Phantom Team, though mainly Phantom Attack due to higher Attack stat.
  • If skill is activated at level 13, his attack will be 9545 and his defense will be 9315
  • [Anniversary] Form is best used in Phantom Defense team.
  • [Anniversary] Form is best fused with Amaymon [Anniversary] Magatama.
  • [Fashion Show] is best used in a Phantom Attack Team.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Shall I tell you about my Bethie Baby? It won't take more than an hour..."
  • Skill: "Bethie baby! Behold how brave and dashing I am..."
  • Encounter in Shop: "Argh! My baby Bethie is calling to me!"


  • Main: “Behemoth! Behemoth! Behemoth!”
  • Skill: "Bethie baby! Please accept this cake!"

[Fashion Show][]

  • Main: "So Bethie isn't here..."
  • Skill: "Give my regards to Bethie!"