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  • Original form is best used as a leader or in an Anima attack team.
  • HW form is best used in a Divina defense team.
  • Amber [HW] is best fused with Amber [HW] Magatama.
  • Please note that the Amber Magatama has nothing to do with Amber.
  • During the HW event, when you find Amber, you will fight both Musk and Amber.
  • Musk mixes up what gender Amber is, as seen in her negotiation quote during the "Tower of Dolls" event. This was due to a translation failure.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Is there something important that you've lost? Let's go look for it."
  • Successful Negotiation: "Musk, I want to join with <Player's Name>. Don't stop me."
  • Skill: "What does this aroma make you think of?"
  • Event: "You....guys...stop. It's not necessary to say it...My pride is on the line humans...!"


  • Main: "I feel so happy and blessed! My life is like a dream come true!"
  • Successful Negotiation: "Wowee!  You're giving me this?  I appreciate it.  So I can go with you, <Player's Name>?"
  • Skill: "I don't mean to be overly harsh, you understand..."
  • Event: "I finally met you... I'd been really looking forward to it..."