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  • Ameno Ohabari is best used in a Anima Attack team.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Do inform me of any heads you want cut off."
  • Skill: "Now is the time for victory."
  • Pre-transmigration: "Our work is not yet complete, <Player's Name>. Strengthen me, I beg of you."
  • Encounter in Shop: ""


  • Main: "There is no being on earth I cannot cut through."
  • Skill: "Take heart. You have me as your assistant."
  • Transmigration: "Even divine throats are not beyond the reach of my blade now." The soul of a divine blade that appears in Japanese mythology. It was used by Izanagi to slit Hinokagutsuchi's throat, and the blood that poured forth gave life to new gods.