Trick or Treat HW3

Trick or Treat [HW3] currently holds the title of strongest Anima defense.

Great Poet Kanesada

Great Poet Kanesada is currently the strongest Anima in terms of Attack Stat

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Anima is one of the three classes of Daemons found in Ayakashi: Ghost Guild.

They are described as embodiments of objects and weapons. These include modern weaponry such as guns, tanks and planes to swords, kaleidoscopes, and legendary items...etc.

Anima spirits are most likely Tsukumogami, abandoned objects that have been forgotten that come alive after the course of 100 years. Objects can also become Tsukumogami if they have strong feelings towards their master (love or hate).

Anima Cards are GREEN in color and their skills vary, just like every other class.

Anima type cards, while attacking, have an advantage over Divina types, but are weak against Phantom cards.

In terms of attack, Great Poet Kanesada, a Bell Summon lead daemon, is the most powerful Anima daemon with 16,200 Attack points.

Highest defense goes to Trick or Treat [HW3], with 15,912 defense. She is a limited rare summon from "Candy Protest: The Third Halloween Battle"

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