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  • Arondight is best used in any team, but mainly a Anima Attack Team because of her skill.
  • Her balanced and rather high attack and defense stats make her a very suitable daemon for a leader.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "I do whatever I can to help my master, Lancelot. If he tells me to kill you, then that is what I shall do."
  • Skill: "None of my master's enemies are going home in one piece."
  • Pre-Transmigration: "I hereby devote all my strength to <Player's Name>. Nobody has ordered me to, you understand. I do so out of my own volition."
  • Entrance in Shop: "My master is the one and only Lancelot. Anybody attempting to touch him will find themselves erased from history."


  • Main: "Your kindness could be fatal on the battlefield. You'd better stand behind me, for your own safety."
  • Skill: "All trash must be disposed of. Leave nothing behind."
  • Transmigration: "All this, for me who would have disposed of even her own friends if she was ordered to...You are really too kind." The soul of a sword that was much loved by its owner, the knight Lancelot from Arthurian legend. She became very fond of obeying her new master, and eventually started following <Player's Name> of her own free will.
  • Entrance in Shop: "Even if that "anybody" happens to be you. So be warned, agent."