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Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki
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Ayakashi: Ghost Guild is a Zynga game for mobile platforms.

A RPG card game originating from Japan, it has been translated into Chinese, English,French, Korean, Italian, German, and Spanish.

The key mechanism in Ayakashi: Ghost Guild are cards, or daemons which are collected, enhanced and used for battle.

There is also a central story running throughout the game, though it is as yet incomplete.

Various statistics govern the ability of players to explore the storyline and use their cards for battle, while events provide additional opportunities for card collection.

Game description

As a ghost agent, players try to come to grips with the mysterious events occurring around them. These events are being triggered by legendary creatures with enigmatic power beyond comprehension. Players must attempt to gain control of ghosts and bring them under their power, changing them to a daemon. Throughout the rich story line, players must battle against scores of ghosts as well as rival agents.

Loads of beautifully designed demon cards for you to collect!

The game boasts gorgeous demons from all over the world, emanating from three distinct origins – Phantom, Divina, and Anima. Drawing the player deep into the game, they must fight through spectacular battles to collect them all and complete the Daemon Scroll.


Since ancient times... Sprites, magical creatures, ghouls, heavenly spirits and other beings with unworldly powers have been striking fear, and occasionally wonder into human hearts everywhere. These beings are better known as... Ghosts. Unbeknownst to us, a special group has been protecting humanity from these ghosts' spooky deeds. These people are known as... Ghost Agents. A young agent with the power to communicate with ghosts, and sufficient talent to put them to use as daemons, has appeared...

How to Play

Collect Daemons to Form a Strong Team

Players can obtain daemons as they make progress through the story through area-rewards or obtain rare daemons through summoning. In addition, players can get rare daemons by collecting all the Seal Stones in a story, which will release a rare daemon.

Investigate Odd Occurrences & Cleanse Areas of Malice

As a ghost agent you are tasked with investigating the cause of disturbances in many areas of Tokyo and the surrounding area, though many area's certainty is unknown. As you cleanse areas, you have a chance to find Seal Stones, Magatamas, Ghosts, and players attacking you for a sealstone.

Negotiate With Ghosts to Add Them to Your Daemon Collection

The player has the chance to recruit ghosts to serve them as a daemon after they have been defeated. The negotiation is not guaranteed to go well, and there is a chance the ghost will reject the offer so the player may have to rely on luck which depends on rarity. In most cases it is easiest to use any Cabal Chains. Otherwise if negotiations fail, the ghost will not become your daemon.

Enhance Daemons

Once the player has obtained a daemon, they can be enhanced by fusing them with other daemons. Leveling up your daemons will improve their abilities and increase particular skill levels, which is crucial in battling other players.


Once you progress far enough in the early game, you are able to duel with other players in a ability-queue style battle. The opponent that overpowers the other in power will ultimately win the duel. Using PVP you are also able to target and steal another players available Seal Stone if they have not completed a set you have access to. Additionally, depending on the difference in level, the victor of Seal Stone attacks will be rewarded a varied amount of Silver Coins.