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(In early French and English literature) A mythical animal, usually depicted as a grotesquely fat beast, that existed solely by devouring virtuous husbands.

Alternatively named Bicorne, and during the 16th century it was also known as Bulchin. The label suggests a creature with two horns. The Bicorn is a mythical creature with demonic undertones. In Europe's medieval literature this fabulous beast is referenced as a plump female monster, resembling a well-fed panther with a human face and a broad grin, which grows fat through feasting on the flesh of 'hen-pecked', faithful, enduring husbands. In the chauvinist attitudes of the period, such a diet was conjectured to have provided a great quantity of fodder for the beast. According to popular lore of the period, the powdered horn of a Bicorn was a component in the making of magical potions.