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A ningyo from Toriyama Sekien's Konjaku Hyakki Shūi.

Bikuni is the character from the famous tale, Yao Bikuni (alternatively read as Happyaku Bikuni) which is about a fisherman that caught an unusual fish. He shared it with his friends, but when someone saw that the fish had a human face, he warned the others not to eat it. They wrapped it up and a piece of the fish was given to each person. They were told to throw it away, but one of the friends was drunk and forgot to throw it away. When he came home, his daughter demanded a present and he gave it to her carelessly. When she had eaten the fish, nothing seemed to happen at first. When she grew up, she stopped aging and became widowed and widowed again as she would not die. She later became a nun and traveled her way back to her hometown, where she ended her life there at the age of 800.