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  • The Original, (Tanabata), [Halloween], and [Fashion Show] Forms are best suited for a Anima defense team.
  • The [Anniversary] form is best used in a Anima Attack Team.
  • Both normal and tanabata versions are best fused with either version's magatama due to the same skill.
  • [Anniversary] Form is best fused with Bisque Doll [Anniversary] Magatama
  • Bisque Doll is heterochromic, along with Pasaran, Kesaran, Summer Rain, Muneyoshi Yagyu, Sandalphon, and Qítiān Dàshèng.
  • Bisque Doll (Tanabata) is the very first limited Sealstone Daemon.
  • Bisque Doll (Tanabata) can be obtained as many times as you can if you completed her sealstone set while the bug still wasn't fixed.
  • In the "Ayakashi Anniversary Tower" event, it is stated that Bisque Doll's dress weighs 100 kg, which is roughly 220.5 lb.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Excuse me, I heard there was a doll festival being held..."
  • Skill: "Bourgeois power!"
  • Prologue: "I knew the Girls' Festival involved dolls but this isn't quite what I expected."


  • Main: "Is this the right way to wear a yukata?"
  • Skill: "Feast your eyes on how a real lady dresses!"


  • Main: "Once summer ends, this is the next big event..."
  • Skill: "These cookies were expensive, I'll have you know!"
  • Encounter in Shop: "I take it you're after candy too, right?"


  • Main: "All this staring is starting to make me blush!"
  • Skill: "Bourgeois and proud!"

[Fashion Show][]

  • Main: "When you think of putting on costumes, you think of me."
  • Skill: "The cost of this outfit is the same as the GDP of a small country."
  • Encounter in Shop: "I asked a true artist to help me today."