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Blackie and Churchill

Atlantic Conference August 1941: Churchill restrains 'Blackie' the cat, the mascot of HMS PRINCE OF WALES, from joining the USS McDougal, an American destroyer, while the ship's company stand to attention during the playing of the National Anthem.

In superstition the Black Cat is said to be a hoodoo especially when it comes from left to right; to prevent the harm you have to throw three stones over the track or to spit on one stone.

This thought was established in the Middle Ages: Because cats are a holy animal in old Egyptian mythology, the Christian church declared them to be pagan. Later on, the church said that black cats are assistants of witches and the devil; one of the reasons was the cat's glowing eyes which appeared supernatural to the people of this age. People also thought that witches could transform into black cats to spread evil undetected and therefore chased cats in the process of witch persecution. In this time, an owner of a cat had to be afraid of being called a witch – so the cat brought real harm to its owner.

Especially black cats from left are bad because of the belief that black is a demonic color, and in the minds of the people back then, the left was the worse side.

Another reason for the poor position of black cats is the old Celtic rule that a black cat is naughty and could bring snakes.