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Wen Zhong (Chinese: 闻仲; Pinyin: Wén Zhòng) is a major character featured within the classic Chinese novel Fengshen Yanyi) Wen Zhong had been the top ranked official under King Da Yi since the times of old. Following the death of Da Yi, Wen Zhong would crown Zi Shou as the new king of the Shang Dynasty. In short time, Wen Zhong would head out on his great dragon to subdue rebelling demons within the North Sea (an action that would take over fifteen years).

Throughout Wen Zhong's fifteen years of battle, he would be destined to play a very large role in the schemes of Heaven. By decree of the Jade Emperor himself, Wen Zhong would attain a third eye atop his forehead. This third eye could see through any level of disillusion and falsehood. Upon Wen Zhong's arrival at the Noon Gate, he would greet his colleagues and see the absurdness of the situation; immediately Wen Zhong would order the king to come before him. After listening to the king's bickering, and easily seeing through to his true deluded idiocy, Wen Zhong would invite his allies to attend to the situation.