You (Ghost Agent)

You become a ghost agent (most likely an Omnyouji which is a type of exorcist) and go through many missions dealing with Ghosts. You can obtain Ghosts that will become your Daemons (Shikigami or servants) by investigating, negotiating, and summoning.


Crewmates are other players that you can get to help you in battle by lending them their leader.  The leaders attack points will be halved. You can poke them to get one summon point per crew member daily, and get 5 ability points for each new crewmate also for every new member you poke you get 10 free summon points, only once for the person. You can send them a short comment at the same time as a poke, and earn an additional summon point each once per day. You can delete one crewmate per day.


Mira is your best friend and an old mirror's spirit. She accompanies you wherever you go commenting on events and giving contextualizing information about deamons and their background.  She also informs you about messages from the Ghost Agency.

She is shy, very polite and believes in the good of all earthly and spiritual beings. She took a fancy to ninja deamons and is generally speaking quite liked by other spirits.

Usually she cannot be acquired as an active (meaning: fighting) deamon; however, during the "Anniversary Event" of 2013 (May 31th 2013 - June 5th 2013), she was available to be summoned (with luck) in her quite powerful anniversary form. 

To get more details on Mira, check out the following link: Mira

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