This category pages contains dialogues from the past events. This will help players know what is the story line of the events.

N/A means that they either have a story, but it's just not discovered or that there isn't an actual story for it. 

pic Name Prologue Main
Battle of War Goddess "Return of the Battle Goddess" TBA TBA
Tower of Dolls "Tower of Dolls" TBA Tower of Dolls Story
Tower of Midsummer Dreams "Tower of Midsummer Dreams" TBA Tower of Midsummer Dreams Story
Behemoth Attacks "Behemoth Attacks!" TBA "Behemoth Attacks!"/Story
Chaos Ship Approaches "Ghost Ship Approaches!" TBA TBA
Welcometohallloweentower001 "Welcome to Halloween Tower" Welcome to the Halloween Tower Prologue Welcome to the Halloween Tower Story
Engarde(01) Category:Battle "En Garde! Ghost Agents do Battle!" Prologue -
Evilgodsattack002 "Evil Gods Attack!" Evil Gods Attack Prologue Evil Gods Attack Story
Demon King Rises "Demon King Rises!" Demon King Rises! Prologue Demon King Rises! Story
Bell Bell Summon Bell Summon Intro -
Elegance! Hina-matsuri Rebellion "Elegance! Hina-matsuri Rebellion!" Elegance! Hina-matsuri Rebellion! Prologue Elegance! Hina-matsuri Rebellion! Story
Alice in Ayakashi Land "Alice in Ayakashi Land" Alice in Ayakashi Land Prologue Alice in Ayakashi Land Story
The Ninjas' Elegy sq "The Ninjas' Elegy" The Ninjas' Elegy Prologue The Ninjas' Elegy Story
Shrine of Seven days main "Shrine of Seven Days" Shrine of the Seven Days Intro -
DR main "Dragon's Roar - Summer Breeze Superstar" TBA TBA
Interstellar 200th reached "Interstellar Tanabata Festival" Interstellar Tanabata Festival Prologue TBA
SSS trailer pic "Sengoku Swimsuit Scene" Sengoku Swimsuit Scene Prologue TBA
WWW Title Image "Wondrous World of Weaponry" Wondrous World of Weaponry Prologue Wondrous World of Weaponry Story
Galaxy Wars Purity Banner "Galaxy Wars: Purity" TBA -
Hazy moon delight "Hazy Moon Delight" "Hazy Moon Delight"/Prologue TBA
Mysteries Revealed "Mysteries Revealed" Mysteries Revealed Prologue -
GalaxyWars Equilibrium "Galaxy Wars: Equilibrium" Galaxy Wars Prologue -
Halloween SOS Title Card Jackie "Halloween SOS" Halloween SOS Prologue Halloween SOS Story
The Seven Deadly Sins Run Wild Banner "The Seven Deadly Sins Run Wild" The Seven Deadly Sins Run Wild Prologue -
Venom-banner "Galaxy Wars: Venom" Galaxy Wars Prologue -
AJGT Banner 2 "Ancient Japan's Got Talent!" "Ancient Japan's Got Talent!"/Prologue -
GalaxyWars MagicSpheres "Galaxy Wars: Magic Spheres" Galaxy Wars Prologue -
O Holy Night "O Holy Night" O Holy Night Prologue -
Neverending-christmas-header-f "Neverending Christmas" Neverending Christmas Story
Trouble at the Old Inn Banner "Trouble at the Old Inn" - Trouble at the Old Inn: story
"Galaxy Wars: Raging Rapids" Galaxy Wars Prologue -
"Orochi's Winter Vacation" - -
"The Great Princess Wars" - -
Merry Christmas from the Future banner "Merry Christmas from the Future" - Merry Christmas from the Future Story
Spirit Collection Cover "Spirit Collection" - "Spirit Collection" Story

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