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Story Dialogue

Prologue: A New Agent/Story

Chapter One: A New Assignment/Story

Chapter Two: Introducing Anima/Story

Chapter Three: A New Colleague/Story

Chapter Four: Phantom Fear/Story

Chapter Five: The Hunter/Story

Chapter Six: Gates Appear/Story

Chapter Seven: Divine Awakening/Story

Chapter Eight: A Vengeful Spirit Returns/Story

Chapter Nine: The Ghost Guild/Story

Chapter Ten: The Spirit Stone/Story

Chapter Eleven: Complications/Story

Chapter Twelve: A New Threat/Story

Chapter Thirteen: How the Other Side Lives/Story

Chapter Fourteen: The Lost Sanctuary/Story

Chapter Fifteen: The Other Side of the Light/Story

Chapter Sixteen: Rescue/Story

Chapter Seventeen: Treasure Sword Village/Story

Story List

Prologue: A New Agent

Chapter One: A New Assignment

Chapter Two: Introducing Anima

Chapter Three: A New Colleague

Chapter Four: Phantom Fear

Chapter Five: The Hunter

Chapter Six: Gates Appear

Chapter Seven: Divine Awakening

Chapter Eight: A Vengeful Spirit Returns

Chapter Nine: The Ghost Guild

Chapter Ten: The Spirit Stone

Chapter Eleven: Complications

Chapter Twelve: A New Threat

Chapter Thirteen: How the Other Side Lives

Chapter Fourteen: The Lost Sanctuary

Chapter Fifteen: The Other Side of the Light

Chapter Sixteen: Rescue

Chapter Seventeen: Treasure Sword Village

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