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Chapter Ten: The Spirit Stone

Chapter Eleven: Complications

Chapter Twelve: A New Threat

11-1-1 Professor Yata's Wish[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Ghost Guild
Professor Yata You had better get yourself there posthaste, <Player's Name>. Mira, you must go too.

I leave this matter entirely in your hands.
If something is not done, this could end with a ghostly massacre of many innocent souls.
But I am afraid, I must stay here. If I were to go away... Well, Kyoto might...

Mira G-Gulp...
Professor Yata For a ghost, the most fundamental law is that they must protect the Ghost Guild. You are well aware of this, I take it?
Mira "All living things must die." "Before death, all of us are equal." "This must be respected."
Professor Yata I am pleased that you remember.

No ghost may do harm to a living being, no matter what the reason may be. Any who violate the fundamental principle must be eliminated.

Mira It does not matter how good or true this ghost may ahve been, or what reasons they may have had....
Professor Yata Well, I am simply stating the obvious. This is the law. It cannot be argued with.
Mira But it's just so sad! Sometimes ghosts are forced into a corner by people, and have no choice but to lash out...

My master has listened to me when I have spoken before aobut how sad this is. I have seen it happen too many times.

Professor Yata Yes. And that is precisely why I know I can entrust this task to you.

Ghosts and humans... I know you truly understand both sides.

Mira ......

So you are asking us...to protect ghosts?

Professor Yata Ghost agents have aleady dispensed justice to ghosts who have violated the law. They have been eliminated.

But there is still time... We can still nip this in the bud before this evil grows into something truly terrible.

Mira We understand! We'll do it, Professor!
Narrator <Player's Name> nods vigorously.
Professor Yata It is not Japanese ghosts who are behind this latest trouble.

You must heard first of all to Azabu.
That is where the origin of this latest evil iles.

11-1-2 The Investigation Gets Under Way[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator Azabu, Tokyo
Mira Wh-What's this? Master! L-Look at that!

Can you see the way there are patches of the sky that are glittering?
That's a supernatural charge that has built up there. That means there are ghosts here who are brimming with energy.
It is not Japanese ghosts who are behind this trouble.
That's what professor Yata said.
It's true that the atmosphere here isn't quite like anything we've experience... And whatever it is that's building up, it seems to be going from bad to worse.
The first thing we need to do is find out what's causing this.
Let's start with a bit of old-fashioned asking around and find out what poeple know.

11-1-3 An Encounter with Eisuke[]

Character Dialogue
Mira ...Oh my! Hm... That skinny silhouette looks strangely familiar. Could it be...?
????/Eisuke ......
Mira Eisuke! Hey, you're here too!
????/Eisuke ......
Mira H-Hey! You can't just ignore people like that, you know!
????/Eisuke Hmph...
Mira And he's gone...

11-1-4 A Sacred Incantation[]

Character Dialogue
Mira Th-This isn't good! She's surrounded by ghosts!
Sister Those who dare disrupt the light of the full moon... Those who turn the depths of the sea to a ranging tempest...


Mira ...Wow! All those ghosts...! Just gone, like that!
Sister Thank you. Your voices managed to distract them just long enough for me to take care of them.
Mira Just who are you?
Sister I come from the Institute of Spirit Sealers.
Mira But...um...what should we call you?
Sister Ah, yes. You may call me "Sister".
Mira Nice to meet you, Sister! Now, it's our turn to introduce ourselves!

This is <Player's Name> from the Ghost Guild. That's my master!

Sister And what might your name be?
Mira I'm Mira!

I'm not used to being asked my name so politely!
Mostly because of Eisuke, some of the Negotiation Daemons, and humans that can't see her.

Sister Well, everyone has a cranky day now and again.
Mira Ah! You're so gentle and kind, Sister!
Sister That's very kind of you to say. Now, I must be going.
Mira Oh...

She was so lovely and warm-hearted, wasn't she, Master?

11-1-5 The Peach Angel Appears[]

Character Dialogue
Peach Angel Hm... Should it be like this? Or maybe that's better?
Mira Hey! What's the matter?
Peach Angel Oh! No! Get away from me! Yaaargh!
Mira W-What? Master, do something!

11-1-5 In the Wake of Victory (After battle against Peach Angel)[]

Character Dialogue
Peach Angel It's no good... I'm so weak... I can't believe I lost to someone like you...
Mira Hey! Whaddya mean "someone like us"!
Peach Angel I had so much still to live for! But now I'm going to get eaten! Oh, the tragedy!
Mira Hey! Don't worry! My master wouldn't eat you! We want you to join us!
Peach Angel Really? I'm weak and pathetic... But I want to get stronger!
Mira Master, this is where you come in! Go on! See if you can get yourself a nice new daemon!


Please fill / No Dialogue.

11-2-2 The Feisty Golden Angel[]

Character Dialogue
Peach Angel Monkeys are savage beasts, that will devour every weak ghost they encounter with a second thought. That's what everyone says, isn't it?
Mira Who told you that silly rumor?! Bring them to me! They need to be taught a lesson!
Golden Angel I was the one who spoke of the monkeys. You have a problem with what I said?
Mira Yes! How on earth could you spread such ridiculous lies?!
Golden Angel Lies?! What on earth are you talking about? Everything I said was true!

And you know what... You're not so different from a savage monkey yourself! ...Oh no, wait... I got it wrong...
You're not a monkey at all... You're a squealing little piggie! Sorry, I knew it was some kind of beast...

Mira H-How dare you?! W-Were...

Wh-What are you doing in Japan, anyway?!

Golden Angel You think I have to answer your questions?!

Hmph! Very well... Every ghost in this country is my slave!

Mira Huh! W-Wait!

Master! Let's get after her!

11-2-3 Reprise[]

Character Dialogue
Mira (Pant, pant...)

She's nowhere to be seen. She must have moved pretty quickly...
Oh! It's Eisuke! Hey, Eisuke!

????/Eisuke Yuki ......
Mira W-Wait a minute!

We've looking for a ghost... She must have passed this way... She's kind of nasty - a bit like you.

????/Eisuke Yuki You're in my way. Move.


Mira Ooph!
Narrator Eisuke shoves Mira out of the way. then leaves.
Mira Owww...! It's not like Eisuke to be violent like that...

And who is "she" anyway?
I guess it's her, isn't it? I guess we'll be hearing from her soon enough. It's not like she can cope on her own...
Let's just do what we can for now, Master; find the Golden Angel!

11-2-4 Inquiries[]

Character Dialogue
Narrator <Player's Name> asked around for information.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Mira Well, I never.. Lots of local people have said that they've heard a mysterious voice coming from near here!

The Golden Angel must be nearby. Let's get searching, Master!

11-2-5 Golden Angel[]

Character Dialogue
Golden Angel Ha ha ha! So we're agreed? From now on, you will devote your lives to me?
Mira She's here!

Hey! What are you doing?!

Golden Angel Isn't it obvious?
Narrator A number of ghosts are crawling along the ground...
Mira You can't do this!
Golden Angel Silence! Or do you want to become numbers 36 and 37 of my servant force!

11-2-5 Punishment (After battle against Golden Angel)[]

Character Dialogue
Golden Angel ...
Mira Phew... Things seem to have calmed down a little... Now listen, what you're doing is not right!
Golden Angel ...
Mira Are you ignoring me?! How childish!
Sister Golden Angel! Why did you break your promise?
Mira Sister?!
Sister Didn't you promise that you'd never try anything like this again?
Golden Angel ...
Sister Answer me!
Golden Angel Well, the thing is, I-
Sister I don't want to hear you excuses!

You must take responsibility for your actions, and you must be punished!
Those who dare disrupt the light of the full moon... Those who turn the depths of the sea to a raging tempest...

Golden Angel S-Stop it!

P-Please, stop it!

Sister So it has been decreed since the dawn of time. The final truth. That which turns all other truths to nothing.
Golden Angel ...I-I...

I'm sorry...

Sister ...Very well.

<Player's Name>, it appears that you are some kind of leader of ghosts, am I right?

Mira How do you...?
Sister I could see it in your face.

Listen, the Golden Angel is a spirited child. She has a tendency to overstep the mark...

Mira Oh, we know that, don't we, Master?
Sister However, I do not believe she is a lost cause. There is hope for her yet.
Mira Is that so? Then my master is just the person to put her on the right path!
Sister I see... Shall I leave you to take care of her then, <Player's Name>?
Mira Come on, Master! I know she can be a bit of a handful, but we'll be all right! Let's negotiate with the Golden Angel!

11-2-5 Sister and Eisuke (After doing a negotiation with Golden Angel)[]

Character Dialogue
Mira Say, Sister, do you know someone by the name of Eisuke Yuki?
Sister Eisuke Yuki...?

Oh, you mean Sir Yuki!

Mira Sir Yuki, you call him...?! Do you mean to tell me he's an important figure?
Sister Oh yes! Everyone as the Institute of Spirit Sealers knows who he is!
Mira Huh...!?

(M-Master, this is bad news...I've never really concealed from Eisuke what I think of him...)

H-How important would you say he is, on the scale of one to ten...? I don't mean anything philosophical by that... It's just... I mean... He's still quite young, isn't he?

Sister Well, he and the President of the Institute of Spirit Sealers seem to view one another as equals...
Mira Well, I never...
[????/Eisuke Yuki What are you talking about?
Mira Oh! Look! I don't b-believe it...!
????/Eisuke Yuki Surely that's my line... You're the freak around here, after all.
Sister Sir Yuki, I beg you to calm yourself a little...
????/Eisuke Yuki What's some from the Institute doing here?
Sister Well...
????/Eisuke Yuki An order, you say? Do you not realize that I need to allies, let alone protection...? Don't get in my way, I'm warning you.
Mira Goodness, he's nothing if not sharp-tongued, is he?
Sister With all he's been through, with all the pain he's had to beat... It's hardly surprising...

Ah! No, forget that! Forget I said anything!

I've got something far more important to discuss with you two, anyways.

Mira What is it? We're here to research some suspicious goings on in this area, so we're in a bit of a hurry...
Sister Well, in that case, you night be especially interested in what I have to say...

Since time is short, let's talk as we walk!

11-3-1 On the Brink of Disaster[]

Character Dialogue
Mira Are you serious? A group of legendary European Kings is attempting to come back to life!?
Sister Yes... You know how Europe is renowned for its tales of folk heroes, gathering the people's support?
Mira But of course!

Those incredibly powerful heroes are respected all over the world!

Sister Yes... But unfortunately, that's not the whole story.

The thing is...

Mira Now Emperor Sutoku has gone and declared war...
Sister I see... And as well as the heroes who've responded to him, there've been anti-heroes, demons, tyrants, dragons...

All kinds of vengeful ghosts have been awakened, too...

Mira But all that's already common knowledge!

Don't worry, Sister! The Guild will definitely-

Sister Emperor Sutoku is joining forces with an evil King!

Ha! Not so confident now, are you!

Mira Huh...!?

C-Can that really be true?

11-3-2 An Evil Alliance[]

Character Dialogue
Mira Would Emporer Sutoku really do something like that?
Sister I'm afraid so. If you want evidence, just look at the number of European ghosts causing havoc here in Japan...
Mira Never fear, Sister! We've been order by the Professor to put an end to the crisis!

We indend to do everything we can to return the world to safety!

Sister I am most relieved to hear that, I must say.

Now, I'm currently looking for a certain ghost who has a key role to play in this crisis. Would you be so good as to help me?

Mira Of course! My master is just the person to turn to in these kinds of situations!

Aren't I right, Master?!

Sister Th-Thank you!
Mira You've got to tell us! Exactly what kind of ghost is it that you're lookng for?
Sister It's a Gargoyle, one who guards the gates of the Sleepless Town!

11-4-1 Gargoyle[]

Character Dialogue
Mira A gargoyle, you say... Aren't they the stone statues that stand guard over buildings and stuff?
Sister Yes, those are the ones.

Their proper function is to serve as gatekeepers.

Mira I thought that between the efforts of my Master and Eisuke, most of the gates had been sealed already?
Sister Yes, but new gates guarded over by gargoyles keep popping up, one after another...
Mira That's why Japan is flooded with ghosts from overseas.

Master! It's the gargoyles that we're after! Let's start asking around for information immediately!

Sister I shall take a different route, and catch up with you later. Good luck with your search.
Mira Okay! Come on Master, we'd best get moving too!

Please fill.