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  • Her original and Moon Viewing forms are best used in a Phantom Defense team but her Winter Style form is best used in a Phantom Attack team.
  • Her original form once had the same skill name as Cloud Mirror, though the effect of the skills are different.
  • On 14 May 2013, her skill name changed from Polished Mirror to Meditation Cleanse. The skill effect remained unchanged.
  • Her skill name was changed again sometime in June 2013 to State of Serenity.
  • Chiyome Mochizuki, along with Shotaro Fuma (Tanabata), Satellite Cannon, and Lunar Hare, have the highest in-tower Defense Points among the Guardian Ghosts, with 48000 points; it is higher than many Wandering Ghosts, making her rather challenging to defeat for players with average daemons. Chiyome's skill also made her even more troublesome for players with a Divina attack team.
  • Chiyome is your ally until you defeat Munenori Yagyu on the 150th floor; she then becomes the main antagonist.
  • Mira calls her "Chiyo" for short.
  • Her Moon Viewing form is currently the strongest daemon for Phantom defense, surpassing Kirin. She was also tied with Tsukuyomi and The Princess [HW], and other daemons with 15500 defense for the strongest defender in the entire game until the release of Yohen Tenmoku.
  • With the release of Chiyome's Moon Viewing form, she becomes the first Top Tower Guardian Daemon to make a return as a Bell Summon Lead Daemon.
  • Her Moon Viewing form had the highest stat total, until the release of The Princess [HW].
  • Her [Winter Style] form is best used in a Phantom attack team, and is very efficient for its stats and skill.



  • Main: "So long as I have your wishes in mind, Master, you shall continue to live on..."
  • Skill: "Now you shall taste the afterlife..."

Moon Viewing[]

  • Main: "O Master, when will you return...?"
  • Encountering in Shop: "I must be strong. This must be my watchword. Forever."
  • Skill: "Dance for me! Dance as you descend into the darkness!"

Winter Style[]

  • Main: "I still have far to go..."
  • Skill: "All of nature's wonders dwell here in my heart"
  • Encounter in Shop: "Ceaseless effort is the only path to achieve one's desires!"