Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki

Just some comics found on the chinese wiki, and mira fan site. 

White Christmas[]

First Koma/Box[]

  • Mira: I better not hang the stocking this year. I can't believe that Santa has that kind of personality.
  • Santa: Merry Christmas!

Second Koma/Box[]

  • Master: Don't be like that, Mira. Enjoy Christmas instead, it only happens once a year.

Third Koma/Box[]

  • Mira: Yeah, you're right, master! But...

Fourth Koma/Box[]

  • Santa: These seem a bit big.
  • Master: Oh! I thought that these are free size.
  • Mira: Please remove all those disgusting decorations from the Christmas Tree!!! 

Artist: Jasmine888tw

Jared and Online Gamers comic (Please Translate)[]

Jared+meat Gobbilers Guild Comic
First Box

Narration: Can Jared make one hundred friends!?

Second Box[]

Left: Sir Grillalot

Middle: Mino

Right: Giara

Third Box[]

Jared: I feel... like... I can become friends with these people!

Fourth Box[]

Mira: You think that they have the same interests as you...but I think that they have fundamentally different interests? 


Fifth Box[]

Narration: (Our) My fight is just starting!


Thank you for your support.

Artist: ぎゅうにゅう

Jared and Mira Comic[]

Mira and Jared Comic

(reading right to left)

  • Bonus.
  • The two ate suama (a japanese sweet which is like mochi)

Artist: ぎゅうにゅう

Marry Me (Barbatos and Ikutachi)[]

Marry me (kazuuuki)

Artist: kazuuuki on pixiv