Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki

List of terms used frequently by many people of the wiki community.  Feel free to add any terms in.

General Terms[]

  • AGG = Ayakashi Ghost Guild, the name of the app which this wikia is centered around.
  • AWC/OWC/WC = Not specific to AGG. Stands for "A Wikia Contributor/Original Wit should be self explanantory but they are refer to the posters big and small.
  • OP = Not specific to AGG. Stands for either "original poster" or "overpowered", depending on the context. Should be self explanatory both in meaning and context when used.
  • Daily Gift = exactly that. Found in the news every day. It rotates throughout the week:
    • Sunday: Spirit Water
    • Monday: Candy
    • Tuesday: 10000 Silver (changed from 2000 Silver prior to the advent of Beef Bowls)
    • Wednesday: Charm
    • Thursday: Beef Bowl (changed from 2000 Silver prior to the advent of Beef Bowls)
    • Friday: Charm
    • Saturday: Candy
  • Farm/Farming = it has different meanings in two different contexts.
    • The first is in finding feeders to level up your daemons where you explore the first 4 chapters or 2-2-1 so that you can easily get mags to level up your daemon.
    • The second is in conquest; when you hit your wall (can't beat the raging monster without spirit refills), you let it go by paying 20k silver so that you can hunt lower level ones to keep your CP (conquest points) up.
  • [Chapter #]-[Story #]-[Part #] = Simplest way to name a specific chapter, story, and part:
    • 2-2-1 = Chapter 2, Story 2, Part 1, and where most players farm for daemons and mags.
  • Lead = the leader daemon in your team. This daemon will appear as the middle daemon in your daemon list and participate in both defensive and offensive battles thus daemons that boost both attack and defense are usually used as leads even if their stats or skills are otherwise "inferior" to other daemons. You can set your lead by going to your daemon list, selecting the daemon you want to set as your lead and pressing the "Make Leader" button.
  • Feeder = Typically useless daemons found during investigation or in free summon; their only use is usually in leveling other daemons (eg. Kaede or mags).
  • Freebies = Items that are obtained for free of charge, often found in the daily gifts.
  • Hellzone = this refers to leveling up when your are in the levels between 81-99 (sometime up to 100 or more if you don't have a good lead or have less that 200-300 DS). The reason why it is known as the hell zone is due to the number of attacks one will receive during this period, immediately after level up and up to an hour if your DS holds, from people because the 10 level attack protection is removed upon entering level 81 and thus anyone (be they level 81 or 181) can attack your team indiscriminately. This is especially bad when one is holding precious SS (blue, purple, red). It is highly advised that players level during tower and cq events as most people will be conserving their AS for more important event daemons and will leave players alone a lot of the time. Conversely, it is ill advised to level during EG and SG events as you will be attacked an ridiculous amount of times (some have reported being attack hundreds of times within minutes of leveling up reducing their DS to 0 within minutes).
  • Free player (this one is pretty obvious but it is discussed commonly) = players that play this game without spending money
  • Casher = Someone who spends money on the game; sometimes used with a degree that indicates how much money they spend (small casher, medium casher, hardcore casher, etc)
  • Leecher = Term in guild conquest referring to players who do nothing when fighting the fallen boss but always appear to hit the pure boss. Can also refer to players who are active on AGG but don't do anything at all against either boss, but the first kind of player is more common.
  • Whale = People who spent a lot of money on this game. The amount spent to be considered a whale varies to each persons opinions but most people consider people who have bell summons (that aren't gotten through invitation code) to be whales and some refer to people who have 5 copies of said bells as blue whales. There has even been a chart created by a player buried on the wiki somewhere categorizing various types of fish and whales with examples like Tuna or Narwhal whales.
  • Bell = Bell Summon, one of the ways of obtaining good daemons by using gold, it can range from being the most expensive to one of the least expensive summons (purchases) as depending on your luck you could find the Bell Summon in the first tap or the 80th (at which point it is guaranteed but at a ridiculous price)
  • Tomomd = Series of bot accounts created by a very kind Chinese player who wished to help people obtain Lady Suzuka's sealstones. The bot accounts also have a lot of silver outside of En Garde events and are useful for players who want to do En Garde alone. Tomomd accounts have 15 DS, Kotetsu as leader, and Tomomd#### as their IGN with the #### being any four digits. You may also find the bot accounts holding other sealstones, such as those of Hare of Inaba. Tomomd accounts have recently been replaced with Reanna accounts with Pipe Fox as leader.
  • Rare/RS = rare summon, theoretically higher chances of getting rarer daemons by using gold. Guarantees that you will always get at least a 3* daemon.
  • SS = Depends on the context.
    • Sealstones, one of the ways to obtain special daemons in the story mode of the game; you will have to fight for most of the other stones. See Sealstone Tips for more info.
    • Special summon (scroll down to the Special Summon section)
  • Traps = a player who deliberately uses a low level lead to bait people into attacking him only for the attacker to find out that they have 4 very strong defense daemons backing the weak daemon. This is usually done in SG and EG events but can exist even in normal play. For SGs this is usually done in hopes of obtaining more gems and for EG mostly likely for sadistic pleasure or for silver as this has no actual help in said event and the attacker loses their current win streak for bonus VP points.
  • Rems = Remedies, HP counterpart of SWs.
  • SW = Spirit Water, the item used to fully restore AS and DS. Useful in tons of different scenarios, most notably in conquest events.
  • DN = Divine Nectar, fully restores Attack Spirit and Health.
  • Z = (also commonly known as Z-dog or Zynga) = the developer and distributor of this game. Not well-liked by some (maybe most) players dues to their greedy tendencies amongst other things.
  • Booster/Boosters = Special ability daemons and magatamas released prior to some events (Tower, Conquest, Guild Conquest) that boost various things important for said event (increasing find rate for towers, increasing atk for cqs, and gcqs). These special ability daemons and their respective line of magatamas are only effective during the time frame of the event and are otherwise regular daemons and magatamas. Their effects are ALWAYS active so long as you have them in your inventory and leveling them up or using them as lead, or part of your teams don't help in anyway, just keep'em in your inventory if you don't need them. May rarely also be used to refer to daemons that boost other daemons other than themselves regardless of whether they boost their own type all daemon types and in exceptionally rare cases even daemons of other attributes.
  • IGN = Although not limited to AGG this means "In Game Name" or "In Game Nickname", which means your name in whichever game you're playing in this case AGG
  • RNG = Once again not limited to AGG this means "Random Number Generator". In AGG it refers to program or machine, or whatever else is used, used to generate the random chance for whatever is "chance" based in-game (e.g. Free Summon, Rare Summon, Daemon Skill Activation Chance, the list goes on etc...).
  • PROC = commonly mistaken as "Proceed". It actually means Programmed Random OCcurance. In AGG context it means the computer will randomly program the skill activation of the daemons (in regular battles) or the critical hits activation (in conquest battles)to occur randomly.
  • DMT = Devil Maker Tokyo; a card game like AGG, this is not related to Ayakashi Ghost Guild whatsoever, but this is commonly compared to AGG. It should be noted that it is bad practice to advertise these games and some WCs will take offense so do so at your own risk.
  • VC = Valkyrie Crusade; another card game which, again, is not related to AGG whatsoever, but it is commonly compared to AGG as well. It should be noted that it is bad practice to advertise these games and some WCs will take offense so do so at your own risk.

Event Terms[]

  • SG = Soul Gem event, where the main goal is to go through story mode to find the soul gems (which may go by a different name) or battle others for them.
  • EG = En Garde, one of the possible events, the main goal of which is to fight fellow agents to gain points to trade for daemons.
  • GW = Guild/Galaxy Wars (same as Guild Conquest, just a different name)
  • Wall = Conquest term in which you finally reach the raging monster that you cannot beat without a spirit refill or an incredible amount of critical hits from your daemons
  • Crit/Critting = Conquest term, short for critical, which is the random act of one of your daemons hitting with its full attack power or the boss doing a massive amount of damage to your team often resulting in way more damage than either should would normally receive.
  • CP = conquest points (the points you earn when you defeat the raging monsters in conquest events)
  • VP = victory points, gained in En Garde when you win PVP battles (you don't lose them if you lose battles; you can turn them in for daemons and/or magatamas)
  • GG = Guardian Ghosts in Towers, they appear after each designated floor. Beat them on 20F, 50F, 75F, 100F, 150F and 200F, and they join your team for free
  • WG = Wandering Ghosts, the daemons that you can get in tower events and the Shrine of Seven Days by trading the event items to them. They appear randomly, and upon beating them, they will give you a small amount of the event items.
  • SWG = Supreme Wandering Ghosts, aka the top wandering ghosts. They are listed at the top of the tower event pages (for example, Shuten-doji (Calm) (Tanabata) and Behemoth (Calm) Tanabata) are listed as the top wandering ghosts on the "Interstellar Tanabata Festival" event page in the box at the top. They cost the most consumables out of all WGs. (On the other hand, the 200f Guardian Ghosts are usually referred to as the 200f GGs or top GGs with no additional letters in the acronyms.)
  • Overflow/Overflowing = This is when your HP or your AS/DS is full and you don't use it immediately. This is considered wasteful especially in events and may lead to delay of reaching events goals or worse, failure of said event. For specific events, a specific stat overflow is worse than others. For towers overflow of hp is wasteful as you are wasting precious climbing time. AS is also important but not as much so long as you have enough to defeat whoever you encounter. For conquests (and by extension gcqs, as they share alot of similarities), AS overflow is wasteful and one must especially keep an eye out at early levels as you will need only a few minutes to regenerate AS to beat early bosses. DS is secondary here but also very important simply because both AS and DS are consumed when fighting CQ and GCQ bosses. Thus a ratio of 1:2 AS/DS is advised to prevent DS overflow as DS regenerates at twice the speed of AS (DS regenerates at 1 point every 30 seconds as opposed to AS and HP which regenerates at 1 point per minute).
  • Zombie Mode = When players are doing all they can to stay on the game to climb towers, they save health and time simply by playing during the middle of the night and keeping themselves awake. The side effects of this are obvious. Often activated during Tower events and Soul Gem events.

Specific Daemon Terms (Some terms are also used in real dialogue of AGG)[]

  • Ameno = can refer to any daemon with Ameno in their name: Ameno Uzume, Ameno Tajikarao, Ameno Ohabari, Ame no Habakiri, Amenonuhoko. Unless the context of the conversation makes it clear which daemon is being referred to, it is best to use the second part or the entirety of these daemons' names when referring to them for clarity.
  • Crap / Crappie / Koi Crap / Koi / Carpie= a play on Koi Carp's name and nickname (Carpie), level 80 reward in "Dragon's Roar - Summer Breeze Superstar" (normal) and the lower-tier Total Ranking Reward in "Halloween SOS" (Halloween Form), well known for its hilarious contributions to said events as well as her ridiculously mundane skills.
  • HoI = Hare of Inaba, the second SS daemon who is very helpful as a starter daemon (don't ever fuse her away). Available after Lilith (who is also very useful).
  • IM = Immortal Mountain, an event sealstone daemon from "Hazy Moon Delight" event, with defense as her primary stat. Her very high trigger rate made her a hot topic when she first came out.
  • Shu-calm = Short for Shuten-doji, usually referring to her original calm form.
  • Tana = Not specific to any particular daemon. Short for "Tanabata" and used when referring to daemons with a Tanabata form (found in the "Interstellar Tanabata Festival" event).