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  • Best used on a Defense team, but mainly Anima Defense team because of his skill.
  • Cu Sith appears on the "Engarde!  Ghost Agents Do Battle" picture.
  • Best fused with Cu Sith [HW] Magatama.
  • Cu Sith worked with Cat Sith and Halloween Tower to organize the Halloween Event.  
  • During the HW event, when you encountered Cu Sith [HW], you would fight both Cu and Cat Sith.
  • If you look at the original card, you can see the shadow of a puppy by his foot.
  • Cu Sith's name is pronounced as Ku Shee.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "Listen to me howl three times... It will be the last thing you hear."
  • Declining Negotitation: "Terribly sorry...But I've got to go looking for Cat Sith. Ask me some other time, eh?"
  • Accepting Negotiation: "You want me...? Well, okay. I guess if I'm in your service, I might get to meet Cat Sith, right?"
  • Skill: "Grrrrrrwwooof!"
  • Re-Encountering: "Heey! Cat Sith! Where are you? What is it? Can't you see I'm busy? You don't want to get in my way..."


  • Main: "If <Player's Name> and Cat Sith are happy, then so am I!"
  • Skill: "Take...THIS!"
  • WG encounter (With Cat Sith): "Cat! This isn't a highway robbery!"

[Xmas Eve][]

  • Main: "I love snow. It sparks something inside and makes me go wild!"
  • Skill: "Woohoo, I feel awesome!"
  • Encountering in Shop: "Oh boy, it's really piling up now! Time for a snowball fight!"