Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki

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Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 1[]

Character Dialogue

Yikes! Feel how strong that ghostly forcefield is...

This is the Demon King who once plunged an entire capital city into terror!


Ibaraki Doji: Who are you, bandying my Lady's name about so carelessly!?
Mira: Hey! You've got to leave! If you stay, you'll breathe in all of the harmful demonic miasma...
Ibaraki Doji: Don't be ridiculous! Do you really think that I, Ibarakai Doji, would be affected by my Lady's miasma?
Mira: Wait a minute... Does that mean that you're the one who requested our help?
Ibaraki Doji: Save your questions for later! First of all, bring my Lady back to normal!
Mira: Okay, Ms. Chibaragi!
Ibaraki Doji: It's not Chibaragi, you idiot! The name's Ibaraki Doji!
Mira: Master! This time you'll be fighting a conquest battle. It's a little different to the other battles you've fought, so I'll run you through how to go about it.
Ibaraki Doji: D-Don't ignore me!

In conquest battles, you'll need to use your Attack Spirit and Defense Spirit.

Your Spirit is used when selecting your lead daemon and your 9 strongest daemons to fight for you.

Your daemons with the highest total Attack and Defense will be selected automatically.

Your Spirit used in conquest battles is half that used in regular battles.

So, before that Ibaraki starts complaining, why not have a try at your first conquest!

Defeating Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 1[]

Character Dialogue

Oh, Master! That was great! The Demon King has fallen unconscious!

However Master... This isn't the end, I'm afraid! The demon will rise again!

You must keep on fighting the Demon King and put a stop to its rampaging, just as the Guild said!

Ibaraki Doji:

Hmm... That agent there seems a bit meddlesome, but there's definitely no lack when it comes to ability!

It seems agents these days are quite a force to be reckoned with...

Mira: What do you mean "these days"...?
(Narration): Kyoto: Ghost Guild
Yata: Oh! Wappa, you're here!
Ibaraki Doji: It's a long time since I've seen that funny face of yours, Yata.
Yata: Hmm. Even if you're less selfish than you used to be, I see you're just as rude as ever...
Ibaraki Doji: Aw, shut it! You know why I'm here right?
Yata: Shuten-doji has appeared again in demon form...
Ibaraki Doji:

This is the first time this has happened in a thousand years...

I realize that times are very different now from how they used to be...

So as embarrassing as it is, I would like to request your help.

Yata: We have already set things in motion.
Ibaraki Doji: Well, that was easy!
Yata: There is, however, one condition...

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 2[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: It's a d-d-d-d-demon! Master! The Demon King is here!
Shuten-doji (Wild):


Ibaraki Doji: (Oh my Lady... What on earth has become of you...?)
Mira: Erm, sorry to pry, but may I ask what your relationship with the Demon King is, Ms.Chibaragi?
Ibaraki Doji: She's my Lady!
Mira: Is she some kind of relative of yours?
Ibaraki Doji:

No! When I say she's my Lady, I mean...

She's the person to whom I have given my heart and soul! She's my partner for life!

Mira: But...erm... Your lady is a demon!
Ibaraki Doji:

That's just how she looks when she gets taken over by her destructive impulses...

Usually she's beautiful and sweet and... Ahaha! I'm getting carried away!

Shuten-doji (Wild): GRRRAAAOOOAAAARGH!

Waaaagh! Oh no, Master!

I totally forgot to tell you that you really have a limited time in which to complete your conquest!

Once the demon appears, it will stay put only for a certain amount of time.

During that period, you can take it on as many times as you like.

You should be able to see on screen how much time you've got remaining until the Demon King disappears.

The damage you've inflicted on the Demon Kingduring that period will build up, so try and put an end to it in one go!

But when it disappears, all the damage you've inflicted on it will go to waste. Don't forget that!

Ibaraki Doji: ...And she's clever and sensitive and caring and- Yeep!
Mira: Haven't you finished yet!?

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 3[]

Character Dialogue
Shuten-doji (Wild): Guuururrrrooooooaaaaghhh!!!
Ibaraki Doji: (Oh, my Lady...)
Mira: I-It's here...! Speak of the devil!
Ibaraki Doji: How dare you refer to my Lady as "devil"!?

Master! I'll now explain a little bit about the Conquest Points that you pick up as you go about your conquest mission!

If you're successful in your Demon King conquest, you'll receive Demon King Conquest Points.

These are used to determine your place in the ranking for this conquest, which is hotly contested amongst your fellow agents.

And, if you manage to make it to the top...

Ibaraki Doji: You'll have the honor of claiming me and the spirit sealer's blade lent out by the Agency as your own daemons!


Mira: Wait, did you hear a voice from far away just then...?
Ibaraki Doji:

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Shuten-doji (Wild): (Pant...) It's okay, you're (pant...) safe now I'm here! (Pant)
Ibaraki Doji:

...Sign. Yata, you do manage to find some irritating types, don't you...?

Ibaraki Doji: What's that you are saying...?! You and Shuten can only wish you had a figure as well-toned as mine!
Mira: And who might you be?
Dojigiri: Take heed! I'm the mighty Dojigiri, whose splendor silences even wailing children!
Mira: Master! You'll have to try your very best so that you can have these impressive characters as your daemons!
Shuten-doji (Wild): Grryyyyyyaaaaarrrghhh!
Dojigiri: Ah, Shuten! It's sure been a while... I hope you haven't forgotten about that steamy night we spent together? 
Mira: W-Wow... Not onlny is she not scared by the Demon, she's actually having a normal conversation with it...
Ibaraki Doji: That's something else you need to know about Dojigiri: I drive all the women wild...
Mira: Hmm....?
Dojigiri: Erm, Ms Chibaragi... Does this mean that this demon was once...a woman?
Ibaraki Doji: I've told you before! The name's Ibaraki!
Mira: Okay, Ms Harikaki! But just tell me, how did things get to this point...?
Ibaraki Doji: What's with you, suddenly acting like we're old friends...?
Mira: It's just, if that really is a woman, it's a terrible state of undress for her to be in... Everyone around is getting a proper eyeful...
Ibaraki Doji:

That's enough of your unnecessary comments! I'll give you a quick rundown of the situation up until now...

My Lady and I were on a date, when suddenly, she unleashed her demonic powers...

And that's it! I have no idea what could have caused it.

Dojigiri: Hold on a sec... You guys are from Kyoto, aren't you? What are you doing here in Tokyo?
Ibaraki Doji: W-Well... We j-just...

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 4[]

Character Dialogue
Shuten-doji (Wild): Smmmaaaaash! Grrraaaaaoooooorrrggghh!

Argh! If it uproots that radio tower, we're in trouble!

Master! It looks like the Demon King really is as powerful as everyone says...

Luckily, I have a bit of good news for you!

You can use the Rare Summon to call up some daemons with special abilities that will be of particular help to you in your conquest mission!

There are daemons that aid additional acquisition of Conquest Points in the Demon King Conquest!

Not to mention daemons who boost your daemons' attack in your conquest...

And others who'll greatly boost the HP of all your daemons!

They're all very excited about helping you out!

All the details you need to know are featured on the Event page, so be sure to take a look!

Ibaraki Doji: These Agents don't mess about, do they? Not that the "condition" they set earlier wasn't already proof enough of that...

...Erm, were you thinking of answering my question any day soon?

I asked you what it was you were doing in Tokyo, remember?

Ibaraki Doji:

(Starts whistling)

Mira: It would seem like she's hiding something...!

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 5[]

Character Dialogue
Ibaraki Doji:

Okay, fine! I'll tell you, okay! I sneaked in and ate all of Shuten's parfait...!

I just couldn't help myself... It was just so good...

By any chance, is this the super-rare parfait that only goes on sale once every year...?


Even I wouldn't dream of laying a finger on Shuten's parfait...

Do you know how many countries have been destroyed because of that parfait...?


To think that such a shocking series of events could be traced back to a single parfait...

Ibaraki Doji: But the thing is... I don't think my Lady knows about the parfait-eating incident yet...
Mira: So you mean you came all the way to Tokyo to buy her a delicious parfait in order to apologize...?
Ibaraki Doji: Erm... I suppose that's about the long and short of it...
Dojigiri: (Hmm... This story doesn't quite sit right with me... I think there must be something that Ibaraki's hiding...)

Master! Do you know anywhere that does spectacular parfaits around here?

I guess not, eh... You never did have much of a sweet tooth, did you?

Ibaraki Doji: When Shuten gets like this, the only way to calm her down is to feed her magic water until she gets drunk and passes out...
Mira: "Magic water"?

Don't be so naive! You know what she's talking about! 

Ask everyone you know if they know where to get their hands on some magic water!


This Dojigiri is certainly a mysterious type, but he seems very capable!

Master... I think this conquest could turn out to be a lot easier than we were expecting!

Defeating Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 5[]

Character Dialogue

Master! You successfully overcame the Lv. 5 Demon King for the first time! This means you can claim a reward.

It's called a "Conquest Level Reward!" 

From now on, Demon Kings of all levels will appear, not just those at the very top level...

But you'll only receive a reward the first time you defeat a Demon King of a certain level.

Conquest points aren't limited to the first time you defeat a Demon King of a certain level, but if it is your first time, you'll get a bonus!

So let's keep on beating those Demon Kings as best we can!

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 7[]

Character Dialogue
Shuten-doji (Wild): Nyyyyaooooorrrgghhh!!!
Mira: Yikes! It's back again, master! It's Miss Shuten-doji!
Ibaraki Doji:

Don't you dare call my Lady "Miss'!


I was just trying to make an effort, since I found out it was really a woman...

Oh Master, I forgot to tell you! It's not only demons of the highest level that you'll encounter in your conquests.

Seek them out bravely, and aim to overcome ever stronger Demon Kings!

Even if a charm is keeping it at bay, it's still the Demon King... We've got to take it down!

With that much charisma, I've got a feeling it could attract some really bad energy...

Oh, and one more thing, Master! Did you know that you can skip the battle animation by tapping the screen while it's playing?

Keep that in mind when you're in a bit of a hurry.

Say, that Dojigiri isn't half late, is he?

Defeating Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 7[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: That was great! You're doing a fine job!

Seems I kept you all waiting! Sorry about that!



Ibaraki Doji: That took you quite a while! So, how's it going?
Sakatokego no Kami: Pleased to meet you all.
Mira: Well I never! If it isn't Sakatokego no Kami!
Sakatokego no Kami: Are you trying to tell me that I'm famous?
Ibaraki Doji: Well, I knew that you were the goddess of brewery...
Sakatokego no Kami:

Well, thank you.

I'd LIKE to offer you a drink, but the thing is...

Mira: You look terribly downhearted! What's the matter?
Sakatokego no Kami:

Well you see, the thing is...

(Mumble mumble mumble...)

Mira: Whaaat---? You say that with all the Christmas and New Year festivities, and all the people staying indoors with the cold spell, you ran out of alcohol...?
Sakatokego no Kami:

Yep. That's what happened.

Mira: Oh wait, I was supposed to be calling it "magic water", wasn't I...?
Sakatokego no Kami: Don't worry about it... I know it's hard to remember, so I'm pretty flexible about stuff like that...
Ibaraki Doji: (A bit too flexible if you ask me...)
Sakatokego no Kami: So to sum up, we can't use "magic water" to make the Demon King dizzy and calm it down... 
Ibaraki Doji: Say now, that's a serious problem! At this rate, my Lady won't ever be returned to her original form...
Sakatokego no Kami: Hold up, hold up...
Dojigiri: I knew our abilities wouldn't be enough...and that's exactly why I brought reinforcements!
Kintaro: Wow! It's Tokyo! How incredibly exciting!
Sakatokego no Kami: This is Kintaro. As his appearance suggests, he's a pretty face, with very little going on underneath.
Kintaro: I'm really looking forward to showing everybody just what I can do!
Goddess of Good Fortune In my world, money is everything!
Sakatokego no Kami: This is the Goddess of Good Fortune! As you can see, she's a stunner who isn't quite as innocent as she used to be...
Goddess of Good Fortune: Tee hee! When I'm around, I like to make sure EVERYBODY's happy as they possibly can be!
Sakatokego no Kami: They're both powerful. But probably not the easiest customers... They keep their eyes on the rankings, and they want to join forces with the best people on there!
Mira: I see! All right, Master! Let's collect up Conquest Points and climb up the rankings so we can get these two as our daemons as well.

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 9[]

Character Dialogue
Hive Hunter: I'm the best! I'll beat you even with all the handicap settings turned on!
Shuten-doji (Wild):

It seems that my Lady's energy is attracting some strange types...


It's dangerous around here, you know!

Hive Hunter: Wow! I made it! This must be the bonus stage!
Mira: The "bonus stage"?
Hive Hunter: I've been set a mission by the GM. He said if I managed to beat a Demon King, I'd get extra points and stuff...

He's something of strange character... But it seems like as long as he's around, there might be times when you can receive more Conquest Points...

Defeating Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 9[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: Master! Have you noticed...?

Your leader daemon joins in the attack every turn!

In other words, leaders are pretty special figures!

It's a tough call to decide who to make your lead daemon... Don't you think?

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 11[]

Character Dialogue
Kishimojin: Ooh, I'm feeling a little peckish... Are there any little children around these parts, perchance?

What's with that person over there with the vacant expression?

Sakatokego no Kami:

Ahh, that's Kishimojin... Shuten seems to have summoned her...

Ibaraki Doji: Oh, I know all about Kishimojin... That's the one who eats other people's childr-...
Sakatokego no Kami:


D-Don't say anything more! You'll be in trouble... You're not allowed to say thw word "cannibal"!


But, erm...you just said it...

That Demon King really does attract some odd-- Aah! It's coming this way! 

Kishimojin: Something smells good... Good, just like cute little children...
Mira: We're very, very sorry! Please, have this meat dumpling to make up for our mistake!

Ooh, it's packed full of meat, this dumpling... How tasty...

Ohh... I'm feeling quite satisfied, I must say. Animal meat has its virtues, every once in a while....

Mira:: Yikes!

Will we meet again, I wonder?

If we do, I will raise the HP of your daemons... Consider it a token of my thanks for the dumpling!

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 15[]

Character Dialogue
Shuten-doji (Wild): Nggggooooooaaarrrrghhh!!!
Poisoned Sake:

It seems as though some distressed kittens are looking for me...

Ibaraki Doji: Are you... Poisoned Sake?

You've come for my Lady again, have you?

Poisoned Sake: Oh, Shuten... That flawless figure of yours... That smooth skin...
Mira: Calling that Demon King's skin smooth... He must be a really strange type...
Poisoned Sake: How little you understand. I was born in this world to give delight to women...
Mira: Warrgh! There's something cold running down my back...
Ibaraki Doji: Creepy, isn't he...? He's always like this you know...
Mira: I suppose it could come in useful as an Attack...
Poisoned Sake: Oh Shuten, you are beautiful whatever form you take...

I should like to join you in this party you refer to as "battle"...

Invite me... Summon me! I shall raise your Attack with my scintillating pillow-talk... 


Master, there's oddballs everywhere you look! Let's just concentrate on continuing with our conquest!

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 20[]

Character Dialogue
Shuten-doji (Wild): GRRRROOOAAARRRGH!!!

Yikes! It feels as if the Demon King's strength and anger just intensify by the day...

Ibaraki Doji:

If there isn't any alcohol around, we'll have to find another way to make her dizzy.

Mira: And just how are we going to do that?
Goddess of Good Fortune:

Well, there's lots of ways of getting dizzy...

Roundabouts, seasickness, handstands...

Dojigiri: Ooooh! What about we put her forehead on this bat and then spin her around?
Ibaraki Doji: No way! Out of the question!
Mira: Erm, Sakatokego no Kami... Are this lot really going to be of help to us?
Sakatokego no Kami:

Oh yes! I can vouch for their abilities...

Mira: Really... Personally, I'd rather have you fighting with us, Sakatokego no Kami...
Ibaraki Doji:

I have to say I agree...

Sakatokego no Kami: Tee hee.. I'm happy to hear that!
Shuten-doji (Wild):


Mira: Ah...! The Demon King's coming this way all of a sudden!

Defeating Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 20[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: Well, Master... We managed to overcome the Demon King!
Sakatokego no Kami:

Both you and the agent are quite dab hands at this business! I'm impressed.

I will fight alongside you!


Are you sure!?

Sakatokego no Kami:

I mean, now that my alcohol's run out, I don't have that to offer...

And to tell you the truth, things are a bit boring at this time of the year, with nobody going out for parties...

Show me a good time, won't you?!


Master! You did it! Now you can summon Sakatokego no Kami!

Sakatokego no Kami: By the way, who is that young lady over there?
Ibaraki Doji: Huh...?!
Shuten-doji (Calm): Oh...erm...er...I...
Ibaraki Doji:

My L-Lady...?

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 25[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: Shuten-doji, I demand an explanation!

And you too, Chibara...

Ibaraki Doji: Ibaraki! My name's Ibaraki!
Sakatokego no Kami What's going on here? How can that big Demon over there and this Shuten both be the same person?
Shuten-doji (Calm): Well... It's a bit of a long story...

Someone ate my parfait, and I just lost it!

Mira That wasn't long at all! In fact, it was positively short!
Shuten-doji (Calm): Whoopsie! Tee hee!
Mira What do you mean "whoopsie"!? This isn't all just a big game, you know!
Poisoned Sake: Oh Shuten, it's like this that you are at your most beautiful...
Mira: Sorry, could you just stay out of this for one second?
Poisoned Sake: I must listen to the pleas of the kittens...
Shuten-doji (Calm): ...Pfff!
Mira: She just blanked you, I think...
Sakatokego no Kami: Yep, I think she did...
Shuten-doji (Calm): See, that huge version of me is my mind made flesh...

It materializes when I get a bit too angry.

Okay, well... I'm off to do a spot of shopping. I'll leave the rest up to you, 'kay?

Mira: Huh...? Hold on a second! Is she really just going to walk off like that?
Ibaraki Doji: M-My Lady...!
Shuten-doji (Calm): (Glare...)
Ibaraki Doji: My L-Lady...?


She's so scary...!

Shuten-doji (Calm): Whose fault is all this in the first place, hm? Clear up the mess you've made, and maybe then we'll talk!
Ibaraki Doji: My Lady, I'm so sorry...
Shuten-doji (Calm): Take care of my hanger-on, won't you?
Mira: Ah! She's gone away...

Oh! But her big alter ego has arrived... First of all, let's see to this Demon King!

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 30[]

Character Dialogue

I heard there was a bit of a problem around these parts...

What could they have been talking about, I wonder...?

Shuten-doji (Wild):



Oh, I guess it must be you!

Right, that's quite enough of that!

Mira: Erm... Excuse me? Are you all right there, Miss?

Hey! It's "Professor" to you...

Mira: P-Professor....
Hariti What is it?
Mira: Erm, I was just wondering what your business here was...?

Oh! I heard from Dojigiri that someone was causing a bit of a problem here around these parts...

And having heard that, I just couldn't sit still for worry...


Oh! Professor Hariti!

Hey, do you think one of the Professor's lullabies might do the trick?


Lullabies, you say?

Mira: Even if they don't make Shuten dizzy, they might put her to sleep...

I see! That may well be a good idea...!


Right, then! I shall give it a try!


(Narration): (A minute later...)
Dojigiri: Well, has it worked?
Kintaro: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

She' sent the wrong one to sleep!

This'll never do! Goddess of Good Fortune! Keep an eye on Kintaro for us, will you?

Goddess of Good Fortune: (Fast asleep...)
Mira: She's asleep as well! And what noisy snoring!
Dojigiri: Wait a minute... What's happening to Shuten...?
Shuten-doji (Wild): ............
Mira: Hmmm...?!
Shuten-doji (Wild): ...........!



Maybe she has difficulty falling asleep...

Looks like I'll need to try something a bit more radical.

I'll be back, probably around the time <Player's Name> manages to clear Lv.50!

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 40[]

Character Dialogue
Ibaraki Doji: Oh, my Lady... Whatever should I do?
Mira: Cheer up, Chi-...
Ibaraki Doji The name's IBARAKI!
Mira: See, that's the spirit I like to see!
Ibaraki Doji Mind your own business!
Mira: By the way... How did Shuten-doji find out about the parfait incident?
Dojigiri Oh yeah, Ibaraki was saying that it hadn't got out yet, right?
Ibaraki Doji I used my magic arts to deceive her...
Sakatokego no Kami: And yet Shuten seemed to know all about it...
Mira: Hm... The mystery deepens...

So, we haven't got any "magic water" and the lullaby didn't work... Is there anything else we could try?

Sakatokego no Kami: Maybe we need to find out more about the root cause of all this- the parfait!
Mira: The parfait... Yes, you could well be right. Poisoned Sake, do you have any ideas?
Poisoned Sake: The cause... Well, that would be the anger of two young women in the throes of impassioned love for the same man... The man, of course, being me.
Mira: I suppose it was my fault for asking...

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 45[]

Character Dialogue
Shuten-doji (Wild): Nyyyyaooooorrrgghhh!!!
Mira: Master? It's the Demon again! Are you fully prepared?
Sakatokego no Kami: Mira and <<Player's Name> make a great team...
Dojigiri: This one, on the other hand, is down in the deepest, darkest dumps...
Ibaraki Doji: ..........

Oh, my Lady...

(Narration): An Unknown Location
Shuten-doji (Calm): Oh dear, I think I went a bit far...

Still, it was Ibaraki who went and ate up my favorite parfait...

So it's not really my fault at all.


Oh, what should I do?

Dora: Hey there! What's up?
Shuten-doji (Calm): Wh-Who are you...?
Dora: We met a short while back, 'member?
Shuten-doji (Calm): Oh, you're the one who had the nerve to tell me that Ibaraki ate my parfait!
Dora: Hey, don't shoot the messenger!
Shuten-doji (Calm): That doesn't make any difference! Things would have been a lot better if I'd never known about it!
Dora: Okay, okay! I'll tell you what you should do!

I'll tell you the best way to apologize to your beloved Ibaraki Doji...

Defeating Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 50[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: Master! You did it! You beat the Lv.50 Demon!
Hariti: I'm back...!
Mira: It's good old Hariti! Did you bring something that could help us?
Hariti: Yes! So, if you ever need me, <Player's Name>, just summon me!
Mira: Wow! It seems like Hariti is going to give us a helping hand! That's great news!

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 51[]

Character Dialogue
Mira What kind of disciplinary tools have you brought, Hariti?
Hariti: Are you sure you want to know? They're pretty scary...!
Mira: Oh...erm...really?
Kishimojin: Oh, I know all about them...
Mira: K-Kishimojin! How on earth would you know...?
Kishimojin: How indeed...

Somehow that kid Hariti feels like...just another part of own myself!

Hariti: A-Ahh! I feel exactly the same about you!
Mira: Okay then you two, a test! What is your number one favorite thing in the world?
Hariti: Children! Definitely children! They're just so cute...
Kishimojin: I'd have to say children too. They're cute, and they're ever so tasty...
Mira: This is all getting a little bit strange for me...

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 55[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: Do you think we can get back to the issue at hand?
Ibaraki Doji: The name's Ibaraki!
Mira: B-But I hadn't even said anything yet!

Okay then, Ms. Malarkey! Tell me, why is it that you came to Roppongi?

Ibaraki Doji: If you're not fooling around with me, I swear... You must be missing a screw or two!
Goddess of Good Fortune: Investigations are pointless. I understood it all from the first moment! After all, I am the Goddess of Good Fortune...

I'm very sensitive when it comes to picking up on mutual feelings of affection!

Mira: ...What exactly do you mean?
Goddess of Good Fortune: Shall I go ahead and say it, Ibaraki...?
Ibaraki Doji: .........

I-I... I was planning to p-propose... to my Lady!


Defeating Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 55[]

Character Dialogue
Dojigiri: I see! Ibaraki came all the way to Roppongi to give Shuten an engagement ring to make up for the parfait incident...
Mira: When you said propose, for a minute I thought you actually wanted to marry her.
Ibaraki Doji: Proposing is what you call it when you give someone a ring as a present, isn't it?
Goddess of Good Fortune: Well yes, I suppose sometimes you'd call it that.
Poisoned Sake: It's fine by me... My wedding finger is forever yearning for that bondage people call engagement...
Mira: Uh huh, that's great.
Dojigiri: So, Ibaraki left Shuten in the park while she visited the jewellery store, and when she came back, she found...
Shuten-doji (Wild): Grrrrooooooaarrrrghhh!!!
Sakatokego no Kami: ...That Shuten had undergone a bit of a makeover...

Defeating Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 60[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: Master! We must make sure that Shuten comes to understand Ms. Irolono's intentions!
Ibaraki Doji: Sheesh, she's starting to go all Italian now...
Dojigiri: I've finally understood the issue between Ibaraki and Shuten...
Goddess of Good Fortune: The problem now is how to get that across to Shuten...
(Narration): An Unknown Location
Shuten-doji (Calm): What's that you say?

They want to apologize to me too so why don't I go and meet them?

Noooooooo way!

That would be the most embarrassing thing in the world! Have you forgotten how hopping mad I got?

Dora: There must be some other way...
Shuten-doji (Calm): .........

Oh! I've got it! I've got the perfect thing!

I really think I am a genius, after all... I don't need your help! Go poke your nose somewhere else!

Shuten-doji (Calm): See ya!
Dora: Gargh! No reward this time, it would seem...

???? Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 70[]

Character Dialogue
Shuten-doji (Wild): Grraaaaaoooooghhh!
Mira: Master? The Demon King is here!
Dojigiri: There are so many of them about... Shuten must be really quite angry!
Mira: It was all about a parfait, wasn't it? I wonder why she likes parfait so much...?
Ibaraki Doji: She used to hate it, you know...
Mira: HUH!?
Ibaraki Doji: Then something happened, and she suddenly started liking it...
Goddess of Good Fortune: Ooh, can I ask what that "something" was?
Ibaraki Doji: It's a bit of a long story...
Dojigiri: Ok, let me guess... Shuten started to like parfait...

...because it was the first present you ever gave her, right?

Ibaraki Doji; ...Yes.
Kintaro: You could even say it became her "parfait-vorite"...
Ibaraki Doji: What are you doing, sticking your head out after so long to chime in with nonsense like that?

I didn't know that my Lady hated parfait... so I rather selfishly bought her my favorite thing and gave it to her...

But she didn't tell me she didn't like it... She kept saying how delicious it was, in fact!

Dojigiri: But if you like each other that much, how can one parfait have caused such enormous problems between you?
Ibaraki Doji: Well...
Shuten-doji (Calm): Because the parfait in question was a parfait that Ibaraki had given to me!
Mira: Hmm...?
Sakatokego no Kami: She's back!
M-My Lady...!

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 80[]

Character Dialogue
Shuten-doji (Calm): Now then, ladies and gentleman...

My little Ibaraki-- I mean, this annoying little pest of mine has been causing you problems, I gather.

Mira: Wait a minute, I'd rather go back to what you said before!
Dojigiri: What do you mean, the parfait was the one that Ibaraki gave to you?
Shuten-doji (Calm): Well, every year around this time, people that love one another give each other candy and stuff, right...?

So, Ibaraki gave me a parfait!

Mira: This is all getting very confusing...!
Dojigiri: So basically, Ibaraki ate the parfait that she gave Shuten as a present, is that right?
Ibaraki Doji: ...Yes.
Goddess of Good Fortune: And that made Shuten see red.
Ibaraki Doji: I'm really sorry...
Shuten-doji (Calm): Hey! Shouldn't I be the one apologizing here...?
Ibaraki Doji: Oh...
Shuten-doji (Calm): Tee hee hee... Did you really think I'd let you off that easily?

My alter ego's here now, you know, and you've got to do something about it!

If you manage to take it down, I'll think about forgiving you...

Goddess of Good Fortune: <Player's Name>, go at it with everything you've got, okay?
Poisoned Sake: Now, light is shining into the labyrinth of love in the form of a smile...
Mira: Let's go and defeat the Demon King!

Defeating Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 80[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: Y-You did it! Master!
Shuten-doji (Calm): Well, well... Not bad at all!
Mira: So...?
Shuten-doji (Calm): Ah, my promise, right? Okay. I'll forgive and forget.

You hear me, Ibaraki? Now come here, you.

Ibaraki Doji: O-Okay...
Shuten-doji (Calm): What's the matter? I'm not going to hurt you!

Right, stand there and close your eyes.

Ibaraki Doji: ......
Shuten-doji (Calm): ......


Mira: Yaaaaaaaaah! M-Master, did you see that!?
Sakatokego no Kami: There's no need to get quite so excited, Mira.
Ibaraki Doji: Oh, my Lady...
Shuten-doji (Calm): I'm sorry I was so horrible to you, Ibby baby.
Ibaraki Doji: ......
Shuten-doji (Calm): Here, I got you something.
Ibaraki Doji: Why it's... It's the parfait I got you for your first present!
Shuten-doji (Calm): So we're back to normal now, yeah? No more fighting?
Ibaraki Doji: M-My Lady!!
Sakatokego no Kami: You see? There was no need for all that drama in the first place.
Poisoned Sake: Love is like a cat's cradle... No matter how tangled up and complicated it may get, when you untangle it the string's still intact.
Sakatokego no Kami: Will you look at that? Even Poisoned Sake can say the right thing sometimes.
Mira: Hopefully, that means we've seen the last of the Demon King...
Shuten-doji (Wild): Grraaaaaarrghhh!!!
Mira: Hmm...?
Shuten-doji (Calm): Ah yeah, that's my bad.

I guess I was so beside myself with anger that the Demon's become an entity unto itself now.

Mira: You've got to be kidding me!
Shuten-doji (Calm): Well, I guess we should finish what we started. Isn't that right, Ibaraki?
Ibaraki Doji: Yes! Whatever you say, my Lady!
Shuten-doji (Calm): I'll help you guys out!

???? Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 90[]

Character Dialogue
Shuten-doji (Calm): Say what you will, but I think evil me is pretty cute, don't you?
Mira: This is hardly the time for jokes! This thing's pretty strong, you know!
Shuten-doji (Wild): Grraaaaaarrghhh!!!
Shuten-doji (Calm): Not cuter than my normal form, of course.
Ibaraki Doji: No one's cuter than you, my Lady!
Poisoned Sake: Girl on girl... Nice.
Dojigiri: Calm down there, Poisoned Sake. Not that I don't share the sentiments...

Even I, Dojigiri, wouldn't think of coming between this couple with my seductive charm.

Shuten-doji (Calm): One down! Onto the next!
Shuten-doji (Wild): Grraaaaaarrghhh!!!
Mira: Master! We should go with her!

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 100[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: We finally made it! The Lv.100 Demon King!

It was tough going, but we're finally here.

Poisoned Sake: It's up to me to grant my sweet little kittens' wishes.
Kintaro: Level 100! Wooh! Now I'll show you what I can really do!
Goddess of Good Fortune: Not to worry! As long as you've got me, only good fortune will come your way.
Dojigiri: I believe in you, Mira and <Player's Name>!
Shuten-doji (Calm): Don't forget you've got me helping out, too. This'll be a piece of cake! No problems! Right, Ibaraki?
Ibaraki Doji: Of course! I'm right behind you, my Lady!

So long as you've got me and my Lady with you, you've got nothing to worry about!

Mira: Y'know, you act pretty differently when you're around Shuten-doji.
Goddess of Good Fortune: Love does that to a person, Mira.
Mira: Is that so? Lesson learned.

So, what do you say we go and kick some demon butt? Master?

Defeating Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 100[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: M-Master! We finally, finally did it!
Shuten-doji (Calm): It sure does look like we taught Lv. 100 me a lesson or two.

That's definitely the first time I've given a Demon King incarnation of myself such a good kicking. Right, Ibaraki?

Ibaraki Doji: You're right about that, my Lady.
Mira: Looking back, that was a pretty hard fight we fought to get here.

What with Poisoned Snake's creepy asides and Dojigiri's chat-up lines, the Demon never stood a chance!

Dojigiri: Oh stop, you'll give me a big head. Besides, I already know there's not a soul alive that can resist my charm!
Mira: That sure was a battle for the record books! Right, Master?
Poisoned Sake: Seems my love was just too intense for the poor thing. Not for the first time, I might add...
Sakatokego no Kami: Unlike you to show an interest in boys, Dojigiri...
Goddess of Good Fortune: By the way, who should I send the bill to for my payment for my services?
Sakatokego no Kami: Tell you what: when it gets a bit warmer, I'll treat everyone to as much "magic water" as they like, how about that?
Goddess of Good Fortune: Sounds good to me!
Shuten-doji (Calm): You'll invite us too, right?
Sakatokego no Kami: But of course!
Shuten-doji (Calm): Hey, <Player's Name>. There's something I wanted to talk to you about. It's just...

How about you take the Demon with you, and use it in your adventures from here on out? The two of us are completely separate now. It's got its own mind and all. It won't cause you any trouble, I promise. So how about it? Please!

Mira: Nice one, Master! Looks like you've got the Demon King, AKA Shuten-doji as your daemon!
Shuten-doji (Calm): Right, we're heading back to Oeyama Mountain! You ready, Ibaraki?
Ibaraki Doji: Ready, my Lady!

I guess this is goodbye, then. I owe you one. For everything. Thanks a lot back there.

Shuten-doji (Calm): Off we go! See you later, everyone!
Ibaraki Doji: Wait for me, my Lady!
Sakatokego no Kami: Well, things seem to have quieted down somewhat, so I guess I'll be on my way too.
Dojigiri: I'm outta here too. What about you, Poisoned Snake?
Poisoned Sake: I shall traverse the nether regions of the earth and-
Dojigiri: Great, sounds pretty cool. Time to get something to eat!
Poisoned Sake: ...Oh.
Goddess of Good Fortune: I think I shall return home as well.
Sakatokego no Kami: Wait, don't you think you should follow after Shuten-doji and Ibaraki?
Mira: She has a point. Ibaraki's bound to propose to Shuten-doji before long...
Goddess of Good Fortune: They don't need my help.

True love is something you find for yourself, without need of fortune.

Mira: Hmm, maybe you're right. I'm sure they'll do fine by themselves!

So, I guess this is goodbye for now then. Thanks for all your help, everyone!


...They've gone. Say, Master...This "love" thing... What do you think it's all about? I'm still not sure I really get it. Do you have someone you love, Master? Just so you know, I'll always be by your side!

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 101[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: ...Oh my! It appears the Demon's spirit hasn't entirely dissipated yet. Let's keep fighting it and test out our strength!

Defeating Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 200[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: Y-You did it!! You're amazing!

You finally beat the Lv. 200 Demon

(Narration): Back at the Ghost Guild.
Yata: Amazing! It seems the really defeated all theDemons...* (The actual dialogue says "theDemons", though the Demons bit is in orange.)
Shuten-doji (Calm): Is that so? Thank you, Yata... ...For all you did for my Ibby.
Yata: Your..."Ibby"?
Shuten-doji (Calm): Ibrakai Doji, My wife.
Yata: You do say the strangest things sometimes...
Shuten-doji (Calm): Heh heh. Theres no need to be like that, Yata. I'm serious this time: Thank you.
Yata: You don't need to thank me. Just so long as you keep your end of the bargain with regards the "condition"... ("With regards the condition" doesn't make any sense (to me, at least), but, that's what it says.)
Shuten-doji (Calm): Oh, that. Yeah, Ibaraki mentioned it:

That I lend the Ghost Guild my powers when the the great daemon war finally begins. Also that I--

Yata: You don't need to say anymore.
Shuten-doji (Calm): Still, that agent and the daemon... What was her name, "Mira"? They don't mess about, do they?
Yata: They're really something, that's for sure. They're our only hope.
Mira At-choo!

It's still pretty cold out, so be sure to wrap up warm while you're daemon-hunting!

Your journey to becoming the ultimate ghost agent has only just got started!

Master! Full speed ahead!