Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki

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Character Dialogue

One day, when <player> was as busy as ever

going about the regular guild assignments,

a report arrived saying that a barbaric king

has arrived in Tokyo!


Master We've received a report from the Guild that a Demon King has appeared in Tokyo!

It appears to have escaped from the sealstone it had been locked up in inside all this time...

Our instructions are to step to the rescue!

It says...

"In order to seal away the Demon King again, you will need to battle it and seal it up inside a charm."

The Guild are keeping the Demon King at bay with a Charm right now.

But why on earth did the Demon King's sealstone come unsealed, I wonder...?

Narrator Several Hours Previously, Tokyo: Roppongi
Ibaraki Doji

My L-Lady...?

Whatever's the matter!?

(If she unleashes her powers here, my plan will be ruined...)

Ibaraki Doji

Wah! A vending machine just came out of nowhere! That was close!

I know something like this happened in the last event too, but there's no need to get angry about it!

Shuten-doji (Wild) GNOOOOOOAAAAHHHH!!!
Ibaraki Doji: Hm...? Did you just say..."no"?
Ibaraki Doji Oh, I must be imagining things. Oh, my Lady... What's happened to you? Sniff...

Crikey, this looks terrible! Young lady... Are you in some kind of trouble, by any chance?

Whatever your problem might be, you can rely on me to solve it!

Ibaraki Doji


(Hold on a second! Is she able to see my Lady...?)

(In which case... Does that mean she's not human?)

Dora What is it...? Have I got something on my face?
Ibaraki Doji No, I've just got something in my eye... Oooh, that hurts!
Dora Oh! I see. Well, fine.
Ibaraki Doji Right, sorry about that...
Dora For a minute there, I thought that you were having trouble with the rampaging Demon King Shuten Doji!
Ibaraki Doji

Huh...? Who are you...?


She's gone...

Ibaraki Doji

Oh, my Lady...

To think, we were having such a fun date a few moments ago...

And now it's come to this...


This is a conquest mission, Master. It's a little different from other assignments...

But don't worry! I'll explain everything. For now, let's hurry to find the Demon King!