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Strongest Divina Defense, with 15,800 maxed out, beating the previous, 15,500 tier.

Murasaki Shikibu HW3

Murasaki Shikibu [HW3] has the current highest divina attack with 16,500 attack when maxed out.

Divina is one of the three classes of daemons found in Ayakashi: Ghost Guild.

This class includes: gods, deities, and legendary heroes. Divina are beautiful, wise, compassionate, and courageous spirits. They are highly protective, and serve as loyal guardians for their master. Divina daemons possess light (Yang) energy. Divina type daemons are associated with the celestial realm and the sea.

Divina cards are BLUE in color, and their skills vary, just like every other class.

In battle, Divina cards have an advantage over Phantom cards and a disadvantage against Anima cards.

Currently, the Divina cards with the strongest attack is Murasaki Shikibu [HW3] with a whopping total of 16,500 attack, beating the old highest attack overall (16,200 from Great Poet Kanesada.) She is obtainable from bell summon.

Currently, the Divina card with the strongest defense is Oneiros with 15,800 Defense points at level 70. It's currently also the third strongest daemon in terms of sheer DEF, in the game. Tsukuyomi [Medieval] comes very close behind with 15,789 defense.

Divina Symbol

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Seven former Ayakashi: Ghost Guild app icons are Divina cards: Amaterasu, Murasaki Shikibu, Princess Konohanasakuya, Miss Santa, Kenshin Uesugi [Hot Springs], Sei Shonagon, Orihime [Yggdrasil], Tsukuyomi [Medieval], and Walpurgis Night [HW3].