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  • Dojigiri is best used in an Anima Attack Team.
  • Best fused with Dojigiri Magatama.
  • Amusement Park best fused with Dojigiri [Amusement Park] Magatama.
  • She is the first daemon introduced in the game to have 39 spirit cost.
  • She, Shuten-doji and Ibaraki Doji are the only daemons from the "Demon King Rises!" event to make a comeback.

More Quotes[]


  • Main: "No need to worry when I'm around. I'll silence all those whining brats!"
  • Event: "(Pant...) It's okay, you're (pant...) safe now I'm here! (Pant..)"
  • Event 2: "Sorry to keep you waiting!"
  • Skill: "You there! I'll show you what this sword is capable of!"


  • Main: "Gah! Does it have to be quite so hot?"
  • Skill: "Go to sleep! NOW!"
  • Encounter in Shop: "Summer heat getting to you? Just think cool thoughts..."

[Mt. Fuji][]

  • Main: "Let's make this another great year (mumble, mumble)... Zzz..."
  • Skill: "Things are going to be different for me this year!"
  • Encounter in Shop: "Winter mornings make the heart sing!"

[Amusement Park][]

  • Main: "Me? I'm not scared!... I'm just feeling a bit under the weather."
  • Skill: "I, I said I'm not scared!"