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Dora Tower Encounter
Kanji ドーラ
Rōmaji Dōra
Height --
Weight --
Gender Female
Species Human with Supernatural Powers
Occupation Bounty Hunter
First Apperance Chapter Five: The Hunter

Dora is a bounty hunter who can perceive spirits like ghost agents. She plays as the antagonist in Chapter Five, however in later chapters, she becomes somewhat of an ally of <Player's Name>. She holds a black market, known as "Dora's Swap Shop", where you can barter rare daemons and items for silver and golden apples. She also used to appear in events, extending her shop to allow you to exchange daemons for battle points in En Garde events. Dora no longer appears in tower events to sell magatamas after the introduction of limit break.


Dora is a young woman with light skin and yellow eyes (though they appear as light pink in other pictures). Her hair is a dark red, has bangs at eye length, and has her hair tied up into a ponytail.

Dora wears two chokers, the lower one having some sort of talisman resembling a sword with wings and two serpents on the handle and a chain. Her coat is dark violet brown, has folded sleeves, a breast pocket on her left, and a fur hood with two buttons. She wears her coat open, exposing some sort of corset-like crop top. She also wears two bracelets on her left hand.


Dora is a greedy and cunning woman, who makes money through force and deceit. She only finds interests in extremely rare daemons, such as Mira, from which she can sell. She acts mainly on her emotions and will lose heart in things when she gets bored, however when things involve money, her motivation gets back up.


Dora first appears in Chapter Five, where <Player's Name> must discover the mysterious identity of the hunter. <Player's Name> and Mira find her overpowering a Dark Elf with her incantations, but soon departs afterwards. Upon finding Dora once again, she takes interest in Mira, however once again flees, throwing the Goddess of Poverty as a decoy, after discovering that the two were affiliated with the Ghost Guild. Dora is then found again using an incantation on Dartz. Afterwards, Dora reveals her identity to <Player's Name> and Mira, telling the two she heard there were ultra rare spirits and heroes coming out in Tokyo. She then uses the Goddess of Misfortune as a decoy to run away once again. Finally, encountering her for the last time, Dora makes a deal if she wins a battle with <Player's Name>, she could get to keep Mira, and if she lost, she would have to leave. She reveals her two daemons Hemera and Nyx, however <Player's Name> loses the battle against Dora. As she proceeds to take Mira, Eisuke appears stopping Dora from taking Mira, and runs away for good this time.

Dora is seen again in Chapter Seven, attempting to capture famed heroes, such as Yukimura Sanada, but fails to do so with her incantations. She follows around <Player's Name> becoming envious that the Divine spirits would only negotiate with <Player's Name>

In Chapter Eight, she is found beaten by Sakura Sumizome, whom she had tried to capture.

Dora does not make another appearance until Chapter Thirteen, where she is looking for spirits coming out from the Other World. She decides to tag along with <Player's Name> here, deciding that it would be most efficient to stick with the two. After finding no spirits of interest, she becomes extremely bored, deciding to go back home. However, she is stopped by a Gashadokuro who catches her by surprise. She then tries to team up with Princess Takiyasha who was trying to invoke the spirits around the area, but is then rejected by her.

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