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Ebisu, from Mythological Japan : the symbolisms of mythology in relation to Japanese art, with illustrations drawn in Japan, by native artists (1902).

Ebisu is the god of fishermen, luck, and workingmen as well as the guardian of health for small children.  His name was originally Hiruko, which meant leech child, as he did not have any bones, or no arms or legs in other stories.  He was cast away into the sea on his third birthday, but was eventually taken care of the Ainu, Ebisu.  He overcame most of his weaknesses, by the growing legs and feet, or the rest of his skeletal scruture and became a god.  He still remains crippled and deaf, but mirthless and auspicious.  He is often depicted with a tall hat, holding a rod and a large red sea bream. Jellyfish are associated with him.