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  • He might have a maid fetish, as seen in "Evil Gods Attack!".
  • He seems to dislike Dora.
  • Eisuke reappears at Chapter Eleven but his name is labeled with multiple question marks instead of his own name and he shows a hostile attitude especially towards Mira. When Mira questions Sister about this, she states that he's been through a lot likely referring to the events in Chapter Eight.
    • In Chapter 13, his name isn't labeled with question marks anymore but as "Eisuke" rather than "Eisuke Yuki".
  • According to Sister he's one of the highest ranking members of the Spirit Sealer Institute.
  • He seems to be stubborn, as seen in Chapter 11; He didn't noticed Mira after all...


111 Thomas Pearce
Barbetta (ultimate) (She is stronger than Pearce as her placement is higher than Pearce's) Thomas (leader) Pearce (Formerly, becomes your Daemon)