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Girls' Festival OP

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The cold winter is drawing to a close.

The first signs of spring are making themselves known on the chilly streets of Tokyo.

And in the midst of all this, "a certain something" has appeared.

The Girls' Festival Tower, as spoken of in traditional springtime poems...


Full speed ahead! The Phantom Tower has appeared yet again!

Hm... This is a most curious mission.

We've been told to get to the venue of the Extreme Girls' Festival, shortened to the EX Girls' Festival...

We'll be filled in on the details when we get there, apparently.


Now then!
We've made it, all right...

Y'know, for a Girls' Festival, it isn't half chaotic around here...
I thought a Girls' Festival would be a bit more...feminine?

Narrator Several months earlier.
Odairi What is this...? It's being jointly hosted?
Sadaijin Yes, that's right! And that's not all...
Udaijin I got a mail from the person in charge, telling me he was planning a global event brimming with all manner of fancy sounding social innovations.

Social what-nows?! Inno-whatdyoumacallit? Tell 'em to send the invite in language I can understand next time.

So that Ghost Guild lot are set on poking their noses into my and Ohina's wedding day, eh?

Sadaijin But in exchange for that, they're prepared to foot the bill!

Hmm, these are hard times, I suppose... And the cash sure would come in handy.

All right, if Ohina likes the idea, I am certainly not opposed.

Udaijin We're even going to have entertainment from a legendary group of star performers.
Odairi Star performers? Wait... You're not talking about who I think you're talking about, are you?
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) Good evening! We're Bayashi-5! Are you having fun, Tokyo?
Crowd (Unseen) (Woo-hoo! Yeah!)
Bayashi-5 (Miyabi) Are you ready to have the night of your life with Bayashi-5!?
Crowd (Unseen) (We love you!)
Bayashi-5 (Miyabi) Okay then, here's the first song! Shake the Cake!
Bayashi-5(Taiju) 1...2...3...4!
Bayashi-5 (Miyabi) It's been a great night! Thank you for being here! There's nothing like a Tokyo crowd, huh Taiju?

You're so right, Miyabi! Good work!

Hm...? It's a message from our manager.

We've got another concert booked. We're due to play right away! And it's at some kind of event...

Bayashi-5 (Miyabi) You think it's going to be a rock festival? What kind of event could it be?


Hm... Ex... Ex... Ex... Something. What can it be?

Ohina It's going to be called the "Extreme Girls' Festival".
Kin Byobu EX Girls' Festival for short.
Ohina Wow! That sounds so cool! Gosh! I've got so much to do!
Kin Byobu

Ohina comes from a noble family. Her family have always been connected with sacred rituals.

Originally, Girls' Festival, or "Hina Matsuri", dolls were made to protect against bad fortune.

They're over a thousand years old, but they still do the trick. Nothing to worry about on that score.

(Right... There's all sorts of things going on... He he he...)

Ohina Right! Here we go!
Sannin Kanjo



Odairi Hey, you! Where's Ohina?
Sannin Kanjo What're you looking at!? Shut your mouth, or I'll turn you into mincemeat! Got it?
Odairi (Brrr... What a terrifying character... )
Ohina Ah, it's my beloved, and my lady-in-waiting! You're finally here!
Sannin Kanjo Oh, sweet, adorable Ohina! You are so beautiful! Tee hee!
Odairi (What?! What's wrong with this person?!)
Ohina Let's all do what we can to make this a fun Girls' Festival!
Narrator And back to the present day...
Mira I wonder what's in store for us, Master?
Mira We'll need to be careful!