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Girl's Festival 1F[]

Character Dialogue
Dora *enters from right*

You took your time! I've been waiting for you for ages!

Mira Dora! You were waiting for us? Have you got any news?
Dora Something like that! Here! It's a letter from that professor of yours.
Mira Gosh! It really is! I'd recognize his handwriting anywhere. Let's see what he has to say...


Mira *shake*


Mira Find Odairi in the Girls' Festival Tower, give him a box of cakes and say sorry...?
Dora I've heard that Odairi is one too pleased, but he loves hishimochi cakes, so as long as you've got those, you'll be fine.
Mira I don't get it. Why do we need to apologize again? Did we do something to Odairi and I just missed it?
Dora I don't know the details. You should ask the folks in the tower. Maybe they can enlighten you.

Give 'em some hishimochi cakes, and they'll be sure to spill the beans. You just need to know what people want!

Speaking of which, feel free to bring hishimochi to me too, okay? I'll swap them for something good!

Mira Th- Thank you! This sounds interesting, Master!
Mira Okay, let's climb that tower and say sorry to Odairi!

Switched-On Mic[]

Seen in 6F.

Character Dialogue
Odairi (Hmph. Ohina is having a whale of a time... She never thinks about my feelings...)
Sadaijin Oh... Oh dear. This isn't good.
Odairi I know it's not good!

With all those weird daemons coming from the Ghost Guild, I fear for Ohina's safety.

Sadaijin Odairi, sir...
Odairi What is it! I'm getting tired of this!
Udaijin Erm... The mic is still on. Everyone in the tower can hear what you're saying.
Odairi Wh-What did you say?! Gulp...
Mira There are a lot of dangerous-looking daemons wandering round the tower...
Haniwa Wow! The modern world amazing! We never had big buildings like this back in my village!
Omatsu Do you want some tea? Do you want some tea?
Bisque Doll I knew the Girls' Festival involved dolls, but this isn't quite what I expected.
Catherine Huh? I thought this was a fancy dress event... I can't compete with this!
Suberinko I'm the funniest person you'll ever meet, I almost promise... Get ready to split your sides!
Mira Supposing they're all intruders... Has Odairi turned a doll shelf to the Other Side to protect Ohina?

But I just can't work out why the Ghost Guild would need to apologize to Odairi?

I wonder what could have happened to turn the EX Girls' Festival into something like this...

Ox Cart Moko[]

Seen in 10F.

Character Dialogue
Ox Cart Moko Oh, won't somebody just tread on me!
Jubei You really know how to get everybody's attention, don't you?
Ox Cart Moko Ah, Jubei... Y'know, I'm really not in the mood for you at the moment.
Jubei Well jeez, it sure is nice to see you too.
Ox Cart Moko Go on, say it! Please!
Jubei I want to sit on you. A fine cow like you would make a fine seat.
Ox Cart Moko No... It's just not working. Something's not right. There's not enough love in your voice.
Jubei Hardly surprising considering I don't even really like you. Oh, and it seems Ohina has been in touch.
Ox Cart Moko Hm? What could it be? Maybe she'll be kind enough to get on me! Oh, I'm all excited now!

Ox Cart Moko Appears[]

Seen in clearing 10F

Character Dialogue
Ox Cart Moko So you train animals, do you?
Mira No, no. <Player's name> is a Ghost Agent.
Ox Cart Moko Well, it makes no difference to me.

Go on! Step on me! Tread on me!

Mira What...?
Ox Cart Moko I'll kneel down, and you can just step up onto me!
Mira Master!
We've got ourselves a genuine weirdo.

Defeated Ox Cart Moko[]

Character Dialogue
Ox Cart Moko Okay, you're not too bad...

But Ohina's heels are still the best!

Mira ......
Ox Cart Moko I hope you're not jealous! I mean, you can always work on your foot skills!
Mira Ah! She's gone away...
Mira Hm... I hope there's not going to be more people like that.
Mira This so-called EX Girls' Festival seems quite a scary event.

Battle Ox Cart Moko[]

Character Dialogue
Ox Cart Moko Ah, all I want is to be a seat! I just want Ohina to posit her dainty hips on top of me.
Mira I can't help feeling this is crossing some kind of line...
Ox Cart Moko Hah! So you've made it this far! You were warned that if you came any closer, I'd put out a call for reinforcements over the tannoy!

Well, whatever. I'm not going to let any animal trainer get the better for me!

Mira Master, it looks like the Ox Cart Kid is willing to help out as a daemon!

Befriending Ox Cart Moko[]

Character Dialogue
Ox Cart Moko (Pant...pant...pant...)

Ah, <Player's name> , you have a gift for stepping on people. It's really going to toughen me up!

Mira Good luck, master!

Oh, I meant to ask! Do you know much about the EX Girls' Festival?

Ox Cart Moko Hm? The EX what now? Today's Ohina's wedding right?
Mira Wedding?! What on earth...?!

Jubei's Wishes[]

Character Dialogue
Jubei Was it the right thing to do, to have prepared for this day for ages like this…? If I’m honest, I feel a bit down about at all…

You know what Ohina’s like, she’s just running about enjoying herself as usual…

And Odairi’s really nothing but a kid…

I guess I’ve got no choice but to step in to help!

Jubei Makes Her Entrance[]

Character Dialogue
Jubei Wait up there!

I am Ohina’s assistant, Jubei! You won’t get past me!

Ox Cart Moko Hmm…? I didn’t know you fought as well, Jubei!
Jubei If Ohina tells me to fight, then of course that’s just what I’ll do!

Ohina's Retainer[]

Character Dialogue
Jubei Wow, you’re pretty fast…
Mira Jubei! Tell us all you know about the EX Girl’s Festival! Please!
Jubei Do you seriously think anyone would agree to a request like that?

After Jubei![]

Character Dialogue
Jubei Hmm… I guess you passed.

I’ve got to fight the best I can, so I can live up to Ohina’s expectations!

Mira Oh, she’s gone…

Jubei seems like she knows a lot about what’s going on here… Let’s get after her!

Jubei Tee hee, think you can catch me do you?
Mira W-Wait! I've got some thingsto ask you...
Ox Cart Moko She’s the fastest runner in town, you know! It comes from all those times as a kid when she broke plates and then fled…

Backstage Gossip[]

Character Dialogue
Ohina Oh Jubei…! Are you ready yet?
Jubei Just coming, Hina-sama.

No peace for the wicked…

Don’t tell Odairi th—Whoops!

The microphone’s still on! That could’ve been bad.

Complaining Odairi[]

Character Dialogue
Dora Wait, is that Odairi and that lot?
Odairi ......
Dora Listen in on what they’re saying!
Odairi Is Ohina up to something?
Udaijin From the info I’ve managed to collect on my travels, I’d say it’s pretty certain she’s planning something.

...It appears she’s trying to make this quite the day to remember.

Sadaijin Well, she would, wouldn’t she? It’s a day to celebrate, after all!
Odairi (Ohina, don’t go doing something you’ll regret...)
Udaijin Leave the rest to me, sis. Just make sure no one gets in.
Sadaijin Roger that! Leave it to me! I’ll get into optimum sniping position!
Dora Hmm, this Odairi guy strikes me as kinda fishy... He definitely knows something

Battling Jubei[]

Character Dialogue
Jubei I’ve been waiting for you, agent!
Mira Jubei! It's about time you gave us some info!
Jubei Heh heh. If you want it so badly, you’ll have to beat me first!
Mira Woah, that was pretty cool. You sounded like a boss!
Jubei Y’know, I’ve always wanted to say that.

Befriending Jubei[]

Character Dialogue
Jubei Urgh... (Cough... Splutter...) C-Come closer... P-Promise me y-you’ll tell my m-mom...
Mira J-Jubei!?
Jubei ...T-Tell her... I always l-loved her p-pancakes...
Mira B-But Jubei... No, you can still tell her yourself!
Jubei Farewell...
Mira Juuuubbbbbeeeeeiii!!!
Ox Cart Moko Hey, what’re you guys doing?
Jubei Oh, heh... D-didn’t see you there... Um. We were just... y’know, pretending.
Ox Cart Moko Y’know for someone who’s pretty serious, you aren’t half a big kid sometimes.

Don’t encourage him, Mira.

Mira Just acting out a scene I saw in a movie last week...
Ox Cart Moko I think I’d probably burst out laughing if someone used their last words to talk to me about pancakes...
Mira Aaanyway... Moving on.
Mira Jubei. It’s about time you told us what’s going on!
Narrator Some time later...
Mira So let me get this straight... This is all Ohina’s doing!?
Ox Cart Moko So it was all to test Odairi’s mettle as a suitor before he inherits Ohina’s heritage…
Jubei They’re still a young couple, so not everyone’s enamoured with their decision to get married.
Ox Cart Moko So she’s trying to make him prove that he’s worthy... I dare say if he manages to go to all that trouble to protect Ohina, he’ll probably succeed too.

But wait... So the daemons are--?

Jubei We contacted the Ghost Guild, and they lent us the use of daemons who didn’t exceed any safety regulations...
Mira Okay.... Then what about our having to apologize to Odairi?
Jubei I imagine it’s so we can smooth this whole business over us and give him a bit of confidence...
Dora That’s quite the fool’s errand you’ve been sent on, eh?
Mira Dora? Have you been listening this whole time?
Dora Still though, things are often more complicated than they seem. Remember: reality’s made up of countless separate realities!
Mira W-What’s that supposed to mean?

1, 2... 51st Floor![]

Character Dialogue
Mira It appears Dora knows something we don’t...
Ox Cart Moko She made a couple remarks and just disappeared...
Jubei ......
Mira Well, no point in driving ourselves nuts trying to figure it out. Let’s keep moving!
Ox Cart Moko Sigh... It must be real easy being as carefree as you, Mira.
Mira H-Hey! I worry about things too y’know! Like what’s for dinner this evening, for example!

Sniper Sadaijin[]

Character Dialogue
Sadaijin H-Here they come! Aha! So that’s the famous Ghost Agent, is it!

Just a bit more until they’re in range…


That’s it... Just a little bit closer... Ah!

Dang! Something got in the way. They won’t be so lucky next time...

Enter Sadaijin[]

Character Dialogue
Mira What the--?

Was that...an arrow?

Mira Pfft. As if a piddly arrow’s gonna slow us down...
Ox Cart Moko Ow ow ow ow ow!
Mira Were you hit!?
Jubei Her udders are so big, she couldn’t get out of the way in time...
Ox Cart Moko What did you just say!? Actually, I had my head turned, if you must know! And besides...

It didn’t HIT me: I STOPPED it for you! Come take a look.

Jubei The insignia on this arrow… It belongs to Odairi!
Mira But...what could it all mean?
Sadaijin I’ll tell you what it means!
Jubei That’s Odairi’s No. 1 henchman!
Sadaijin Hey, it’s henchPERSON, numbskull! 21st century!
Mira Person? You might want to start acting more like one, then...
Sadaijin I heard that! Any more from you, and I’ll get angry!
Jubei What do you want?
Sadaijin I’m here to put an end to your evil organization that’s plotting to overthrow my boss!


Character Dialogue
Sadaijin Hmm, that's odd... My arrows smeared in garlic don't seem to be having much effect...
Jubei You know we're not vampires, right?
Sadaijin Whatever, time for me to scram! Smoke screen, boom!
Mira She's run away again. People sure are good at that around here...
Sadaijin Ah, so the evil ghost agent has returned!
Mira Erm, I think you've got us mixed up with someone else...
Sadaijin Stop your blathering! I shall exorcise you with my holy bow and arrow! Take that!
Sadaijin Waaaaah! Ghost agents are mean! See ya later, 'gator!

Exit Sadaijin[]

Character Dialogue
Sadaijin Waaah! That hurt! I’m outta here!
Ox Cart Moko She got away.
Mira Tsk. Showing up out of the blue like that, and then just running off...
Jubei It looks like Odairi’s getting ready to make his move...

Odairi and Sadaijin[]

Character Dialogue
Odairi *Bong Bing Ding Dong*
Mira Not another tannoy announcement!
Odairi This is HQ, HQ speaking. Sadaijin, what are you doing?
Mira So that’s her name...
Sadaijin A-Ah, forgive me Odairi! The ghost agent crew have made it further than I expected...
Odairi Hurry up and sprinkle salt around the place! I don’t even want to see their faces!
Mira Sheesh, he sounds kinda angry...
Odairi Of course I’m angry! Who wouldn't be angry at their wedding day getting ruined by a bunch of pipsqueaks!
Ox Cart Moko Y’know, he’s kinda got a point.
Jubei No faulting that logic.
Odairi You two: you work for Ohina, don’t you? What are you doing with this ghost agent?
Ox Cart Moko Oh...e-er, well y’see....

(Quick, think of something to say!)

Jubei (Why me!? Oh, where are the grown-ups when you need them!?)
Odairi Are you...planning something?
Ox Cart Moko (Gulp!)
Odairi Ohina’s up to her old tricks again, then... Sigh... What am I going to do with her?

*Ding Dong Bing Bong*

Sadaijin Showdown[]

Character Dialogue
Sadaijin So we meet again!

Mark my words: this time, that’s as far as you’ll get!

Jubei Hmm, she seems serious this time.

I can feel her arrows thirsting for our blood...

Ox Cart Moko Well, she IS a minister after all... She’s probably pretty fancy right?
Jubei She’s been doing this a lot longer than you have, that’s for sure!
Sadaijin Time for you to feel my iron fist of wrath!

Befriending Sadaijin[]

Character Dialogue
Sadaijin Y-you beat me...

But if I go back and say I lost again, he’ll get so mad...

He said next time I lose, I’d be on toilet cleaning duty for an hour...

Oh no oh no oh no...

What’ll I do...?


Mira Y’know, if you WANTED, you could come with u—
Sadaijin Yes yes! I’ll go with you!
Jubei That seemed to make her happy!
Ox Cart Moko She’s such a bad actor, it’s actually kind of entertaining.
Sadaijin Oh wow, I’m soooo grateful! To think you’d just come up with that suggestion all by yourself!
Ox Cart Moko Is she for real?
Mira Sadaijin!
Sadaijin Oh, er, that’s me!
Mira My name’s Mira. Pleased to meet you.
Sadaijin L-Likewise.
Mira So anyway, to get you up to speed...
Sadaijin What!? Let me get this straight: you’re saying this whole EX Girls’ Festival event was...
Jubei That’s right. I’m sorry to have to tell you this but... It’s all Ohina’s doing.
Sadaijin Uh oh. In that case, I think we’ve got a problem.
Mira What kind of problem?
Sadaijin We built a torture chamber on the roof in order to get to the bottom of who was responsible. It was my job not to let anyone in there...

Taiju Wanders[]

Character Dialogue
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Hm? That’s odd. Did I get the time mixed up or something?

Hmm... There’s no one at reception either...

Anyone there? Miyabi?

Not much time until the gig is supposed to start...

What’s going on?

Huh? What was that noise?

Meeting Taiju[]

Character Dialogue
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Hey, you! Yeah you!
Jubei Hm...?
Ox Cart Moko Who are you?
Mira What’s the matter?
Sadaijin Are you in trouble or something?
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Pah! Who, me? As if! Hah ha! Heh. Hmm.

(Strange... It’s almost like they don’t recognize me...)

Jubei Wait a second. Aren’t you...
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Ah, there we go! You recognize me now, I see?
Ox Cart Moko You’re that guy from Bayashi-5!
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Aw shucks, guilty as charged.
Ox Cart Moko That’s it you’re Setsuna!
Bayashi-5(Taiju) No, nope, uh-uh. That’s the guitarist.
Ox Cart Moko Oh. Wait, so who are you again?
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Well, since you’re asking... I’m Taiju! I, uh, play the drums... Y’know, at the back.
Sadaijin Ohhh. Yeah, I never really notice the drummer.
Bayashi-5(Taiju) You can’t say that to a drummer! You’re breaking my heart here!

In that case, behold! My drumsticks of judgment!

Dejected Taiju[]

Character Dialogue
Ox Cart Moko Yeah, the sticks are great n’ all, but you really need to work on your charisma.
Mira (Yikes. She can be pretty mean to boys at times, huh?)
Jubei (Yeah, she gets like that sometimes with people she thinks are beneath her.)
Mira (Phew! I sure am glad she didn’t treat us like that, huh master?)
Bayashi-5(Taiju) H-Ha ha... Yeah, good joke... Um.
Mira It looks like he’s still reeling from the shock of not being recognized.
Jubei Aren’t there five members in Bayashi-5? Where are the rest of you?
Bayashi-5(Taiju) The other guys were, uh... Their schedules were full.
Jubei Ah.
Bayashi-5(Taiju) I, uh... I just happened to be free. Only today, mind.
Jubei I see...
Bayashi-5(Taiju) ......
Mira Jeez, that was brutal. Did you see how sad he looked when he left?

Taiju The Unpopular One[]

Sadaijin Hey, it’s the uncharismatic guy!
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Don’t call me uncharismatic!

We can’t all be born oozing charisma and charm, you know!

Jubei Hey, it’s not like it’s my fault I’m this awesome!
Bayashi-5(Taiju) That acid tongue, you butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-you-mouth good looks, your ample bosom and wavy locks, your big chest...
Mira Well at least we know what he pays attention to...
Ox Cart Moko Come on now... You’ve managed to carve a niche out for yourself too, right?
Bayashi-5(Taiju) ...I-I have?
Mira Sure! You’re the one everyone always forgets.
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Huh...?

I was an idiot for getting my hopes up, even for a second!

A Candid Camera...?[]

Character Dialogue
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Hm, I see… This is one of those “Gotcha!” candid camera things, isn’t it!?

There’s a hidden camera somewhere here waiting to show me up... Just like I get shown up when other members get acting jobs, and it’s only me that doesn’t...

Ox Cart Moko He’s started to lose his grip on reality...
Mira The poor thing...
Jubei Look at him searching for hidden cameras... It’s utterly ridiculous!

Further Candid Camera Suspicion...[]

Character Dialogue
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Not another candid camera, surely...?

It’s okay! I don’t mind! Where’s the camera?

Mira I don’t know whether to laugh or cry...

A Camera Fixation[]

Character Dialogue
Bayashi-5(Taiju) You can come out now, it’s okay!

Come on, come out with the “Gotcha!” sign...

Mira Let’s leave him be for a while, Master...

Taiju Gives Up[]

Character Dialogue
Bayashi-5(Taiju) So there really isn’t a hidden camera, after all...?

That’s weird... Got a couple of drops of sweat forming in my eyes...



Owwwww....! Sorry about that!

Sannin Kanjo ......
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Erm...

Uh... I...

Sannin Kanjo ......
Bayashi-5(Taiju) {She doesn’t half scare me, this one...)
Sannin Kanjo ......
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Ah! She’s gone away...
Sannin Kanjo !!


Bayashi-5(Taiju) Waaaah! That woman just cut down a tree one-handed!
Sannin Kanjo Pah!
Bayashi-5(Taiju) She looks really, really, really angry...

We’ve got a scary one on our hands here!

Taiju Panics[]

Character Dialogue
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) Everyone, l-l-listen up!
Jubei Well, haven't you perked up all of a sudden!
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) Never mind that... Just fight me! Quickly!
Ox Cart Moko With pleasure! But...what's got into you all of a sudden?
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) If I fight you, I get to go along with you afterwards, right?
Mira H-Hey, you're not supposed to know how this all works...!
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) Don't say that! There's a devil here, you know! A DEVIL!
Ox Cart Moko What devil's he talking about again?

Congratulations! You reached the 100th floor![]

Character Dialogue
Ohina *Bong Bing Ding Dong*

Congratulations! You reached the 100th floor!

Mira That sounds like Ohina's voice!
Ohina We just released one of the hunters...
Jubei "Hunters...?!"
Ox Cart Moko You know, they're on TV the whole time. Isn't that what they call those demons on that real scary demon program?
Ohina I shall now introduce my hunter!

It's my Brutal Minion!

Sannin Kanjo ......
Ox Cart Moko Huh...?
Jubei Huh...?
Mira What's happening here...?
Ox Cart Moko Oh Mira, things are all getting ab it difficult...
Sadaijin What do you mean, "difficult?!"
Ohina Okay then, my little minion! You're going to be my shining knight and protect me now, right?
Sannin Kanjo (Tick, tick, tick...)

I will! For ever and ever, I will...!

Ohina My minion will be waiting for you on the 150th floor, so watch out!

If she manages to catch you, rest assured it's not going to be a pain-free getaway...

  • Ding Dong Bing Bong*
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) See? I told you there were demons around, didn't I? So I'm gonna stick with you from now on, okay?
Ox Cart Moko How pathetic... Are you a man or aren't you?
Mira Huh!? A whole tree... With one hand...?
Ox Cart Moko Mira... It pains me to say it, but I think he's telling the truth.
Jubei Goodness, what a mess we're in...
Mira M-Master, let's keep our wits about us!

The Hunter Minion[]

Character Dialogue
Sannin Kanjo ......
Mira H-Here she is! Quick, hide!
Sannin Kanjo Huh...?


Jubei Phew, She went away...
Mira What is the deal with her? She's too frightening for words...
Jubei She's Ohina's Minion, a first-class killing machine...
Ox Cart Moko Nobody knows what her background is, but it's rumored that she belonged to the special forces squadron.
Jubei I've heard she put an end to 2000 people single-handedly...
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) Gaaaahh!!!

Ooops, I got such a shock that my nose started leaking...

Ox Cart Moko Using a minion to carry out her tasks... I've got a bad feeling about this.
Jubei (I haven't heard anything about this... Is there some plan that nobody's told me about?)

Gloomy Old Taiju[]

Character Dialogue
Ox Cart Moko Aaah, I feel so nervous... Is the minion here? Well, is she?
Mira I don't know!!!
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) Aa-CHOO!!
Sannin Kanjo ...!
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) Oh, no!!!
Ox Cart Moko Look, just give it a break, will you?
Sadaijin You idiot!
Mira Waaaagh! There she is!

Caught by the Hunter, Part 1[]

Character Dialogue
Sannin Kanjo W-Wait!
Jubei Uh-oh! We've been found!
Sadaijin Run, quickly! Eek! Eek!
Bayashi-5(Taiju) You having fun there, Sadaijin!

Jubei Turns Detective...[]

Seen in 111F.

Character Dialogue
Mira (Pant) Well, it looks like we sorted that one out okay...
Ox Cart Moko Yes, she's gone.
Jubei Listen, I think I've realized something...
Mira Have you figured out what Ohina's trying to do?

You know how earlier I said that she was trying to test Odairi? Well, I don't think it's Odairi that's being tested...

I think she might be trying to test us!

Ox Cart Moko Really...? But why would she do a thing like that?
Jubei If you think about it, Ohina and Odairi have been fighting with one another since they were kids!
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Is that so?
Ox Cart Moko It all started off with a fight over who could lay claim to the sandpit at nursery school...
Mira Aww, that's kinda cute.
Jubei But there's one big difference between this and the rest of their quarrels up to now.
Mira Really?

Yup! And that is...

It's you two, <Player's name> and Mira!

Mira Hm...? What have I done?
Ox Cart Moko

Of course...! This is the first time a ghost agent has ever got involved in their fights!

I mean, let's face it, mediating quarrels between children is hardly the Ghost Guild's top priority.

Mira W-Well, if you put it like that... I guess...
Dora: (from right)

Good work, Sherlock! This was all an elaborate training event put together by the Ghost Guild!

Like the games they play on the Girls' Festival day, but...for real!

Mira Dora! Turning up out of the blue again, I see...
Dora: Well, let's talk as we walk, shall we?

Caught by the Hunter, Part II[]

Character Dialogue
Sadaijin Ooof, that was close!
Bayashi-5(Taiju) (Pant, pant) I don’t know if I’m gonna survive all this...

Truth of the Matter[]

Character Dialogue
Mira So this was all a “reality experience” event put together by the Guild, Odairi and Ohina?
Dora You know what it’s like these days; “reality show” this, “reality pop star” that...

Think of it as an experiment to test how skilled you are with your daemons.

Bayashi-5(Taiju) It’s all a big pain, if you ask me...
Ox Cart Moko Looks like you got caught up in something that didn’t concern you, Taiju.
Dora Anyway, so now you know what’s going on, how about you just try and enjoy yourselves, huh?

I gotta say, though... Your professor drives people pretty hard, huh?

Mira You really think so...?
Jubei How could she do this to me?
Ox Cart Moko Oh, Jubei...
Jubei I thought I was Ohina’s close friend...

To think that she’d test me out on the sly like this...

Especially considering how hard I’ve worked preparing for today’s ceremony...

Mira Oh, Jubei...
Ox Cart Moko And to think, you were in charge of the whole wedding ceremony too, right...?
Jubei I’m sick and tired of all Ohina’s fooling around!

Well I won’t stand for it anymore!

I’m going to give her a piece of my mind!

The Ring Leaders[]

Character Dialogue
Ohina So, we got found out...
Odairi Well, so far, it’s all going to plan. Speaking of which, they’ll never guess what else we’ve got up our sleeve...
Ohina Yeah! It looks like that’ll become the main event, after all!
Odairi (I can’t say I’m too thrilled about that, though...)
Ohina Hm...? Did you say something?
Odairi No, no, nothing at all...

Prettiest Minion[]

Character Dialogue
Mira Quietly does it... I think the Hunter’s nearby...
Sannin Kanjo ......
Bayashi-5(Taiju) ...It’s true...
Ox Cart Moko What’s true? What are you going on about?
Bayashi-5(Taiju) That minion...

She’s kinda...cute...

Sadaijin Hm...?

Uh-oh! I said that a bit too loud, didn’t I...?

Bayashi-5(Taiju) She’s scary at first glance but...I think she’s cute when she smiles.
Sadaijin ...I-Is that so...?

Well... Whatever floats your boat, I guess...

Bayashi-5(Taiju) I wonder if there’s some way of getting closer to her...
Sadaijin ......
Ox Cart Moko (Sadaijin seems in an odd mood...)

Taiju The Brave[]

Character Dialogue
Bayashi-5(Taiju) If she was on my side, I’d be as strong as a hundred men... I’m going to give it a try!
Ox Cart Moko You’re gonna put your life on the line all in the name of getting a bit of popularity?
Bayashi-5(Taiju) That’s now what this is!
Sadaijin ...I’m coming with you.
Mira Hm? You too, Sadaijin? I think you’d be better of staying here and watching Taiju dying from a distance, myself...
Ox Cart Moko Shhh, Mira! Just keep quiet for a minute will you...?
Sannin Kanjo ......
Jubei She’s here! The minion’s here!
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Right... Here I go!
Sadaijin ......
Ox Cart Moko You will be careful though, right?
Bayashi-5(Taiju) It’s okay... Worst comes to worst, I’ll make a good decoy for you guys! Leave this all to me...

You can just hide behind me, Sadaijin!

Ox Cart Moko ...Okay.
Mira They’ve really gone... I can’t believe it...
Ox Cart Moko Me neither... I didn’t know that was the sort of thing Sadaijin was into...
Mira Hm? What does you [it] mean? What “sort of thing” is she into?
Ox Cart Moko You’ll understand when you’re older.

Right, <Player’s name>?

Mira Hey, that’s not fair! Master, do you really understand what she’s talking about? Tell me later, okay!
Jubei Hey! Look! That pair are really striking up a conversation with the minion...
Sannin Kanjo ......
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Hello there... Say, could we speak to you for a moment?

Do you mind my asking about that mask of yours?

Sannin Kanjo ......
Bayashi-5(Taiju) ......
Sannin Kanjo ...!
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Eeeek!
Jubei Ah, they blew it...
Ox Cart Moko And look, he’s coming back over here, the idiot... All that rubbish about acting as a decoy for us...
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Gaaaahhhh! Heeeellllpppp!!!!
Sadaijin Waaaahh!

The Minion Falls for Taiju[]

Character Dialogue
Sannin Kanjo !!!


Mira Hm...? The minion is approaching Taiju... But her expression looks kind of... I don’t know...
Sannin Kanjo Swoon...
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Huh...?!
Sadaijin Huh?
Jubei This surely can’t be...
Mira Woah! Talk about your deus ex machina!
Ox Cart Moko How old are you again? You must be getting on a bit if you can come out with fancy words like that...
Jubei Hey, you! Mister Unpopular pop Idol! What on earth did you do to her?
Bayashi-5(Taiju) I’m not unpopular, and I’m not a pop idol either! I’m a singer, a proper singer!

...And I didn’t do anything to her! I just...

Jubei Just...?
Bayashi-5(Taiju) I just asked her about her mask...
Sannin Kanjo ......
Ox Cart Moko Ah, she’s blushing...
Jubei She looks surprisingly pretty when she’s embarrassed...
Sannin Kanjo I’ll KILL you if you make fun of me!
Jubei F-Forget what I just said!
Bayashi-5(Taiju) P-Please, just don’t be angry...
Sannin Kanjo ......
Mira Oh, she’s stopped...
Sadaijin I don’t believe it...
Ox Cart Moko (Things are about to get sticky...)

The Faithful Minion[]

Character Dialogue
Bayashi-5(Taiju) Listen, there’s to be no more indiscriminate violence around here, okay?
Sannin Kanjo ...Okay.
Mira Wow, she really listens to what you say...
Mira I can’t believe the minion would actually agree to become one of your daemons,


Sadaijin I must be dreaming. I must be dreaming... I MUST be!
Jubei I think Sadaijin's beginning to crack up.

The Masterminds[]

Character Dialogue
Ohina To think that my minion would be takenfrom me as well...
Odairi That agent's pretty impressive.Well, I guess it's time I was off...
Ohina You're going?
Odairi It's time to make the final preparations.

Odairi Enters[]

Character Dialogue
Odairi Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!
Mira It was you all along...!
Odairi That's right! I am the Odairi everyone is talking about!

I'm pleased to know my reputation travels before me.

Me and Ohina, we're a pair... We've even got our own special couple name to prove it... Just call us Dairibina!

Sadaijin Odairi... Why did you keep all that stuff today a secret from us...?
Odairi Oh, Sadaijin, I'm sorry... But it all turned out for the best, didn't it? It looks like you found yourself a nice certain someone...
Sadaijin !?
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) You did? Who?

Ow! OI!? What did you hit me for?

Ox Cart Moko Be quiet!
Mira Erm, Odairi... We're um... We've come from the Ghost Guild...


Character Dialogue
Odairi How's it going? Are you collecting up those hishimochi?
Odairi Collect lots of them, and something really good might happen!
Odairi Well, how about a little test of your abilities...?

The Truth Will Out Itself...[]

Character Dialogue
Odairi I must say, you're not bad at all.
Ox Cart Moko We have come this far, after all!
Jubei That's right.
Odairi What do you think, Ohina? Have they passed the test?
Ohina *Bong Bing Ding Dong*
Ohina Here I am!
Sadaijin So he is connected with Ohina, after all...
Jubei Ohina...
Ohina Thanks for joining in my fun today everyone!
Ohina In fact, as a gift to return the favor, I've set aside a little something for you on Floor 200! Hurry up and come see what it is!
Ox Cart Moko A present...?
Jubei On the 200th floor...?
Odairi That's right! You've come all this way, after all.
Odairi Well, come up at your leisure! See you soon!
Ohina We're looking forward to it!
Ohina *Ding Dong Bing Bong*
Jubei My goodness, she does just exactly as she likes...
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) Well, we're here now, so we might as well keep going forward!
Sannin Kanjo ...Yes.
Mira Well, then let's stir our spirits, shall we?
Mira Master, let's aim for the 200th floor!


Character Dialogue
Odairi Well color me surprised! You're really improving, aren't you?
Odairi Now I understand why the Guild have been making such a fuss.
Mira What's that supposed to mean?
Odairi Heh heh, all in good time...
Odairi When Ohina told me her plan, I really didn't expect anybody to make it this far.
Odairi But I guess you proved me wrong, huh?
Odairi It was worth traveling over from another world for!
Odairi I guess it's about time I started making an effort...
Mira My master is a super talented agent, I'll have you know! I wouldn't go underestimating what we can do, if I were you!

Up to the 200th Floor[]

Character Dialogue
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) Oh, I'm itching to get up there...
Sannin Kanjo ...Me too.
Sadaijin (I definitely mustn't let myself be defeated by that minion...)
Ox Cart Moko Sadaijin, your aims in all this have changed quite a bit from before, huh?
Jubei What will be given when we reach the 200th Floor, I wonder?
Mira It's been a really long way... But it isn't half fun, colleting up all these daemons and having all kinds of adventures...
Mira This is the last door! I'm so curious to know what's waiting for us behind it...
Ox Cart Moko Hmmm... I've got a feeling we'd be better off not knowing.
Ox Cart Moko And you, Jubei? You really don't have any idea?
Jubei I'm ashamed to admit that I don't...
Ox Cart Moko You and Ohina are always together, so it must have been a real challenge for her to keep it a secret all the time.
Jubei What could have been worth keeping a secret all that time, I wonder?

The Masterminds' Final Moment[]

Character Dialogue
Ohina Are we nearly there, do you think?
Odairi Ah! I can hear their voices. Is everything ready?
Ohina Yup, absolutely! Will Jubei be pleased, do you think?
Ohina Happy with her... BIRTHDAY PARTY!?

The 200th Floor![]

Character Dialogue
Odairi Weldome to you all!
Ohina Come on in!
Mira Hmm...? This is...kind of different to what I was imagining...!
Ox Cart Moko I heard "torture chamber," and was expecting something a little more gruesome...
Jubei Ohina!
Jubei I simply cannot forgive you for today!
Jubei I've been working my guts out for you, you know, all this time...
Jubei Trying to make sure that this one off day was the happiest of your life!
Jubei And yet still you... you...
Jubei You used me!
Ohina Jubei...!
Odairi Don't, Ohina... First of all, let's thank these people for coming all this way.
Jubei I'm angry today!
Odairi How long can you keep it up for, though? Right! This will be our final battle!
Odairi Just to warn you: I'm going to give this one everything!

The End[]

Character Dialogue


Oh... You lot aren't half strong, are you...?
Odairi Well, Ohina? Are you ready?
Ohina Yes! Thanks, darling!
Ohina I'm really sorry, Jubei...
Jubei Hm? Wh-What are you doing?
Ohina *Ding Dong Bing Bong*
Ohina Everybody, I have an announcement to make!
Ohina Well, I never... Today is somebody here's birthday!
Jubei ...!?
Sadaijin Huh? Who...?
Mira Don't look at me! It's not mine!
Jubei ......
Ox Cart Moko Could it be...?
Jubei I-It's my birthday. W-Wow...
Ohina That's right! It's Jubei's birthday!
Jubei Ohina...!
Ohina Please call me Hinny, like you did back in the old days...
Jubei ...
Jubei But H-Hinny... Why would you do something like this...?
Ohina I just really wanted to celebrate your birthday with you, Jubei!
Jubei But it's your wedding day...
Odairi She wanted to make it a surprise. I don't know where she got the idea from...
Jubei You mean you did this all for me...?
Odairi After wondering how to go about it for a while, we asked the Ghost Guild for help. We figured they'd be good at that kind of thing.
Mira The Ghost Guild...?
Ox Cart Moko Is there ANYTHING you guys can't do?
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) I still can't see how this all fits together...
Ox Cart Moko In other words, everything you told us was a total lie, and you just made us run around doing exactly as you wanted?
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) Yeah, I really don't get it...
Odairi Of course, I just wanted to have a proper wedding ceremony...
Ohina But for me, celebrating Jubei's birthday was just as important as getting married!
Jubei Huh...?
Jubei Oh, Hinny... Thank you so much!
Jubei I misunderstood it all... It was so mean to you!
Ohina Hey, come on! It's all okay!
Ohina How about we all celebrate together?
Jubei Oh, Hinny... Baaaaaawwwghhhh!!!
Ox Cart Moko She's still not smoothest of operators... But her heart's in the right place!
Sannin Kanjo That sounds like my Ohina...
Ox Cart Moko Hm..? It looks like the minion's left Taiju...
Sadaijin Honestly, boyo, you cause people too many problems... Isn't that right, Taiju?
Bayashi-5 (Taiju) If only everybody would just have a good old celebration... Speaking of which, have you guys got plans for later?
Sadaijin Huh...?!
Mira Master! Wasn't that surprise just great!
Mira Just look around! Everybody's smiling...
Ohina Is everyone good to go? You've all got your glasses at the ready?
Ohina Then here we go... One, two, three...

Girls Festival Epilogue[]

Character Dialogue
Mira You know what, though, that was still quite hard work...
Mira Dora, did you know what was going on all along?
Dora Well... You know me! I don't get involved in anything if I'm not going to make a penny out of it...
Dora By the way, Mira... Do you know what the origins of the Japanese Girls' Festival are?
Mira Yes! It's all part of my job description knowing that kind of stuff...
Mira All kinds of trouble and impurities are seated up inside of dolls, which we use to pray for good luck for the coming year!
Dora Right! So how was it for you, this year?
Mira How was it...? I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean...
Dora That Guild of yours sure is clever...
Dora Giving all the dolls a part to play, then having them summon up good luck like that.
Mira Oh, I see what you mean... Well, that's certainly one way of looking at it!
Dora I wonder what exactly they're aiming for... I'll have to find out, and see if I can get a cut of it somehow...
Dora Anyway, I'm off! See ya!
Mira I guess that we were also given our "parts to play," weren't we...?
Mira What kind of parts were they though? That's what I'd like to know...
Mira Well, never mind!
Mira You can be sure that I'll accompany you until our roles are well and truly complete!
Mira We're in this together! Right, Master?

Haniwa the Drifter[]

Character Dialogue
Haniwa: Arrrgh! Look, there's something REAL weird over there!
Mira: I just got called weird by someone weird...
Haniwa: Today's the Japanese Girls' Festival, you know! What kind of doll are you then?
Mira: I'm not a doll, I'm a...Mira.
Haniwa: Oh.
Mira: That's not quite the reaction I was hoping for!


Master, now's the perfect chance! Let's give her a hishimochi and make her our daemon!
Haniwa: Oh! A hishimochi! Well alright then, I s'pose I better become your daemon...

Drifting D-List Celeb[]

Character Dialogue
Suberinko ......
Mira Erm... There's a bit of a funny-looking individual over there...
Mira Let's hurry ahead, Master...!
Suberinko Wait, wait, wait!
Suberinko You're supposed to laugh. Didn't you see that super-funny face I was pulling back there?
Mira Sorry... I just thought you were someone...better off avoided.
Suberinko DID YOU NOW! How absolutely rude! Don't you know I'm a super-famous television star? I'm the funniest person you'll ever meet, I almost promise...
Mira Master... This monologue could get tiring pretty quickly. Why not hand over a hishimochi and try to strike a bargain?
Suberinko Is this for ME!? Thank you! Tell you what! In return, I'll tell you 100 jokes...for free!
Mira Er, that's okay, thanks...
Suberinko No, no, I simply can't let you go until you've heard them.

Wandering Karakuru Doll[]

Character Dialogue
Omatsu: Here you are! Tea's up!
Mira: Oh! Are you a tea-bringing doll, by any chance...?
Omatsu: Here you are! Tea's up! Drink it!
Mira: ARRGHH! That's...burning...hot...!
Mira: Wh-What are you doing, making tea with super-boiling water like that!
Omatsu: Tea cup! You dropped it! I pick it up!
Mira: Her customer service leaves a little to be desired...
Mira: I pity the child who played with her as a child!
Mira: Master! Let's give her a hishimochi and make her our daemon!
Omatsu: A snack! For tea! Thank you!
Omatsu: My master likes Hishimochi! My master pleased!
Mira: Do you think that her master could be Odairi?

Stray Sugawara no Michizane[]

Character Dialogue
Sugawa no Michizane: No longer can I trust humans...
Sugawa no Michizane: The only ones capable of wasting my aching heart clean are dolls as pure as snow
Sugawa no Michizane: I heard that as soon as you buy one doll, you can't stop collecting them. And it was true!
Sugawa no Michizane: I just want more, and more
Sugawa no Michizane: Hey, you over there! Do you know of any good dolls, by any chance...?
Sugawa no Michizane: Odairi and Ohina, eh... They're definitely easy on the eye. Still, I'd better go and join the Queue for that new doll that's coming out tomorrow.
Mira: Master! Let's give him a hishimochi! You never know, he might consent to become our daemoN!
Sugawa no Michizane: Ohh, a hishimochi! I know Odairi and Ohina just love these.
Sugawa no Michizane: With this in my possession, you never know what might happen. Very well, I'll go along with you!
Mira: Nice one, Master!

Udaijin the Stray[]

Character Dialogue
Sadaijin Hm...? Are you on a fact-finding mission as well, Udaijin?
Udaijin That's right! Odairi told me to go...
Udaijin But what are you trying to find out?
Sadaijin Oh, just the same as Mira and the others.
Mira Hi, I'm Mira!
Udaijin S-Sis! What do you think you're doing!
Mira Um, Udaijin... If I gave you this Hishimochi, would you come along with us?
Ox Cart Moko Are you bribing her!?
Udaijin Oh well, I guess I might as well. I'd got kind of bored with fact-finding, anyway.
Ox Cart Moko And it worked as well! Those sisters sure are funny.
Ox Cart Moko <Player's Name>? What do you mean, "Look who's talking?"

Drifting Bisque Doll[]

Character Dialogue
Bisque Doll: This wasn't meant for me at all...!
Mira: What's wrong?
Bisque Doll: I knew this was a bad idea
Bisque Doll: Gaaaahhh!
Bisque Doll: You made my heart skip a beat!
Bisque Doll: Don't surprise me like that!
Bisque Doll: I stick out like a sore thumb!
Bisque Doll: I heard there was some kind of doll festival on so I came to see what the fuss was about, but it's super traditional Japanese style...
Mira: That's not true! There's all kinds of weird daemons around here...
Bisque Doll: See, you said "weird"... I knew I was out of place here!
Mira: M-Master! Why not give her a hishimochi to cheer her up?
Bisque Doll: What's this? A hishimochi? Mmm....That's really good...
Bisque Doll: Mmm... It's so fluffy and light!
Bisque Doll: Well, I may feel out of place... ...but at least I'm not out of appetite
Mira: Erm... Ha...? Ha, ha!

Meandering Kakinomoto no Hitomaro[]

Character Dialogue
Kakinomoto no Hitomaro We can only be liberated from our futile thoughts and meaningless worries when we invest them in beautiful dolls...
Kakinomoto no Hitomaro And yet, how fleeting our encounters with the dolls are...
Mira Excues me. I was wondering if you could tell me the way to...AAAGHH!!!
Mira It's K-Kakinomoto no Hitomaro, isn't it!?
Kakinomoto no Hitomaro You are right. That is me.
Mira I'm the biggest fan of the Man'yoshu you know!
Ox Cart Moko Wow, Mira sure has an unexpected taste in literature!
Kakinomoto no Hitomaro Most obliged, Lady Mira...
Mira M-Master! Let's give him a hishimochi to request his cooperation!
Kakinomoto no Hitomaro I appreciate it.
Kakinomoto no Hitomaro May these feelings stay in my heart as a song. For they are too fragile to put into words
Mira Wow! It sounds lovely when you put it like that.

Ranking Rewards[]

Character Dialogue
Ohina *Bong Bing Ding Dong*
Ohina As we speak, the automatic Ranking Machine that I made especiallly is processing the results of all those people who are trying their luck with this event...
Ohina Whoever comes out in top place will get a special present from me!
Mira Goodness, you're really well prepared...
Ohina Now then, Present No.1... It's time to say hello!
Ono no Komachi Hi, everyone! My name's Ono no Komachi...
Mira (Character) Wow Master, what a gorgeous voice... It's just like a soothing spring breeze...
Ono no Komachi I'm here as a favor to my friend Ohina. I really hope that you all enjoy yourselves!
Ohina Oh yeah, and we'll throw in Kin Byobu as a free gift too.
Kin Byobu Ohina, am I not worth as little more than that...?
Ohina Oh, quiet! You can't measure that stuff anyway...
Ohina And I'll also be giving away this person here, who I picked up on my way...
Catherine Oh hi, there... Um, it seems like there might be some kind of misunderstanding...
Kin Byobu What's your name? And what are you doing in these parts today?
Catherine Erm, I'm Catherine...
Catherine Some friends told me that there was a cosplay event happening, so I thought I'd go along
Catherine But then they all pulled out at the last minute, so I ended up coming by myself...
Kin Byobu Oh, what a shame!
Ohina Hopefully you'll make some friends who actually care about you soon!
Ox Cart Moko (A bit far, perhaps?)
Catherine ...Me too.
Ox Cart Moko (Oh, just look how glum she looks now...)
Ohina Right, I'll be seeing ya!
Ohina *Ding Dong Bing Bong*
Mira (Character) Well that sure wasn't pretty to watch. Let's keep moving.

Special Ability Daemons[]


Character Dialogue
Dora: Greetings. Have you been collecting hishimochi?
Dora: I see... Well, how about I exchange them for one of these?
Dora: Thanks! See you again sometime!

Mira's Floor Dialogues[]

Floor Range Mira's Expression Dialogue
1-5F Mira I could have sworn Girls' Festivals were supposed to be a little cozier than this...
6-10F Mira Keep up the good work and collect more hishimochi! And what about those tannoy announcements? They really thought of everything, huh!
11-15F Mira Well, this is certainly an interesting character. Looks like we're in for an exciting time!
16-20F Mira Do you ever want someone to step on you, Master? If you ever feel like it, just let me know, okay?
21-25F Mira Say, Moko's pretty normal when you actually speak to her. What a releief!
Stair Case Found Mira Look, Master! It's a staircase! Let's head to the next floor!
Endless Loop Mira I wonder what's on the next fl-... Huh? Have we gone back to where we just were...?
201 F reached Mira 201F has appeared! You can explore it as many tiems as you like! Look for wandering ghosts and hishimochi!
Guaradian Ghost Master! I am sensing aa powerful ghostly presence. Be careful!
Wandering Ghost Master? I am sensing a ghostly presence. Be careful!
Win against Ghost
Lose against Ghost