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440px-Nero Glyptothek Munich 321

Marble head of Emperor Nero at Gipsoteca of Monaco of Bavaria.

Nero was a Roman Emperor from 54 to 68, and the last Julio-Claudian dynasty. Nero was adopted by his great uncle Claudius to become his heir and successor, and succeeded to the throne in 54 following Claudius' death. Nero was most famous for his dramatic flair. He murdered the young Brittanicus and later his own mother, who orchestrated his rise to power. When the soldiers arrived she reportedly ask them to stab her stomach, which birthed such a tyrant. During his reign, Nero tortured Christians in the Colloseum, while pursuing his acting career (acting, to Romans, as seedy as prostitution). He famously sang a mournful ballad as Rome burned (which is just a myth).  The Senate of Rome finally got fed up and declared him the enemy of the state.  He abdicated from Rome and later killed himself.