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Here are some collective tips for the various events done: (will finish later...)

Calculating Event Starting Dates[]

After the preannouncement, events usually start the next Wednesday/thursday 3/4P.M.(GMT +8) This excludes the Shrine of Seven days event which has a timer indicating when it will happen.

Soul Gem Events[]

Ways to collect soul gems[]

  • Collect soul gems by investigating.
    • However, the difficulty of finding a soul gem with this method increases with the number of soul gem sets you complete, especially after you finish set #51 or #52.
    • Comments from veteran players hinted that gem #6 will be very difficult to find. This is because when you collect the 5th gem, you are immediately put into the battle list. Hence, it is recommenable that you stock up a good deal of HP so you can collect the final gem as soon as possible.
  • Collect soul gems by successfully battling players.
    • This is usually how players collect soul gem #6.
  • Collect soul gems by successfully countering players.
    • Note: You cannot collect soul gem #6 by countering players.

Ways to lose soul gems[]

  • Losing a battle to another player
    • So if you have 5 soul gems, and you tried to get soul gem #6 but lost the battle, you will only have 4 soul gems afterwards.
  • Unsuccessful counters


  • Completion of soul gem sets
    • As you can see from the event pages, you will receive rewards depending on the number of soul gem sets (6 soul gems per set) that you have completed.
    • For unspecified rewards, those are random
    • Valkyrie was the reward you would get at 150 sets in "Return of the Battle Goddess". There were also rewards at 10 sets, 25 sets, 50 sets, and 75 set.
    • In "Sleepwalker's Flight", Doppelgänger was the reward you would get at 100 sets. There were also rewards at 10 sets, 40 sets, and 70 sets.
    • Note that the sets completed are cumulative; once you complete 10 sets and get that reward, you only have to complete another 30 sets to get the 40 set reward. You do not need to complete 10 sets and then another another 40 sets to get both rewards.
    • Also note that rewards are automatically sent to your inbox. You do not trade your sets in for prizes like you would do in an En Garde event. The way you acquire the rewards is similar to Tower and Conquest events.
  • Ranking rewards
    • Yes, they also rank players by the amount of sets they complete. As of "Sleepwalker's Flight", the only ranking rewards are for first half and total, unlike tower and conquest events that also have second half rankings.

Stat Allocation[]

This is the part where many players have given different tips. However, there are three main ways to allocate your stats.

  • Immense amount of health, and sufficient AS and DS for best daemon deck.
    • So you will be relying on being able to find gems 1-5 via exploration, and then you will have to hope that you do not lose your battle for gem #6.
  • Enough AS for 2x your best attack deck. Rest to health, and sufficient DS.
    • This allows you to go for gem #5 and gem #6 at once.
    • You have to be confident in your attack deck.
  • 1:1:1

New information:[]

Your name will appear on the top page of Soul Gem Battle as soon as you receive soul gem #5. This will be a brutal roll.

You will also be placed on the top of the battle list as soon as you level up, just like you would on the main and sealstone battle lists.

Obviously, the best way to minimize losing gems from being attacked by another player is with the use of charms. But due to the chance of losing gems, spamming charms isn't the best idea.

NOTE: As of "Mysteries Revealed", charms cannot be placed on soul gems.

En Garde Events (PvP)[]

En Garde event is one of four types of solo event available in AGG, and it focuses on battling other Agents. If victorious, along with the usual prize (sealstones and/or silvers), you earn an exclusive event currency called Victory Point (vp). The amount of vp earned is directly proportional to number of consecutive victories (capping at 5) and your total attack. Once enough vps have been accrued, Daemons exclusive to the corresponding events can be exchanged for them. However, unlike Conquest and Tower events, exchanges take place in Barter Store (Dora's Swap Shop).

Tagging is a process of attacking back and forth between two or more players with least amount of spirits used. The idea behind it is to maximize the amount of points earned while minimizing the amount of time spent recharging AS. This is done by having two or more players customizing their Attack/Defense team to suit them.

The below is an example of Attack Team/Defense Team used in tagging. With the introduction of 30 AS limit, there are really only two viable teams:

Wind Weasel Strategy - Attack/Defense Team
Attack Team Defense Team
Attack Team - Wind Weasel

Make sure you max out their skills! 2-2-1 all the way!

Defense Team - Wind Weasel

Notice how Total DEF is less than 9000 and lead is Anima.

Team 1: Will do for Everyone (58~75 vps per battle)

Attack Team: Max Wind Weasel (Leader) + 4x Max Wind Weasel

  • Attack Total: 1800 + 4*1800 = 9000
  • Full Attack Cost: 30

Defense Team: Any Anima lead with cumulative defense adding to less than 9000

Kotetsu Strategy - Attack/Defense Team
Attack Team Defense Team
Attack Team - Kotetsu

Dem red Kiri stones are so hard to get T^T

Defense Team - Kotetsu

Notice how Total DEF is less than 10200, and lead is Divina.

Team 2: Best Possible Team - For Hardcore Farmers (64~81 vps per battle [Not tested])

Attack Team: Max Kotetsu (Leader) + 4x Max Kotetsu

  • Attack Total: 2040 + 4*2040 = 10200
  • Full Attack Cost: 30

Defense Team: Any Divina lead with cumulative defense adding to less than 10200

As mentioned earlier, the idea of tagging is to maximize the ratio of vp/Time. And since vp is related to Total Attack, it makes sense to use Daemon who has a high attack with skills that raises it further. However, the amount of vp gained is not directly proportional to how high the attack is – trials showed that using Daemons with higher attack/spirit cost had lower vp efficiency (E.g. Using full team of Maxed Dark Elf [35500 Atk/110 Spirit Cost] had worse vp/time ratio than using full team of Max Wind Weasel [9000 Atk/30 Spirit Cost], despite Dark Elf Team having higher efficiency [322.7 Atk/Spirit Cost vs 300 Atk/Spirit Cost]). As such, the optimal Attack Daemon would possess highest possible Attack, with lowest possible Spirit Cost.

As such, for Attack Team, choosing Daemons depended on the following: Ease of obtaining, Skills, Base Stats and Spirit Cost. There are only 6 Daemons who has Spirit Cost of 6: Kotetsu, Ameno Uzume, Barbetta (Original), Pipe Fox, Snow Sprite and Wind Weasel. Amongst these, only three of them have abilities which increase their type's attack: Kotetsu, Ameno Uzume and Wind Weasel. Kotetsu has the highest attack, while Wind Weasel is easiest to obtain (available through farming 2-2-1, or any earlier chapters with Wind Weasel), so those two were chosen. It should be noted that Kotetsu’s Skill, Fiery Spirit, is shared with Kiri, a sealstone Daemon. As such, if you’re having difficulty raising Kotetsu’s skill, you should hunt for Kiri’s magatama and use it on Kotetsu.

In comparison, the composition of Defense team is extremely flexible, since there are myriads of combinations of obtaining less than 9000 Defense. The only notable thing about Defense Team is making sure that Leader is set to either Anima or Divina lead respectively, to have Leader Advantage.


  • Try spamming the BLUE "Battle" button when you have lots of Spirits. This will sometimes make you attack multiple times, which means you'll spend less time lowering your spirits. The only downside is to this is that your partners will have to attack you multiple times in order for you to hit them back, but this shouldn't be a problem if you have a lot of AS to recover.
  • Since the amount of vp earned is proportional to the number of consecutive victories (capping at 5) and your Total Attack, you can maximize your points by paying attention to these three things: Leader Advantage, Skill Level and Skill Activations. Since the third point is up to luck, you only need to worry about first and second. Always try to have Leader Advantage when attacking your partner(s) and try to raise your attacking Daemon's skill to Level 20. More info on raising skill level here: http://ayakashi-ghost-guild.wikia.com/wiki/Skill_leveling_Tips
  • Theoretically, having one partner is as good as having many, but there may be cases where your partner's schedule might not perfectly match with yours. Ergo, try to get as many partners as possible and use a round robin system to attack. This will help you avoid waiting on your partner (and wasting AS in the process) while making sure people in the group attacks you back as well
  • Not everyone running a low level lead at this time is a tagger. Pre-plan your tagging partners and stop assuming everyone is running a VP Charity



1. How can I have both Wind Weasel and Anima leader as Leader at the same time? I am confused!

A: You are only supposed to set Wind Weasel as your Leader when you attack. When you are not attacking (waiting for your partner to attack/recharging your AS), switch to your Anima Leader.

2. How do I keep attacking my partner? I can't attack him/her after my first attack!

A: In AGG, you cannot attack the same person more than once until s/he retaliates (unless you use that tip I mentioned above). So wait until your partner attacks, then you can get back at em :]

If you have any questions regarding this guide, feel free to message me on my wall and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Hopefully this was informative to those of you who read it, and best of luck in the En Garde Event!


Conquest Events[]

Conquest Events involve battling a "raging" beast. These probably aren't tips, as much as they are just facts.

  1. First off, obviously, when investigating to find the beast, depending on which event, it should be relatively easy to find the beast. The idea is fusing your daemons so that you can beat the beast. So, a suggestion, or an obvious idea, is that once you've found the beast, you can still investigate (within the time limit), so that you can farm for magas and silver to fuse your daemons, without encountering another beast.
  2. Second, going off of above, fusing your daemons is helpful. The skill boosts are unknown on how much they help against beast (aside from having greater attacks), but in general, farming for magas in the first few chapters gives you a good basis for bulk fusing.
  3. When fighting the beast, it takes your 10 strongest daemons based on their total status (attack + defense) and amount of spirit you have.
  4. Attacking the beast requires attack spirit and defense spirit. The ratio used is based on the ratio of your max attack and max defense spirit. Since your defense spirit recovers at a quicker rate than your attack spirit, some people may think it is better to increase attack spirit, while it is actually the other way around. This also explains why some players have 300+ defense spirit.
  5. The total amount of spirit used is half of total spirit requirements of deamons taking part in the conquest battle. The amount of attack and defense spirit used will depend on the ratio of your max attack and defense spirits, BUT the conquest battle will NOT use more than half of your current spirit.
  6. The most important thing about conquest event is timing. At the beginning it is important to time the spirit recovery to use minimum daemons which would require to beat the beast. During higher levels, it is important to time it so that you use exactly 4, 7 or 10 daemons to maximize the damage dealt during each turn.
  7. It is highly recommended to dispose of all daemons that require 3 spirits like Kaede and Chak. Due to low spirit requirement, they may easily join your conquest team as 5th or 8th daemons if you spirit recovers by additional 1 point, jeopardizing your attack team.

TCGAPP's Forum's Guide on Conquest Events: http://www.tcgapp.com/viewtopic.php?f=119&t=1506 Credits to Atea

Additional tips:

If you used your level up as a substitute for spirit water:

1. Skip the battle animations by clicking home

2. Use your spirits fast by battling the beast again and again

3. Or you could change your defense team to your leader + 4 kaedes/chak/other low cost deamons.

This is because if you use your level up, you will appear in the battle list. Opportunistic players will assume that since you are battling the beast, you will have close to non-existent defense teams, thus will attack you for silver or seal stones.

If you were attacked and unsuccessfully counter, your defense spirit will be reduced. This will mess up your entire plan in battling the beast, esp. the higher level beasts and might cause you to use an additional spirit water. 

Even if you have a very good leader, it means nothing if your defense spirit is depleted, which is why players, most especially those playing free, will be stealing sealstones during conquest. 

It is also recommended to attack using 2 deamons, team of 4 deamons, team of 7daemons or full team depending on how many attacks you can take from the boss. 

The leader only method is efficient ONLY when your team of 7 can’t stand 2 hits from the boss (your first four cards attack, boss hits you, then next four cards attack, boss hits you, top 4 cards attack again) if your top 4 cards cannot attack again, then there’s no point waiting for 7 since most likely the bottom 3 aren’t as strong as your top 4 cards. 

Likewise, if your top 4 cards can’t stand a single hit from the boss, then there’a no point in waiting for 4 cards since most likely they aren’t as strong attack wise compared to your leader card. 

It might however be good to wait for two cards assuming they both have high attacks and the total of their costs is a whole number, rather than waiting for your leader card and have his cost rounded up. 

The leader method strategy assumes that you are not relying on crits, just overpowering the boss with normal attacks since sometimes your leader is so lazy and rarely crits.

You could estimate whether you can beat the beast within the alloted time assuming no crits. Ex. 20k hp left. 40min left. Lu bu usually deal more than 4k damage so you need to deploy him 5 times to beat the beast. If you have 1:2 ratio, you could summon lu bu when you have 12as, 24ds. Therefore, in this case, you will win. If you feel that you will lose, it might feel better to just use sw rather than praying for anyone to crit and saves you the demoralizing feeling of when you have to use sw to beat the boss because it still has 1000 hp left with 5min to go.  this assumes that you are going for ranks because if not, it might be better to let go and try again.

Tower Climbing Events[]

The main idea for this event is to have a large amount of Health for climbing the tower and receiving event items -Halloween Cookies, Fragments of Memories, Scrolls, etc.

If you are low-levelled, you will level up a lot during this tower. It is recommended to keep putting ability points to health up to a certain amount.

Be sure to have enough attack spirit to summon your team in order to beat the guardian and wandering ghosts.

There are guardian ghosts at designated floors in the tower. See event page for more details. The floors where you could acquire a guardian ghosts are 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200. When you are in these floors, be sure to have enough attack spirit before completing the floor or just press home when the dialogue screen appears or you can go change your team to defeat the guardian ghosts efficiently.

It is recommended to use 5maxed wind weasels for the first 50 or so floors of tower and the weak version of later bosses to save attack spirit. After that, it depends on you. 

Wandering ghosts appear randomly throughout the tower. Just look at event page for more details. You will receive a certain amount of items when you beat them. Coupled with the items you find while investigating the tower and the items you receive for defeating the guardian ghosts, you can exchange them for these wardering ghosts when you beat them.

Generally, only the wandering ghosts that cost 500 and up are useful. Though if you like the art, go ahead and trade for the 100 and 250 items wandering ghost. You can trade for an unlimited number of times except for the supreme wandering ghosts provided you have enough items.

You can get their mags from dora if you encounter her. She offers a specific mag each time. To see how much items you need to trade for mags, check the event pages. 

If you are low levelled - below 80 or so (unless you have a strong team), just go for the 500 items wandering ghosts.

If you are above 80, it is easy to get the 900 item one provided you meet it and have enough items to exchange for it. 

The supreme wandering ghosts cannot be obtained unless you spend a few divine nectars or remedies. Though if you use them, still be prepared to be disappointed because acquiring it is mostly depended on luck - wandering ghosts encounter rates and skill activation. 

The trick to beating wandering ghosts is leader bonus and skills. Unless you have a very strong casher’s team, it is best to use defense reducers. These are very easy to get. 

If you want to avoid wandering ghosts because you don’t want to waste attack spirit, press home and enter the event again.

It is recommended to change teams while fighting guardian/wandering ghosts in order to save attack spirit. 

To do this, press menu-daemons-attack team-after changing your attack team, just press back till you return to the dialogue screen.

If you are using remedies, you could maximize their effectiveness by changing teams. This lets you use your attack spirit more efficiently, ergo you can battle more wandering ghosts.  

If you are not using remedies, then you could use the spare attack spirit to attack for silver or sealstones (story or event).

The event sealstone deamon is usually a reduce opponent’s attack type. It is useful esp if you max it. This is done by completing more sets - 8 in total. (However, the event sealstone daemons released recently are increasers.)

It is recommended to start completing the event sealstone once you get his/her first stone.

1. Less competition

2. Becomes a charmed battlefield later on

Unlike in conquest, it is recommended to start the tower in the first half since unless you use items, you cannot finish the tower in time. Adding to that, even if you start during second half, because of the luck-based wandering ghosts encounter rates and luck-based item drops, you might not even get into second half rankings if you are unlucky. Therefore, there is no point in starting during second half. 

First half ranking rewards can be obtained by free players who saved up items, have a lot of hp and are lucky. The cut off is somewhere between 1000-1400 items depending on the popularity of the prize.

Total rankings is for cashers and whales. Unless of course, you have 50-60 or more divine nectars saved up. :)

  • Right after the latest tower event ended, there is an option to trade the remaining items for 5star magatamas. It costs 200 items each. 

See strategy for an estimate of hp requirements.

Limited Edition Cards[]

Limited edition cards are only available for a specific amount of time. The card border color can be gold, purple-blue (?), or silver.


  • Please note, these are all opinionated and tips from various people. Some might work, others are just suggestions, and you're welcome to take them or not.