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There was an event in Beijing, and Zynga gave some responses to some questions from the players. Info was provided by 凌志郭 (Check the original post in "Recent posts by Others") and the Mira Fansite translated it into English.

Q:Have Zynga considered any merchandises?

A:Yes. E.G. Art booklets, TCGs, Handphone stickers, Cushions etc.

Q: When will Android's top-up be fixed?

A:We are very sorry for this. It will be fixed shortly.

Q:Do you dare to fix the lv75 reward to 4*?

A:It is our mistake this time, but the event has already started and changes cannot be made. We will take note of this in the next event.

Q:Why are the number of ranking daemons decreases?

A:To prevent overflow of 5* cards and stop power creep. The cards from last time's Conquests were too many and ruined the balance of the game.

Q:Level 200 Classic Alice is such a scam! Why such a move?

A:We are only hoping to reward those who climb up to level 200. They worked so hard to get to 200 but got nothing as a reward. (Which means it wasn't even intended for us average players. Just give up)

Q:The art feels different. Has the artists been changed?

A:No. Since the game has been moved to Beijing department, we are still using the artist from Japan. Though we are also looking for more artists.

Q:Is Z-Dog planning to milk all our money and shut the game? (This question was not asked but they explained it themselves.)

A:AGG's players are increasing, we have absolutely no intention of giving it up, in fact we have already done it's planning for at least 1 year more, the story has already been completed for 1 year further.

Q:Ever since Beijing took over, bugs have been surfacing alot more.

A:We are very sorry. This is because we were informed all of a sudden during December last year, and there are many points that we are not ready and familiar with. We hope everyone understands, and inform us immediately of any bugs.

Q:What do you guys think of the 1700 gold bug?

A:It is indeed a bug, and only those 82 players bought it. Please believe us. We will take those players into consideration in future events.

Q:Don't you all think the penalty for the 1700 gold is too light?

A:We are in a dilemma too. Because we cannot just take back the gold they bought, and can only negotiate with them. If they do not agree to return the gold, we can do nothing.

Q:When will iOS have invitation code?

A:Apple does not allow increasing of app downloads through things such as invitation codes. Thus we are still negotiationg with iOS.

Q:Don't you guys care about players who spam invitation codes?

A:We will check through server records, and if a huge amount of invitation codes are involved, we will ban and cancel the ranking of the player.

Q:Then that means we average players might get implicated too!

A:Yes, that is why it is difficult for us. In future we will introduce a "Report" feature, to make it easier for everyone to cleanse the gaming environment.

Q:Why include the link to the fanpage in the game? (This question was not asked, they explained it themselves.)

A:Because we hope the game will have better interaction platforms, we have no intention to inspect on you players, if we did we could always keep quiet about it.

Q: Female players begging for more Yaoi (Boy's love) cards!

A:We will try to satisfy everyone.

Q:Reallocating stats is a pain, we hope for a stat reallocating water!

A:We do not approve on reallocating stats. To make use of crewmates like tools in order to get good results in events is something that we do not hope to see. We will not be introducing any stat-reallocating items in short notice.

Q:Then can the Spirits needed for events be rebalanced?

A:We will consider it.

Q:Will there be a guild system?

A:There are no plans for such at the moment.

Q:Can the card system be improved so that cards can be used in sets. We have so many cards now and it is a pain to change them one by one.

A:Good question. We are also troubled with this issue and will consider it.

Q:Will there be a meet-up session with the main artist? Autograph wanted!

A:This is difficult, as the artist in Japan, and we also have to take his/her opinion into consideration.

Q: This time's event has benefited Beijing people so much!

A:Yes, if this event is a success, we will consider having another such event at places such as Shanghai and so-on.