Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki

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Character Dialogue

One day, when <player> was as busy as ever

going about the regular guild assignments,

a special report arrived.

An enormous monster has descended!

Nyarlathotep (Wild) SHRRROOOOOAAAAAGGHH!!!!

Master We've got another urgent assignment from the Huild! Apparently an unidentified monster has begun to attack!

What's more, it seems to be an otherwordly monster, that has been summoned to this world by someone!

Our instructions are to weaken the monster through battle, in a bid to make it return home. That's the aim anyway!

Otherwordly monster are a major concer. Will an agent's powers be of any use in dealing with them, I wonder?

Narrator Somewhere in Okutama, Tokyo
Astaroth Right, is everyone here? Sheesh, is it just me, or this Earth place super boring?

It's because Bethie Baby isn't here with us... Oh Bethie Baby! Why did you go over to that stupid agent... Why!?


Calm down, Amaymon. You can have fun anywhere, if you just make an effort.

On which note, shall we get on with it and do the usual?


The usual, you say..? OHHH! You mean... The one thing that's sure to happen when we devils get together...!

Barbatos ...Yup! Right, let's get started! The Inagural Devil Summoning Contest...
Amaymon ...Woopee-doo...
Astaroth That wasn't very convincing! Okay, let's say... Whoever summons the strongest devil is the winner, 'kay?
Barbatos And the prize will be... a ticket for a mystery tour of the heavens with Bethie Baby!

...HUH!? Give that here! Give that here RIGHT now!


Hmm...? The heavens!? ...Well, well.. Where on earth do you pick up such interesting stuff?

??? ?????
Barbatos So, we're all good to go? On your marks, set... GO!
Astaroth ...Hear my curse! ...Obey our evil alliance...
Amaymon ...Hear my curse! ...Respond to my invitation... (Bethie Baby... I beg you, my dearest baby...)
Barbatos ...Hear my curse! ...join with me and brung down pure power...
AstarothAmaymon, and Barbatos

"COME TO ME...!!!"

Narrator Three magic circles appeared and began to give off a dazzling sparkle...!
Nyarlathotep (Wild)



Hm? What's that you say ...What's that!?

Amaymon Hmm... Maybe it's a new kind of devil we've never seen before?

Y'know, that was pretty silly of us just then. All saying our curses together at the same time like that...

Maybe the curses all got muddled up with one another and summoned something weird...

Astaroth We're not in the underworld any more, and we're not at our full strength here... There's not a lot we can do!
Amaymon Well, we didn't manage to summon Bethie Baby, and quite honestly, I don't really care what becomes of this world...
Dora Warrgh! What's all this? Wow... An otherwordly being!? It looks super rare! I've got to get my hands on that!
Barbatos Hmm? And who might you be?
Dora Hey up, you three! Seems you're in a bit of a bind...as usual. It's me! ...Round here, I go by the name of Dora.