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This isn't finished, mostly because we don't have the rest of the story.

Encountering Nyarlathotep (Wild) Level 1[]

Character Dialogue

M-M-Master! Th-That creature... Could that be what we're looking for? J-Just look at it! It sure looks weird... Oh goodness...

Nyarlathotep (Wild): SHRRROOOOOAAAAAGGHH!!!
Andromeda: One of the Goddesses has disappeared, and the cosmic balance has been disturbed... I have come to this distant planet in a bid to find it.
Mira: Wh-Who are you...? It's dangerous here, don't you know!?
Andromeda: I am Andromeda. It was I that requested aid from the Guild in this affair...
Mira: From the Guild...! This is <Player's Name>, and I'm Mira.

I perceive that you are most capable individuals... Please do tell me more about yourselves, once this battle is finished...

Andromeda: Now then... Let me see what powers you possess.
Mira: Master! This time you'll be fighting a conquest battle. It's a little bit different to the other battles you've fought, so I'll give you a quick rundown before we start.

In conquest battles, you'll need to use your Attack Spirit and Defense Spirit. Your Spirit is used when selecting your lead daemon and your 9 strongest daemons to fight for you.

Your daemons with the highest total Attack and Defense will be selected automatically.

Your Spirit used in conquest battles is half that used in regular battles.

Right! It's time to give this conquest thing a go!

Defeating Nyarlathotep (Wild) Level 1[]

Character Dialogue

It worked! Master? The Evil God has been exterminated!

But I'm afraid, Master... It;s not all over yet. Nyarlathotep's back!


This power of yours... That Yata was saying seems to be true...

Mira: W-Wait! You mean, you met the Professor...?

Yes, that's right... When I finally managed to locate this planet, it was yata who came to greet me.

(Narration): Kyoto: Ghost Guild

I have been awaiting your arrival, Miss Andromeda. My name is Yata.

????? ?????

No. This has nothing to do with us. We do know, however, why the Evil God has been summoned.

Andromeda: Do you mean... A kind of clairvoyance? Or perhaps more like precognition...?
Yata: I believe there are many terms that could be applied to it... But let us speak of what it is that has actually taken place.
Andromeda: I see... A summoning accident, brought about by devils. That is how the cosmic balance has been upset!

I have just one objective: to safely escort Nyarlathotep home.

Yata: Yet however powerful you might be, you will be unable to lead Nyarlathotep away while she's rampaging in the human world. Am I right?
Andromeda: ...I see you understand everything.
Yata: Our mission is to protect the people of this world. So it would seem that we have a common interest in this affair. Let's proceed to discuss terms and conditions, shall we?
Andromeda: Please, calm yourself! So you are a follower of Professor Yata?
Mira: Ahem, let's pretend you didn't see that... I think I should tell you a bit more about taking on Evil Gods in a conquest battle, Master.

When the Evil God appears, it will stay put for a certain length of time. During that time, you can fight it as many times as you want.

You should be able to see on screen how much time you've got remaining until the Evil God disappears.

The damage you've inflicted on the Evil God during that period will build up, so try and put an end to it in one go!

But when it disappears, all the damage you've inflicted on it will go to waste. Don't forget that!

Did you know all that already? Well, I just want to be sure. I'm only thinking of you, you know.

Encountering Shuten-doji (Wild) Level 2[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: MASTER! I-It's back! Nyarlathotep's b-back
Nyarlathotep (Wild): Gaaaaaaaaahhh!
Mira: HOOOOAAAAARRRRGHHHH!!!! Nyarlathotep's heeeeere
Andromeda: Yes, this is Nyarlathotep. If you're frightened, please take shelter behind me.
Mira: ...Oh! S-Sorry... Master. I'll tell you a little bit about Conquest Points now.

If you're successful in your Evil God conquest, you'll receive Evil God Conquest Points.

These are used to determine your place in the ranking for this conquest, which is hotly contested amongst your fellow agents.

If you come out at the top of that ranking, then...

Andromeda: I've arranged for you to receive as reward both myself and the Evil God as daemons.
Tsathoggua: Phew! Caught up with you...finally! Is this your special speed of light travelling trick, Drommy? You're pretty fast, I gotta say...
Andromeda: Please, do not refer to me in that fashion. When one is a galaxy that reigns over the cosmos, one has a certain diginity to uphold, you understand...
Tsathoggua: Hello there. You'll also get me as a reward for saving Nyarly! My name is Tsathoggua.
Andromeda: The name is Nyarlathotep... It seems you still can't say it right, can you, Tsathoggua?
Mira: Well, Tsatho... Ummm... Tsaggua... Um... Well, whatever you're called I'm looking forward to working alongside you!
Andromeda: It;s Tsathoggua... How many times do I have to say it?
Mira: Master! Let's do all we can to recruit Andromeda and the others as daemons!

Defeating Nyarlathotep (Wild) Level 2[]

Mira: We did it... There's no doubt about it. Nyarlathotep is getting stronger.
Tsathoggua: Nyarly... Now I know why you get called the Faceless God...
Mira: Let's keep our wits about us! Master!

Encountering Nyarlathotep (Wild) Level 3[]

Character Dialogue
Eisuke Yuki: I should have known you'd be involved...
Mira: Oh! Eisuke... Let me fill you in on all the details of this Evil God...
Eisuke Yuki: I see... So this is Nyarlathotep, the Evil God summoned from space... The creatures that are out there never cease to amaze me...
Eisuke Yuki: Huh...? Ugh! Just look at it! It's horrible!
Mira: You're a bit of a wimp, aren't you Eisuke? Maybe you should just go home until we defeat it!
Eisuke Yuki: A-A wimp!? Why don't you keep your big mouth shut?

I'm no wimp!

I just know what I'm good at.

I'll leave you to run around and do all the heavy lifting. Farewell.

Mira: Eisuke stayed out of the way at Halloween too... It seems there are lots of things he's not so keen on.

Encountering Nyarlathotep (Wild) Level 4[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: Master! It seems like your're getting used to this... It's Nyarlathotep!
Nyarlathotep (Wild): Stomp! Stomp! STOMP!!!
Mira: Uh-oh! She doesn't look happy... She's stamping her feet...
Tsathoggua: That is actually Nyarly's way of apologizing... Hey! Hmph. I guess she can't hear me...
Mira: It seems like you're getting the hang of this, Master... Have you managed to summon up a special ability daemon with the Rare Summon?

In the Evil God conquest, there are also daemons that aid additional acquisition of Conquest Points.

In the Evil Gof conquest, there are also daemons who greatly boost your daemons' attack...

And others who'll greatly boost the HP of all your daemons...

You see, there's lots of daemons who will gladly come running to help you!

Andromeda: The balance of the cosmos is at risk! That's why I've called for support from every corner of the universe.
Mira: Master, you can find out more on the Event page. just do the best that you can...

Defeating Nyarlathotep (Wild) Level 5[]

Character Dialogue
Mira: Master, you sucessfully overcame the level 5 Evil God for the first time! That means you can claim a reward.

From now on, Evil Gods of all levels will appear, not just those at the very top level...

But you'll only receive a reward the first time you defeat an Evil God of a certain level.

You'll receive Conquest Points even if you don't defeat the Evil God on your first attempt, but it's worth trying as you will earn a reward.

Encountering Nyarlathotep (Wild) Level 7[]

Character Dialogue
Tsathoggua: Hmmm... Nyarly didn't really do anything wrong... I feel a bit sorry for her...
Narrator: (FLASHBACK)
Nyarlathotep (Calm): Your name is much harder to pronounce than mine!
Tsathoggua: Nonsense! Your name is much harder! Umm... Nyarlo... Ummm... Nyarpe... You see! I've tied my tongue in a knot!
Nyarlathotep (Calm): Tsatho... Ummm... Tsaggua... Hm... Maybe we're just not cut out to pronounce certain sounds...

Huh? What on...!? A gate to another dimension? Yaaaaaaargh!

Tsathoggua: Wahhh! Nyarly!
Narrator: A summoning portal appeared out of thin air and Nyarlathotep was sucked into it.
Tsathoggua: So that's what happened... I was playing with Nyarly and then she just vanished.
Mira: Ah I see... We need to do something and fast!