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Fire Rat's Robes was one of the mythical artifacts Kaguya sent her suitors to find, as part of a test of their worthiness. The third suitor was sent to fetch the robe, woven from the fur of the fire rat so it would be untouched by flames.

After traveling far and wide, hearing nothing of the robe, he happened on an old beggar, who let him to a lonely temple on the mountain, where supposedly the beggar's grandfather had once beheld the robe. On searching for a long time at the ruins of the temple, the prince found an iron box, which upon opening revealed the most beautiful robe of fur he had ever seen.

Though he knew this must be the right one, the prince nevertheless cast it among flames, thinking that were he to be mistaken, the Bamboo Princess would think terribly of him for tricking her. Yet for all its wondrous beauty, the robe caught instantly aflame, and vanished into a silvery smoke, rising from the embers, and the prince knew he had failed his test, and would never marry Princess Kaguya.