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Origin 1[]

Fleur Kitano is based off of a white Plum Tree youkai. Plums are a diverse group of species. The commercially important plum trees are medium sized, usually pruned to 5-6 meters height. The tree is of medium hardiness Without pruning, the trees can reach 12 meters in height and spread across 10 meters. They blossom in different months in different parts of the world; for example, in about January in Taiwan and about April in the United States.

Origin 2[]

Kitano Tenman-gū is a shrine in Kyoto, Japan, dedicated to Sugawa no Michizane after he was deified to appease his vengeful spirit. Sugawara was particularly fond of plum blossoms, and Kitano Tenman-gu is filled with red and white plum blossom trees in his honor. The Plum Blossom Festival has been held on February 25th every year to commemorate Sugawara's death for over 900 years.