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421px-A man confronted with an apparition of the Fox goddess

Inari appears to a warrior. This portrayal of Inari shows the influence of Dakiniten concepts from Buddhism.

Fox Too is based off of an Inari, a messenger of God that usually protects the entrance of a shrine similar to a Komainu.  They look like white foxes with red paint on it's face. There are about 30 thousand Inari shrines in Japan, and the entrance of each is guarded by a pair of fox statues. Often one, and sometimes both, has a sūtra roll, a key or a jewel in its mouth. The statues do not stand for the malice the animals are proverbial for, but for the magic powers they are believed in this case to possess. Fox Too is most likely the Inari on the right side of the shrine. It is said to be able to possess humans. It can also bring someones desire in exchange for it's life force similar to the pipe fox. People often give offerings to Inari similar to gods.