Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki

Efficient feeding to maximize EXP/Silver ratio:[]

1. Collect identical feeders (Wind Weasel, Pillow Phantom, Rat Clan Henchman, Kaede, etc) in multiples of four.
2. Select "Fuse", then "Regular Fusion" and finally the feeder's type (Phantom, Divina or Anima).
3. Find the feeder in the daemon list and select "Enhance this daemon", then select "Bulk fusion" and finally the feeder's type (Phantom, Divina or Anima).
4. Select the other 3 feeder cards of the same type and hit "Bulk fusion".
5. The result will be a level 5-6 feeder. Use it on a card of the same type (Phantom, Divina or Anima).

Story 221


General tips:

  • Best place to grind feeders is 2-2-1. For 1 health, you can get Pillow Phantom, Divina Magatama, Wind Weasel or Kaede. (Story - Chapter Two: Introducing Anima - 2. The Souls of Objects - Kita Sando: Investigation)
  • 2-3-1, [Introducing Anima - 3. Escape - Yoyogi: Investigation] take up 3 health. However, it gives you a chance of getting a Anima magatama which 2-2-1 does not.
  • For Phantoms use: 1-1-2
  • For Divinas use: 1-1-1
  • For Anima use: 1-2-1
  • The chances of getting magatamas are better for the areas above.
  • Don't worry about overleveling the feeder to 6, it's still OK
  • If possible, use skilled feeders to feed daemons with same skill name, it may cause a skill level up. (E.g. Feed wind weasels to dark elf)
  • With "big fusion success" event, you only need two feeder cards in step 4 in the feeder leveling procedure
  • Leveled up cards do not show in "Bulk fusion". 
  • You can fuse up to a maximum of 10 cards in "Bulk fusion".

"Big Fusion Success Offer" Tips:

  • When using magatama as fuser, do not fuse multiple magatamas at once(bulk fusion). you will get more exp if you fuse the magatama one by one.
  • It applies for any kind of magatama.

Fusion Cost[]

The cost for fusing can be modeled by the following equation:

  • R = rarity
  • Silver cost = 180 * R + 10

Bulk Fusion cost more than fusing individually. The cost of bulk fusion can be modeled by the following equation:

  • N = number of daemons fusing
  • C = the cost of an individual fusion
  • Silver cost = SUM(C) * (0.9 + 0.1 * N)

For example, lets say I'm fusing 2 Crystal Magatamas, 1 Hare Magatama, and 1 Diamond Magatama. The cost would be:

  • Crystal Magatama: rarity 1, cost = 180 + 10 = 190
  • Hare Magatama: rarity 4, cost = 180 * 4 + 10 = 730
  • Diamond Magatama: rarity 1, cost = 180 * 5 + 10 = 910
  • Bulk fusion cost: (190 * 2 + 730 + 910) * 1.3 = 2626

Bonus Fusion[]

During bonus fusion, your daemon recieves more exp. Bonus fusion occurs randomly when not using bulk fusion. Bonus fusion occurs with a 100% chance during major events (Tower, Solo Conquest).

Other Notes[]

  • Specialized magatamas for certain daemons are matched by skill level, which will also cause skill levels to rise (See: Skill leveling Tips)
  • Magatamas of 2* to 4* are all useful and create big boosts to experience in daemons, regardless even if they are specified. (e.g. Hare of Inaba sealstone still gives a great xp boost on Divina daemons, even without the same skill).
  • Some 3* magatamas can be obtained through free summoning, and others through the magatama summon.