Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Onmyouroku) Wiki

Most of the information you will need can be found under Menus>Settings>FAQ within the game. If it's not inside, maybe you will like to scroll through here. If it's not here either, please visit the english forum at the front page and ask in the Question & Answer Section.

Maximum level for daemons[]

1 star: 30

2 stars: 40

3 stars: 50

4 stars: 60 (with the exception of Yasha)

5 stars: 70

Magatamas will always have a maximum level of 1 regardless of its rarity.

Maximum skill level for daemons[]

1 star: 7

2 stars: 9

3 stars: 11

4 stars: 13

5 stars: 15

However, you can train the skill beyond its maximum level by feeding it with daemons/magatama of identical skill. The final limit for skill level is 20.

Strike Rate[]

Strike rate refers to how often your daemon's skill will activate. The higher the strike rate, the greater the chance of activation. Here are some strike rates.

Very low strike rate

Low strike rate

Normal strike rate (not shown on skill description)

High strike rate

Very high strike rate

Perfect strike rate

Putting a daemon as a leader will increase that daemon's strike rate

Type advantage[]


By using the right leader against your opponent, you stand to gain:

1. Increase skill activation rate

2. Bonus damage -

a) When your leader has type advantage, you will gain 15% of your base attack

b) When you have daemons which belong to the same type as the leader, you will gain 1.8% (for 3 other same type daemons) and 5% (if all 5 belong to the same type)

c) So when you have a pure type team that have a type advantage over the enemy, you will gain 20% bonus

Silver acquisition[]

In regular battle or defending battle, defeating your opponent will allow you to gain 10% of the silver he has. This amount can be upped/downed by using daemons with skill that affect silver acquisition. The cap for the silver gained from these two type of battles is 50000.

In sealstone battle, the cap for the silver gained is 2500. However if you lose the battle, you can lose up to 50000 since it's a defending battle.

In a Soul Gem battle, the cap for the silver is 300. However if you lose the battle, you can lose up to 50000 since it's a defending battle.


In the story mode, you can negotiate with daemons that you have defeated and make them join your team. A "Ghost Sighted" will appear when a daemon is encountered while investigating, and defeating the daemon will give you the chance to negotiate with them to join your team. However, chances of success are so low, that cabal chains are used most of the time. Using the required number of cabal chains can give a 100% chance of a success. You can get cabal chains from Dora's Swap Shop for 10 silver apples or from the cash shop for 100 gold.

-Tips when negotiating-

Negotiating with Snow Sprite (prologue), White Angel (chapter 1), and Pearce (chapter 3) will be 100%, even without a cabal chain. Also these daemons will never appear again in the story.

When it's the first time seeing a daemon that you can negotiate with, the amount of cabal chains needed will be less than the next time you encounter that same daemon. It's worth it if you use cabal chains on your encounter with a new daemon. You can tell if it's new when the "Ghost Sighted" message is red. The only other color that this message can be is blue. This is for daemons that were encountered in the past.


In case you don't understand what transmigration means, it simply means evolution. With the exception of Barbetta, Lilith, Goddess of Poverty and Goddess of Misfortune, all other transmigratable daemons evolved at their maximum level.


It is not available, and will never be available.

Daily Bonus[]

For the first 7 days that you started the game, you will gain a daily gift everyday (other than the silver apple). After the 7 days, you will only receive a silver apple daily, while on weekends, you can receive to 2 silver apples. 

Invitation bonus[]

(Old Invitation System)

(Android only)

If someone used your invitation ID, you will receive a reward for every single day that that new player logs in.

1st, 3rd, 5th day - 1000 Silver, 3000 Silver, 6000 Silver respectively

2nd, 4th, 6th day - Spirit Water / Remedy / Charm

Final day - Special Summon Ticket

(New Invitation System)

(Android and IOS)

Since 3 April 2013, the invitation has been changed.

1) You will receive Invitation Rank-up Bonuses as listed below when the player you invited reaches these levels.

Level 5: Special Summon Ticket x1

Level 20: Special Summon Ticket x2

Level 50: Special Summon Ticket x5

2) When the player you invited acquires his/her FIRST 5-star daemon, you will receive the same card free.

3) Your invitation ID can only be used for a maximum of 20 times and can only be edited ONCE.