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  • Best fused with Goddess of Good Fortune Magatama which can be obtained from beating Shuten-doji (Wild) LVL 101 or above.
  • Goddess of Good Fortune was the strongest Divina Card in Defense until the advent of Tsukuyomi, whose defence is 15500.
  • According to Mira, she snores.
  • She is also able to determine mutual affections, shown with Shuten-Doji and Ibaraki.
  • She is best placed in a Divina defense team.
  • She is the nemesis of the Goddess of Poverty, though in Poverty's skill, she says that she is the goddess of good fortune.
  • She has a grumpy cat on her forearm. The cat, however, is not seen on her full image.
  • Along with the Kintaro, the two never really did anything to help calm down Shuten-doji (Wild).

More Quotes[]

  • Main: "Forget about fortune tellers. If I'm around, happiness is guaranteed!"
  • Event: "In my world, money is everything!"
  • Event 2: "(Fast Asleep)"
  • Skill: "You look so poor.  It's disgusting!"