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  • Best used in a Divina Defense team.
  • Though she is 3 star, her background is that of a regular 1 star.
  • In story, when you fight Golden Angel, she raises Divina defense by 27% percent, which would mean that her skill is maxed out when you fight her, but it is not possible to get her skill this high, unless there is another daemon with the same skill you can use to fuse with her.
  • She seems to be a tsundere
  • Unlike the other angels, she and Peach Angel do not have halos above their heads.
  • Her stats are the inverse of Peach Angel's stats.

More Quotes[]

  • Main: "It looks like you've got something to say... Go on then! I can't wait to listen to you squeal!"
  • Skill: "Who's a filthy pig, then! Squeal, piggy!"
  • Failed Negotiation: "Look, a talking pig! Go away! You're grossing me out!"
  • Successful Negotiation: "I am the master and you are the slave! Yup, it's a deal!"
  • Re-encounter: ""