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  • Best used in an attack team.
  • Kanesada is currently the daemon with the highest non-LB base attack for Anima in the entire game.
    • She currently has the fifth-highest MLB attack and second-highest MLB total stat in the game.
  • Acquiring her and maxing her out will give her 23328 attack when she uses her skill. If her skill is also maxed via magatamas, it will be 24138.
  • Best fused with Great Poet Kanesada Magatama.
  • She originally had the highest stat total until the release of Chiyome Mochizuki (Moon Viewing).
  • Kanesada's skill actually raises Massively, rather than Dramatically, as shown on her skill activation.
  • Zynga was mixing up if her skill raised Massively, or Dramatically. It reads Dramatically on the summon page in the game, and it reads Massively on the new feed.
  • She, along with Obligatory Chocolate, is one of the only daemons with a Massively skill that raises the daemon's stats, rather than Silver acquisition.
  • She is the only lead bell daemon to have a self-increasing skill, excluding Valkyrie's pre-transmigrated form.


  • Encounter in shop: "They should call me the queen of song. Only a blizzard of cherry blossom leaves is capable of depicting me..."
  • Main: "Are you the 37th...?"
  • Skill: "I'll do the cutting..."