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Japanese legend has it that a demon in the shape of a woman (in some tellings, she was with her young son as well) was prowling about at night, smiling widely and insanely.  A samurai encountered this ghost one evening, and when she approached, he quickly took out his sword and beheaded her -- instinctively, and correctly, guessing what she truly was. When he lodged for the night and returned in the morning to the location of the encounter, he found a stone lantern (or statue) that had been cut through cleanly as if by a sword. From then on, the samurai's sword was bestowed the name of Nikkari Aoe, or "Grinning Aoe." Because this sword killed a child in some versions, it was banned from receiving holy status. This is quite ironic since Aoe school swords are generally granted holy status.

  • Nikkari refers to the "grinning" expression of the ghost, and Aoe refers to the school from which the sword is made.
  • The smith of the sword is Aoe Sadatsugu.